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  1. The keyword you are look for my friend is SECRET. lol But in all honestly I hope that they are enjoying their time off while we pretend not to know what we know.
  2. Pay no attention to the hater bb! They are just unclassy and uneducated! AND to be real LMH is great, and I see the appeal. But SHE is the versatile actress. Her way of acting and taking risks with these roles are what could lead her not to be just another "pretty" actress on Korean dramas but as a respected actress internationally. WHICH if may point out, she already is!! So please let them continue to point out the movie where she won a lots of awards and was recognized internationally!! k said my peace!
  3. Ok so I am a lurker here. You guys have always been so great and funny, dissecting everything!! But I never posted cause I was like, they will never show affection outside of the shoots. So I fully had the attitude of, whatever will be will be right? but then today...... OMG GOD YOU GUYS!!! I saw his post and the song lyrics and I got goosebumps!! We are no longer in delulu territory. WE are now in HOW should we all travel to be at their wedding territory. lol Cheers everyone! this is gonna be an interesting day!
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