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  1. FINALLY COMMUN SENSE N GOOD JUDGEMENT! THANK U! What is this evil spirit that comes to settle without being invited here Whoever you are (OIM, those to whom lmh whispers his desires / passions,...) thank you for your interest but no thank you!
  2. Hi! I read you again in silent mode because I'm not comfortable with many things. I don't understand the meaning of this message. I invite you to throw your bomb on twitter because it fits your thinking better. As adults we must have the courage to say what we think and not upset the balance of our ship. Let's be responsible for our actions and our sayings and keep in mind that this shipping is our hopes following what we saw during BTS of TKEM. We might be delusional because LMH's intention may not be real, but it had a big impact on us and that's why we're shipping them both. Thanks to all the sailors who keep the boat in the desired direction.
  3. Hello, I did a quick read of your messages I had to be focused at work. Despite this predicted drought we still have positive opinions for our ship. @KGE fan 1217 We have seen that MYMENT & BHENT have not neglected the communication strategy the most surprising was to note that the 2 are in perfect agreement because they reacted during TKEM every time they posted on IG. They made it clear that they know and see what's going on (love / friendship) ; if they had been against they would have stopped them. sometimes denial is worse than doing nothing. They chose to trust LMH because he knows how to deals with this situation. He played the transparency’s card throughout the shoot which attracted him a lot of simpathy (his eyes were almost screaming he wanted her and not just for the movie) He knows how to manage his fans. KGE has grown a lot since then and her strength today is silence. For her, being quiet would be a great way to confine the audience to the role of spectator only to avoid any toxicity. We must not forget that sometimes denial is expressed as defensive or anger ; but LMH and KGE have chosen to let it go because even though they are not in a relationship, they like each other. So no need to BEHEAD the rumor right now. Also there is the release of KGE’s movie, HERO : denying or confirming could destroy her work; people might say that she wanted to take advantage of LMH to make them talk about her (however she is doing very well professionally without him). Let’s let them decide what they want to be before making an announcement and continue to hope for a happy ending for them and for us. Have a good Sunday !! P.S. : Can all of these be just delusions? I DON'T BELIEVE THAT
  4. Dear Cupid, next time PLEASE hit this girl with their Fav! Since all this time... Nothing can shake their faith. This ghost ship deserves our respect.
  5. Come from a bilingual (French- English) country but grew up in France. Better in French than English, despite my english name
  6. Tough day for me, so I will read your investigations later. Wow!!!! It looks like our Captain is high… Too much love maybe. Can someone tell me what could happen to him from a professional POV. I mean, Koreans seem to be pretty rigid on their codes and principles, even if he has his own agency. But maybe the producers would like to work with someone more discreet? He acts like he doesn’t care. People are overwhelmed everytime, even his shadow is enough to drive them crazy. It just seems weird to me that he so easily involves us in his private life. I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST HIS CRUMBS, I’M JUST WONDERING! Good night !!!
  7. That's right!! Sorry i'm working on a hot file (earthquake) so i forgot to write in english
  8. Our intentions are not bad, but the clans’s War on social media is very unhealthy and increasing. Mr Obvious was so persuasive and this inevitably creates a conflict NO, A NEW DRAMA IN REAL LIFE. We usually have a love triangle in kdrama, but here we have all groups even the ghost in this love circle. All shots are allowed to fall into a dirty place. Let's be careful with what we say. Wanting to help KGE some publish and say things that don't really value his work and LMH becomes an animal in heat. LMH posted a video: Love / Friendship (you know my choice ) and some people get excited in the bad way. Consequence : we have nothing but silence from KGE. She wanted recognition and not pity. And our dear Captain must be careful not to scare her off : so no scrumbs. Have you ever been in a relationship where people always talk about the exes and put the sticks in the wheels to cause your break up? I really appreciate speculations sympathy and humour, but not the comparison with others at all. There is a saying in French that if you spit into the wind, it only ends up back on your own face. I think we need to be careful about what we say about XYZ because we are shipping with illegal immigrants (with bad intentions) on board. PS : I didn't manage to watch another drama either because of TKEM. Those who find treatment for this addiction must share it. Bonne nuit!!
  9. Salut! I'm catching up (Page :906). 1- MINOZ - ARJENIA: we must accept this difference it's a wealth and not a danger. We must fill in our gaps while remembering (of course) that some words can hurt. Our ship reminds me of the meeting of 2 families’s lovers ; everyone would like their baby to receive more praise although this is not the goal. CORDIALITY AND RESPECT FOR EVERYONE. 2- I can understand that we are frustrated because the relationship has not been confirmed. But for God’s sake we have to stop believing everything we read ; especially when it comes to the xfactor. I do not believe that LMH alluded to his ex, except to talk about his future. We ship them because of : There was nothing sweeter during the shooting than the gaze of LMH. The big hugs that made us feel this sweet shiver of a tender passion. I felt like he wanted to leave his mark on her body every time. So let's stop doubting him and make KGE looks like an idiot for accepting everything that has been done so far. Leave the past to the past and focus on our expectations. Don't get caught up in negative things. Again our captain will do anything to protect his queen no matter what kind of relationship they decide to have. I don't think that with everything that is said on the net they will confirm anything. The best for them will be to build their relationship away from everyone. They don't have to rush if something will happen it will happen at the right time. Keep reading !
  10. Hello! I totally agree with her because it becomes unhealthy. I was on twitter most of these people were still wearing diapers and today shippers sail on the waters of "Hell, it's the others". People go to war over things that should make us laugh. Funny topic to move on @HappyVibes Hope her movie will be spectacular. For our mental health, our captain knows that he has to stick to the list like a week ago. He understands what is he expected to do. 5:07 a.m, I need to get some sleep. Have a nice day !!
  11. On one of KGE's posts at the end of TKEM , a girl who wrote " I forbid you to look at lmh, to smile at him, to speak to him .. this kind of things" We can understand why they have to be careful and get people to accept them as a couple. Still on page 803 (Ajumma in slow motion)
  12. Bonjour à tous! Got 45 pages to read LMH is not stupid. We know that his actions are considered and maybe he shouldn’t have expected such a euphoria. But he knew that shippers would make the connection because we live in DEluluLand. OIM should understand that there is still a man : « when a man is crazy about a woman there is only that woman who can cure him of his madness » We all know we’ve lost him since day 1 of BTS. We could have complained about our KGE, but LMH wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. Our Captain is as hungry as we are, he’ll find a way to give us crumbs. Let me continue with reading of theses uncontrollable speculations
  13. Hi! The one who takes these pics is not tall. That's why LMH looks down on pic # 1 and you can see his feet so close on pic # 2. someone who is tall should stand further
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