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  1. C'mon you here no need to feel bad on yourself as I know you don't have a bad intention tho... All fans need to be chilled here if they don't ship this couple so they can be better to butt off this ship and no need to complaint...For me they need to get a LIFE..WE can not help ourselves for not comparing their ex factors tho..It's quite common like when we meet our ex with new girlfriend (mostly girl here right?) then we unconsciously compare her with ourselves hahahha...What I did in my insta when someone asked me to take down my post then I told them to get a LIFE...they don't like then do not lurk around our ship like I don't even care of those shippers before...I just don't give a damn at all...They can mingle with their own kind like their own shippers or OIM or whatever they have...If you are not a shipper then you lurk around here and there especially the shippers account in many platforms then YOU TRY TO FIND YOUR OWN HEARTACHE..PERIOD!!! Don't mind their words on us about getting obsessed and crazy stuffs...they are the lunatic sides with those shipping things back in 2013 or stuffs..My advice to you just don't be so hard on yourself...WE will wait patiently and pray for our couple...the ship is sailing nicely in the mid of Pacific ocean with our own King as the Captain for today and FOREVER...Sorry I can not always check and lurk around here in Soompi because the frenzy forum caused by our phenomenal couple in many platforms..You can just join me at my insta queen.kimmy2020 because I always love having ppl who know them and their previous relationship before to compare and check the facts and findings. TRUST me we are not delulu because I won't invest my precious time and energy for nothing...As a mom, a wife and career woman in spore so a lot of things in my hand now but still I am happy to cherish this kind of happiness with our couple and urri Queen..Take care and have fun..the black heart theory is in the test now and bit jumpy because of it..hahahha but happy since our Queen had updated her insta with Demi last night..MY happy pill..YEAYYYYYYYYY
  2. Wow I love the way you wrapped up all the stories on Minoz as most of my friends said the same thing but you nicely put a beautiful summary of him and our couple...thumbs up for you dear...I am a first timer in this shipping thing and I didn't even watch Kdrama before when I was in Seoul for 4 years..but last year I watched it then I was mesmerised by her acting talents, beauty etc...As for LMH I watched his dramas but just a casual onlooker..nothing special...This TKEM bring something else to my liking tho..I knew it from last year that those two will be staring this drama and I knew some controversies on that..KNetizen are harsh and vicious in their views...But as per person who have been living there for quite some time I think Korean have to manage their way of perspective in making those comments... Crazy Knetz are always trying to pull their celebrities down the drains in many ways possible so we can all witness how worst the condition was in their social media...Privacy is one thing but being cyber bullied should be punished in capital penalties I guess. People should be more careful on public domain including social media...Anyway, thanks a lot for your input here...means a lot to me...As person who handled the media relation in Singapore I understand how hard it was for him to hold his affection to her in such press con hahahaha people just analysed it right away just what really happened now hahahaha..In lovestagram then I second you for that..the cryptic codes etc..I know we did go overboard haahaha but we were all anxious at time and for my defence..We didn't get the update from her so by the time he did it for 3 post in such consecutive days on such special occasion hahahha he is ready to test the water of his relation..that's my 2cents. Can we talk more on my insta...I need you input everytime I post my thoughts tho hahaha..my insta is queen.kimmy2020 Note: I am a career woman, a mother and a wife so being a shipper then making an efforts to support her are really something I never ever imagined before hahaha but I am happy to meet some classy shipper that I can call them friends hahah in this yearning time..Thanks
  3. I am not comparing because they are two different things like we are with our ex-es hahaha...I am saying as I got it from other minoz so because I am not minoz and just being Arjenian last year so it was my curiosity tho..Some of you can give more on that... i am not a Kdrama person either just as casual onlooker of the drama as I have other things of films and dramas in my plate. But this is cool to join the thread and as first timer shipper will need many platforms to get all the facts and pieces to analyse I am more into instagram or some twitter but I love her as we can think out load of our thoughts on our couple
  4. Hai girl...welcome back then to this world of shiiping thingy hahaha..For me is a first timer shipper as I not a Kdrama fans up till now I guess..My liking is quite broad in term of films and drama from Cdrama to Hollywood even South American drama...Well I know you can add more in this thread as long time shipper before and thank you for your information on how you have been trying to read this thread for page 1-400++...big WOW for that.....Seriously?? it doesn't hurt but such time consuming to do so.. As first timer in this shipping things...I don't know much of being shipper but way back in 2019 when I first watched Kdrama for my enjoyment as casual onlooker so never tried to know the actors and actresses just really casual..But then I watched her, KGE in her first drama CITT...because I am a longtime fans of webtoon and anime, manga or disney things..Daebak I was in love with her then I followed her since with her dramas, films mostly she is Chungmuro star and now TKEM. Like you said..their chemistry or I should say that his affection toward her in that press con was skyrocketing blown away I meant I can surely feel his things to her As a senior Hallyu super star in the heart of press con could make such a bold statement in asking her to call him oppa hahaha... I am in media relation so I know well how sensitive it it to handle media briefing etc..but he didn't care so I kudos him for his genuine feeling to her. About your thing on dating...After such thorough details, autopsy of facts, analysed the details and proofs as I am not a kid...a career woman, a wife and a mom of 3 kiddos in Singapore so I don't want to invest my time for nothing hahahha...shipping is not my cup of tea either so better to check and recheck as well do my homeworks facts and I or we came up already in my previous soompi article that they are dating since end May 2020.. So I move to analyse and cut the breadcrumbs of his cryptic codes on the Queen Bday and so on and so forth...I am more active in my insta you can check to queen.kimmy 2020 so we can chat more on that...Again welcome back and wait to another cryptic codes on 14 July as couple day or silver day in SK. I have written down some of my thoughts and theories in here and my insta...Other friends from other countries doing coverage in twitterlan and FB as well as wattpad and weibo...I also got news from Naver since I was in Seoul for 4 years back. Enjoy the ride in this ship for FOREVER hahahhaMy insta is queen.kimmy2020 Hi thank you for such insightful words you got there as a minoz for 11 years...it's a very helpful poin of views for such longtime fans of him...I am no minoz bcoz unlike you that my liking to watch Kdrama only started last year 2019 albeit living in seoul for 4 years did not make me want to watch the drama hahahaha but now look at me here I am becoming Arjenian hahahah after watching her acting in her first drama CITT las year then I followed her since hahaha but TKEM also changed big time for me....I don't know why did I do that hahahhaha....I am questioning myself too and the one thought came to me was we are all have been in her situation before like be bullied perhaps, other judgmental on you, heart broken, being strong yet soft, etc then I feel her sadness so when I saw him looked at her in the press con and interviews and jenga Netflix game then it hit me quite hard that this person was all over her..hahahha He is so bold, genuine yet naive in cuteness hahaha...As a mother perhap it's a motherly kinda thing that you can easily pick up the feeling in the air by the starings, smirks, smiles, shyness, body languages and etc....You can tell his feeling as longtime fans of him...As a career woman and dealing with media then I can pick up some details of those background so every now and then I am lurking this forum nor from the start tho and other sns...in fact I got many shippers friends in insta so we can talk a lot because some of them are like you as classy minoz as I said to them since they have their doctoral degree and more than a decades to be his fans....LSS I am doing my homeworks in finding all the facts, theories to be discuss and all the bits and pieces hahaha including making special insta for her as my admiration to her getting bigger and bigger these days....perhaps bacause of covid and my new friends hahahhaa..my insta is queen.kimmy2020 so we chat more...in soompi is a bit difficult to manage during office hours. See you around and please giving us more on minoz side hahaha...in my insta I shared some of my findings and thoughts.
  5. Okay thanks then... I am not sure bout the DOTS since I am not paying the details on that drama but I read this somewhere as I also just new in Kdrama tho...even I was there in Seoul for 4 years. Yess CITT I read that she didn't get the offers but the shippers of the CITT Drama bashed her on that because they thought she chose Goblin than CITT Movie.. Up till now many haters and IOM bashes her over anything but we have done great job now in defending her in all platforms of SNS nowaday. You can check in twitter how many her intl fans as her defenders there. This was not there during Goblin era so now she is not alone. Basically as my first time and my last also hahaha I ship this hardcore only there are lots factual evidences otherwise i wouldn't even bothered. So thanks the clarification.
  6. Yesss exactly my points THANK YOU FROM NOW ON PLEASEEE PEOPLE NEVER PUT THE WORDS IN OUR SHIPPING DICTIONARY HERE....I LOOKED LIKE SOMEONE WHO DID NOT DO MY HOMEWORKS. We do need to have the attitude of doing things properly like check, recheck, read, do the backgrounds homeworks, analyse all the evidences. We are far being delusional or dreamy or halu or other downgrading things as I am no kid anymore. The first time I saw our couple then booooommmmm it was sooooo damn obvious that even made me blushed and smiled happily by watching all of his eye-starings, the giddiness, the laughings, the shyness, the holding hands, the gestures and body languages, the questions during media con, his attitudes, etc all of them. Well I need to add that many of the shippers are from international community and most of them are first timer doing this. And say most of them are matured ones. We don't do it for the sake of just shipping. But we felt it in our hearts of heart, that their love is so undeniably TRUE. Out of experiences, we ship this Couple. Period!! Also add up this, we (matured fans) will always support this couple until the end. We are sure of that. We don't ship for the time being and leave it. It will be our life long hobby to support and love them. I will support her and them of course. You can join me at my insta queen.kimmy2020 Yes, analysing and bringing those facts to the table and checking facts with more shippers will let to have a good conclusion. We don't let BS things dilute our mind to waste our time if we didn't get or feel that what these two are feeling period. Other thing as my 2cents here: Perhaps you can feed me back whatever you've thinking of on this. I put some of my mind on this thread for some thoughtful feedback....been hanging in my minds quite some time tho. I do believe KES secretly shipping theory is making so much sense now... I was just trying to connect more dots.... And it's not conclusive but it's in the process. I knew that Kimmy most romantic place.. Hans riverside (many may say ah! It's a dating places for many lovers in Seoul). Yes, but why with TKEM specifically and why with Kimmy in it? Also her ideal type of man... Passionate person, whose smile makes one feel Good. I think we can help but say Minho has so much of these traits, one don't even need to argue on his traits. Woodahwon also says Minho pheya is very considered ( not exact word but hold same meaning) For Minho the hans riverside seems to be his favourites too according to interview...(not necessarily the same spot). And the video on the morning of her birthday's in Han riverside with Dancing Universe from like a year ago just the right time for him to start the shooting process. I'm not at the perfect conclusion but some findings... What's your opinion???
  7. Guys... I need to say it out load my thinking and my analysing all the necessary details of our MinEun shippers here...As researcher I strongly need proofs and evidences in any way possible on many basis so here we go: 1. I have one theory...about how the KES jagganim is silently shipping MinEun in her script...Remember the first kiss scene? The dialogue Tae Eul said let not exact words...let me guess when did you date? And she said now. ( KES with those lines are secretly shipping them and want them to date because she can already see and feel not just the chemistry but also the admiration sooo evident with MinHo. With the reel story it was Tae Eul who was brave enough to insinuate that they should try to date...in that scene it was Tae Eul also who made Lee Gon to make their relationship have an official status. I think think when she wrote the script she already had in mind these two. That's why she used her script to push and make them realize how they feel for each other quicker. Another one...KGE loves to date beside the riverside and so KES gave her that...she made her date in real inside the reel...KES is a genius and their real cupid...not that MinHo needed that he was already struck by cupids arrow big time. Some ppl used the script of LOTBS n goblin to bring this kes secret shipping as in Goblin she n her friends talks about a real king riding a white horse and in LOTBS he talks about a parallel universe....so I have a feeling KES was just trying to connect the dots. So we can say the she researched both of them properly and made the script that way. Some ppl were saying she wanted kge to be cast for DOTS but she was too busy shooting goblin. So kge rejected the offers. So, I can say that KES is fan girling kge then. I also know that in CITT shippers kind disappointed with her because she turned down the movie and accepted Goblin instead that's why also she had bashers during this because of the PHJ and KGE shippers. She got problems in during and after Goblin not to mention CITT shippers back then. KES is the writer of both and so they said she just connected the dots but there is something there that I can't still pinpoint but surely she helped with the progress of their love story through her script. KES fairy godmother of our ship MinHo president of our ship DoHwan Sargent at arms (who guards the ship precious secret lol) as our confidente as third wheel. Na Ri : (help me here) that scene were she gave them their milk tea...is so real hahaha facial expression doesn't need acting she is teasing them for real and not reel. I think Na Ri will represent the whole MinEun shipper...silently waiting what will happen next...but a strong supporter at that. She seems to be very careful what to post and what not to post. She's a strong supporter. I feel all the cast knew about it because none came to the rescue on kge birthday wish and also knowing that they have a whatsapp group... I feel they knew about these two. But she became too obvious because of that...all of us knows that she actively interact with everyones posts and comment but never with MinHo posts if that is not a give away I dont know what is. 2. About her birthday. Our Queen was very active on instagram she always update her ig story. So, when she didn't updated on 2 July but very next day early in the morning my instinct told me they kept silent. She didn't post new one but posted an old photo of her with Eiffel Tower lighted up june 25, giving something to speculate that is her way of greeting him on IG because he posted Eiffel Tower june 19, 3 days before his bday last yr. But seriously...when they eventually confirm their relationship...do u think she will be commenting on his posts? Will they posts pics of them on insta?. Thing to be considered here: When you have a secret dating. You don't want people to know your date right? No one knows about us. So when you on vacation and click pic. You will never post any pic of you together. Most of my pics on instagram are taken by your date. People don't know. Of course you try to leave some clues too but no-one has cornered you till now. So my point is we never know the pink sweatshirt was taken by Kimmy or his sister...or woodahwon and Minho pic by her. we can only speculate and that's the fun in it. Those my 2cents shippers...we will microscopically look all the details of these cryptic codes and it's actually quite fun hahaha... I am sure with these two but I love investigating them with all the proofs and evidences. Sorry for keeping you read all these hahaah... I am so into them really ..check my insta so we can chat on all your thoughts there..my insta queen.kimmy2020
  8. Yeah I got your point here loud and clear...Aiwa!!! Strongly agree!!! The BIFAN 2015 when eyed locked to each other was such admiration between them and we can all read it out load in some interviews like Karnryu Pia Japan, swoon, etc that he is a big fans of her works with the details explanation of her wide spectrum of acting skills from China town to Goblin so he knows her well. On the other hand she also said that she is a fans of Kim Tan so they are really admire each other. In Karnryu Pia Mag he also stated that he has been observing her and wanted to work together. Then the good fate brought them to the place we are here shipping them so hard to the core of my soul hahaha. He is the man of his words so I am happy to let my beautiful soul of our Queen to be with him and take their time to get to know each other well before deciding it publicly to the world. I want something beautiful happen as everlasting forever. You know what they said that once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen. So their fate brought them then and it's a good fate like oppa said.
  9. AMEEEN TO THAT...LOUD AND SCREAMING SIS...I couldn't agree more to your words. We want them to be together like forever happily not only such short-period lovey dovey thingy ... If that's the case that I won't budge and respect him tho..will do the best I can to protect her feeling. But he is such honest one so I am touched by his eagerness and sincerity to her even in front of media...I am doing it for them and let's pray for their happiness dear shippers.
  10. Well.. to read out your comment here..tbh I don't know LMH and till now I don't really care for him except watching his drama not film then not even bother to his ex factors tho..I am now following him because his involvement in KGE then I need to check him out even talking to some diehard minoz to get to know him better. What I can say is he is in his 30s now and back then he was in his 20s so this will be so different in his view of matured relationship. LMH and KGW will be having different level of relationship if I may say it due to their maturity perspectives in perceiving this relationship. Regarding dating, I bet when you met the one and think it's the ULTIMATE. No one hides their dating.... KGE is a normal girl who lives simple things in life ( that's why we can all relate to her). She definitely will bring balance to him. She is the Chungmuro star like seriously a Hollywood star playing in big screen instead of mini screen (tv screen) so when you check his interview with Karnryu magazine in Japan so you know how LMH has changed over the years into matured and more wiser tho...check my insta for the english translate in queen.kimmy2020
  11. Gal WAKE UP...DON'T EVER USE THE WORD DELUSIONAL HERE....I am saying as shippers and this is also my first time as being shipper for K couple..I did not even care with Kdrama before when I was in Seoul for 4 years...I have never ever use those words such DELUSIONAL, DREAM, HALU, etc...Man those words seemed so downgrading my intellectual capacities too down below the drains I told you shippers to be patient and chin up as well as be proud or this mission...You should know that many shippers are all matured ones not inexperienced unlike young GenZ . We have had our experience and we can easily understand people age makes us wiser. As I am a successful career woman been posted in Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong and now in Singapore each around 4 years posting duration, a mother, and a wife from such senior USAID Coordinator so Shippers...DON"T SAY IT MANY OF US HERE ARE DOING THIS BECAUSE THE EVIDENT S ARE SO OBVIOUS!!!! I am investing my precious time juggling my workloads, mother-things, wifey stuffs and everything in between plus this shipping things not for NOTHING. You can check my insta for sure at queen.kimmy2020 as my dedication to the Queen as I proudly declare myself as ARJENIA and for this loveliest couple ever What I called DELUSIONAL IS if there no evident at all from bts videos, fancams, press con, etc of the couple has their own love partner like you know the other shippers hahahaha make me pity them because they need to check their brain tho hahahaha. WE want this couple to be ready for the whole love life not just for the sake of US and the got married then divorce after 2 years for instance...WE DON"T WANT THAT!!! We want them to be happily get married and stay forever. Meaning you have to be patients dear...this will take more time and efforts and I want to protect our Queen so better to stan together from now on. Be together in my insta then so we can chat in daily basis because I have a lot shippers who give many feedbacks from other platforms like Naver, FB, Twitter, wattpadd and this forum...Instagram is the most advance one as Mineun Shippers. SO BE PROUD OF US AND NOT USING THOSE WORDS AGAIN...DON'T DOWNGRADE OURSELF...THOSE WORDS USED BY IOMS TO US BECAUSE THEY DON'T WHAT TO SAY TO ATTACK US...THOSE CRAZY IOM HAHAHA NO WAY THEIR OPPA WANTS TO BE THEIRS..THAT'S WHAT I CALL DELULU MY DEAR
  12. yessss agreed with your points correct About that press con since you bring it on then as a person who handle media here in one of my duties then I will say KUDOS to him with his courage to do whatever he did in press con back then.... When you deal with media whether it is press con, media briefing, virtual media meeting, Skype interview, doorstop interview, you always need to be extra meticulous with the answers, the timing given to media, the scenario, the recorded version of your own due to make sure the news released will be correct as the actual events. We don't want any miscommunication, twisted story-line, etc. Hell you know all that He, Lee Minhoo was the main attention to the press con wanted to prolong the time frame and he personally asked the media to do so even said that internet media can give more time for him..hahahah... I was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttt So you can notice the reaction of other cast including our Queen hahahhaa... But I was happy to watch his attitude in his honest gesture to enjoy his time there..getting to know more of his Queen... Then the Oppa thing....Omaigattttt How could a senior Hallyu super star ask his leading lady directly in media press con to call him OPPA???? He tried to get Dohwan in between but still all those things made me cringed a bit on how their public officers will make sure the news still in the limit hahahaha...from media relation's point of view not Oppa the King's point of view...He obviously didn't care at all as long as he was happy with her and be near her hahahha...WHAT A BOY IN LOVE
  14. MY thorough observation that he will announce it publicly if the time is right and both of them agreed on this things. Many Minoz who have been with him for over a decade have informed me that he is the person with honesty, responsibility, caring and loving kinda thing so he will do it accordingly. Some said for the laughing stuffs that he was tickling her and whispering something to her. About his posting..my suggestion is better to check the exact time of the Queen birthday date because if it was in the very late hour of her birthday than he calculated meticulously within 24 hours span meaning he needs to put 3 posting not 2 posting and he did 3 posting within 24 hours of her birthday..better check!!! SO he posted 3 pictures namely the first one with the song "dancing universe", the second one with running pictures and the last one with the pink shirt...so total was 3 picture within 24 hours of his birthday Queen
  15. THEY ARE DATING AROUND END OF MAY...But I am with agreement with your words tho that if all of sudden the Knetz and Asian paparazzi notice their things so it will make such burden for our couple but one thing that need to be concerned. OIMs will do something so we better stan with her..even I knew Oppa will do his things over his Queen etc. He is such totally different man from what I think he is...because I don't know and care bout him before then now I have to admire his guts, honesty and Kudos to him
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