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  1. For this thread to be visited by non binkyo fans means this thread is powerful. It is a threat to them. I don't visit other threads coz i don't get curious at their ship. I don't care about their ship. I don't mind their delusions, coz surprise surprise shipping=delusion. But why is it so hard to "mind your own own ship"? I'll answer that for the anti binkyo lurkers. Because they couldn't peacefully enjoy their own ship coz Binkyo bothers them. And they hate that fact. So they spend time on the thread that they hate like as if they will find their peace if mind here. In war, bigger
  2. Lol. I was about to say that. I don't remember other ships being named here. So the word 'other ships' is prohibited to say/write ONLY in this thread? Are we the rabid ones? Am.I missing something here?
  3. Yeah. She is so focused that she might end up loving binkyo more than we do.
  4. I am incapable of getting crumbs as I don't stay on social.media a lot but knowing from you guys that there are some is enough and makes me so happy as a shipper. Anyway I just visited twitter and searched for binkyo awhile ago...i laughed out loud when i discovered this one account who is hating so much on binkyo and its shippers. Like that person made a dedicated account just to hate and prove binkyo is fake? What a sweet hater! With what she's doing...she might end up being their number 1 fan. But kidding aside, why would they do that? If they believe binkyo is fake then th
  5. Hello again. Just decided to go out of the cave again. Just wanted to express my opinion wd the denial thing. just feel sad for a bit then be happy again. We have to be reminded that we just held on to rumors. To suspicions. To delusions. We were clear about that from the very beginning. It would have been a bonus if we were right with everything. Denial from both camps is the most realistic thing to do at this point. Not saying anything about the rumors would only give hb and shk a hard time if fans and papparazzis would keep on bugging them. Any A list celebrity who's privacy has been invade
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