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  1. Respect to you MayaE! Even during the time when there were no reconciliation rumors on Binkyo, you were the one consistently expressing support to them individually. Even when there were no other posters here back then, you didn't mind and kept on posting anyway. You never complained about anything about Binkyo being real or not. You were never persistent in making others believe in what you think and feel. You were a respectful shipper/supporter. If ever you got tired already of Binkyo... it's okay to stop. If you want to continue...its fine as well because i know what kind of a fan you are.
  2. Same! This made me realize and understand how I feel towards Binkyo. At first I was confused if i was just shipping...but now I know ... I am a supporter. Thanks to you @hqy.
  3. I hope we can maintain peace on this thread. While it is only natural for arguments and disagreements to arise...let us not forget to respect one another. Let us not.judge the newcomers. There may be fake ones BUT there are also real shippers/supporters who just decided to unlurk. What if we are doubting a true binkyo fan? That would be hurtful to them. Let us just ignore posts that we don't agree on. Or reply in a friendly manner. The purpose of this thread is to discuss anything about Binkyo. We all hsve the same prayers and wishes. That they are really back together. Bottomline...respect B
  4. For this thread to be visited by non binkyo fans means this thread is powerful. It is a threat to them. I don't visit other threads coz i don't get curious at their ship. I don't care about their ship. I don't mind their delusions, coz surprise surprise shipping=delusion. But why is it so hard to "mind your own own ship"? I'll answer that for the anti binkyo lurkers. Because they couldn't peacefully enjoy their own ship coz Binkyo bothers them. And they hate that fact. So they spend time on the thread that they hate like as if they will find their peace if mind here. In war, bigger
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