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  1. Hello again. Just decided to go out of the cave again. Just wanted to express my opinion wd the denial thing. just feel sad for a bit then be happy again. We have to be reminded that we just held on to rumors. To suspicions. To delusions. We were clear about that from the very beginning. It would have been a bonus if we were right with everything. Denial from both camps is the most realistic thing to do at this point. Not saying anything about the rumors would only give hb and shk a hard time if fans and papparazzis would keep on bugging them. Any A list celebrity who's privacy has been invaded would feel insecure and threatened esp in the case of Shk. Admission of the rumor would make it worse. So from the time being...lets still enjoy shipping them since nothing is impossible. When they broke up and got into relationships with other people i was still silently hoping for a miracle they would end up together. So the rumor delighted me so much. But didn't really kept my hopes high that it was true. For us longtime binkyo shippers...we have gone through this..the breakup news was even harder to bear. So a denial from the rumor should be nothing. To all new binkyo fans...i know how it feels to be disappointed...lets tell ourselves... "Its fine...i didnt witness a painful breakup from two people that I ship so much" coz you know...a shippers' nightmare is the separation of the couple they truly loved. So cheer up guys. Continue shipping if it makes your heart happy. Those crumbs you have collected? You could be wrong abt them but you could be also be right! There's always the other side of the coin. Thank you very much to everyone who's keeping this thread positive. Like i said before, some maybe laughing at us for thinking this is a failed ship.... Binkyo fans..let us all laugh with them coz it aint over til its over.
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