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  1. The same VPN worked for me. Watched it twice now. First time I ever watched a foreign film without subtitles. But the words didn't matter. Their emotions alone more than made up for the words I couldn't understand. Definitely a must watch with all the amazing views and snaps of Sujins Life. Now, when will we get a Kim Go Eun TV?
  2. So thisisneverthat official IG had KGE and LMH in their insta stories. The grand story of the couple shoes.
  3. I think this writer is one of us. A great summary of our couple's love story. https://www.somagnews.com/moments-lee-min-ho-and-kim-go-eun-killed-us/
  4. Wow! She posted again. She is on a roll and with bangs? Is this a new picture? https://www.instagram.com/p/CGJsD2Vj1pp/?igshid=11jrhqjnncztv
  5. Looks so pretty and so young and super talented. Pyeha, don't let her go. Claim your queen! https://www.instagram.com/p/CGCtuGMDukC/?igshid=pl8mjr9ehqjl
  6. What is happening? After her continuous posts, now it's pyeha's time to post! Loving their love codes.
  7. The way she pronounces English words + really nice! I heard even her Mandarin is really good. How can you not love this woman? Queen. https://www.instagram.com/p/CE1JncRJhW5/?igshid=1bze1d23uecm1
  8. Very curious about this. Could you tell more please? Totally agree, I was rejoicing and then when I saw the same picture from ChristianDiorBoy, my heart sank. I also don't understand SK's culture. Do boys really go on movies and trips together?all these vibes are couple things (should be LMH and KGE watching movie and travelling together) and then suddenly you find out they were boy trips. Sigh. Exactly my mood.
  9. Ooooohh. Aug 16. SOUNDS familiar. That's like 6 months from Feb 16. Could it be their 6th month together? Wooohooo! As for work post. Yup. So apparently...
  10. Hahaha! I like where this is going. Hahaha! Now, where is Go Eun??? Ahhh she's busy picking flowers. Her skin is super clear. Amazing how she stays beautiful even without makeup.
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