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  1. Wait a minute... It seems LMH can no keep this as a secret. It is almost as if he's at the brink of really letting the world know - they are together, happy and in love and would want both of their fans to support them. Why? - 23 May, lovestagram day - check KGE's food truck banner in her IGS today, can you see her holding a check mark on her chin? Usual pose for being cute and check out LMH's post. He's doing the same check mark on his chin pose - LMH rarely tags people in his post. But look at how he tagged his photographer. Same photograph
  2. I'm sorry but I can't help it. There's lots of connected dots from the bomb mlog that LMH just posted. Did you notice them too? Memories of TKEM all over this video - the cooking, cutting the onions, same as tkem cooking episode, even the T shirt he wore is a combination of black and white, what LG and JTE wore in the episode - LMH running by the hanging bridge it's the same as the running or playing around the bridge too in one of the tkem BTS during the hospital scene - there's lots of bear (true, in Canada too) but he's also the one who once called JTE a bear in the early episode
  3. So in one of the videos with translation, she was asked what style she was wearing and she said, leather jacket, short sleeved shirt, skinny jeans and boots. She would wear sweatshirt shirt and training pants most of the time but that night she was dressed up. I think that jacket is the same as one of her mind bridge photo shoots.
  4. Huge thanks to Misty! Now I understand what kge said on her IG live. Go check mistys twitter account to see. Also, I thought this is something LMH would have said to kge anyway... He was curious about kge because they will be leads in the same drama. Thought about her a lot and yes, KGE looks better in person. Love. Love. Love.
  5. Omg Omg live chat on Friday, what if the tkem cast joins? What if LMH asks her a question? It's like sujin chat. Hihihihi. Can't wait!
  6. Hi guys so sorry if I missed this so it seems ma hang bae is no longer KGE's manager? Why? Who is the new manager? I hope someone can share her new manager's ig handle please? Thanks.
  7. April 10, Canada time which is around April 11 most Asian Times will be the last day of filming pachinko in Canada. So the big question is will LMH go home right after? There's one way to find this out and I just realised it accidentally today. Check his IG, click the About this Account and it should say, the account is based in Canada since he's currently there. Let's see in a few days, when that changes to South Korea. Check our Queens IG and her account says based in South Korea. Didn't realise Instagram is the great stalker. It detects which country a
  8. After Mind Bridge and AndZ workstagram... Now are we getting an LV and Channel workstagram too?
  9. A long beautiful list but worth looking through slowly now that we're on a drought. Missing our royal couple. Where is GGONE? Whare has she gone?
  10. Woohoo! LMH will wrap up filming in Canada around April 10? That means he will soon be in SK. Excited for thar! I wonder if we will get another lovestagram soon? Jebal!
  11. Hahaha, I know right. I think most are hibernating. I can't wait for pachinko to wrap up filming so that LMH goes back to SK. THERE'S going to be a real version of untact. 14 days isolation and then finally... Meeting again. Let's wait and see.
  12. Can someone find out what that bracelet is all about? I think that's a personal item and not from any stylist props. Given a fan? By the Queen? https://www.instagram.com/p/CMy63WopcQK/?igshid=1qpjn8cu1ilwc
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