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  1. Woahhh OST album got 36 songs+photobook Psycho but it's okay / It's Okay Not to Be Okay OST albumwill be released. The album containing the OST of Psycho but it's okay / It's Okay Not to Be Okay will start selling through various online album sites starting today. In this official album, Moonyoung and Kang Tae dolls appeared in the animation in 'Psycho but it's okay', a three-dimensional card with 'Butterfly' bookmark, photo card (random 2 out of 6), photobook (80P), and drama poster (limited to trial) It is expected to be a special gift for audiences who loved the drama in various configurations. Full news: https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/144/0000684040 cr. tamykshkim_216 IG pre-order not yet open in yesasia
  2. i hope that the nurse is not the mom too.. but from all the revelations until now it's already 99% nurse is DHJ besides, the writer already hint us since case of the patient who mistook MY as her daughter, that scene when MY thought her mom came back, it actually signs that there's a possibility her mom is alive. we got to hear from MY that she saw her mom lying on the floor with blood and twisted limbs, that's because of the fall. but we only hear the story from KDH that he went to the lake, and they only show us a bag drowned, not 'a person' drowned, so there might be a twist that's why her mom might still alive. now, the only 1% possibility that nurse is not SHJ is when MY said how can she doesn't recognize her mom
  3. i'm still digesting this episode, too heart wrenching T.T MY cried too much in this episode.. the monkfish story, isnt that mean DHJ will kill MY since she felt she's her failed artwork? and the way they found out about Nurse park, it's so creepy that she smiled to the cctv how will ST react when he knew this?they should tell him earlier T.T also, did i miss where they inform us the guy nurse is director Oh's son?in what scene?
  4. I cannot stream today, reading some tweets on twitter.. goosebump for the nurse park scene.. i need to arrive at home faster to watch!!!
  5. rewatching ep 10, the scene where KDH want to choke POR, POR said to his ear that "Why? are you going to kill me again?" this scene makes me more confused for nurse Park & POR identity
  6. i just finished rewatching. i love this episode - KT love for MY is growing greatly - MYxKT jealous toward each other and commenting about what should and should not wear is very cute <3 - the seal kiss!!!more please! but im afraid they only sexy kiss we got is birthday kiss >.< the rest we only got this kind of peck. - KT foreshadowing, 'what matter is a happy ending' - JR x MY starting to re-build their friendship - MY giving task to ST so that he can learn how to express himself and ST learn the expression from JS & SJ and i cannot tell that the woman who afraid of his father is SeonHae, oh Lord that damn wig! CMIIW, the sequence that someone said MY shouldnt come to the hospital is after the strangulation incident, so the person who said that can be nurse park. but im questioning the motives why she reveal herself now? is it because KDH passed away? or does she want to clear her name after hearing KDH's perspective? but the motives of wanting to clear her name would be very low since she's a psycho. I think POR might be dead or locked up by her since she's very sure she wont comeback. i hope the writer make POR condition clear at the end of the series and another question, how did she give the envelop with butterfly and make POR put on her library? the butterfly mural, so nurse Park might be the one who draw it, will director Oh knew it after watching the cctv? for the ending scene that she's driving to somewhere, my assumption is she went to the castle to pickup the butterfly pin in the basement then she's heading to hospital or somewhere else. since in the preview, KMY realize the pin is gone,and it should be in the basement. CREEPY! and i get goosebump when nurse park hold KDH hand in the isolation room. i dont know the feeling, is it pitying him? or really caring him since he might die soon? too bad KDH die before knowing who she is. btw, why it's so hard to type POR & nurse Park, i mixed them every time. lastly, how will ST react when he knows MY's mother killed their mom? i dont think he already know about it then still care for MY in the preview except we got another twist.. but enough for the twist let's just give MY-KT-ST some happy moments
  7. text preview for ep 14 [손, 아귀] 벽화에 그려진 나비를 본 문영은 모든 진실을 깨닫고 충격으로 무너진다. 문영은 죄책감과 미안함으로 강태를 매몰차게 밀어내지만 강태는 문영을 지키기 위해 필사적으로 버틴다. 한편, 정체가 드러난 도희재는 문영에게 가기 위해 모종의 계획을 세우는데.. After seeing the butterfly on the mural, Moonyoung realizes all the truth and collapses with shock. Moon-young pushes Kang-tae out of guilt and sorry, but Kang Tae desperately stands to protect Munyeong. Meanwhile, Do Hee-jae, who has revealed her identity, is planning to go to Mun-young. the title [손, 아귀], is one of the book that MY writes, the one with orange fish cover if im not wrong AND so yeah they confirm it's DHJ!
  8. the theory that POR is the MOM!!!! OMG YOU ARE EPIC GUYSSSSSSS but missed the stream when MY shocked about 'the news'!!! what newss????? EDIT: not POR, but Nurse Park
  9. MY EPIC RESPONSE AS ALWAYS! i missed the scene scene when MY knows something then we got the leaving scene woahhhh guyssss!!! POR is the one who ear butterfly pin!!!
  10. father passed away, so we got a flashback from MY about the happy moment of dad and her telling story about princess and fairy tale i think. MY always looks HOT in black! anyways we almost at the end of the series, maybe the scene where MY leaves kt will be on tomorrow's episode
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