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  1. i fall for this drama.. now i need to wait every week for new episodes! decided to get vip account on iqiyi to watch this.. and im not regretting it! LDW &KB is soooo handsome! and I love that JA is not a weak character the question if JA is AE, why she doesn't have the fox bead? can it be hidden? and how come see can see spirits (like the tree spirit) but she still questioning if there's another spirit creatures? andddd, the last scene of ep 2, so some snake spirit impersonating JA? it shouldn't be LR or his servant right? since we got
  2. dropping this here now im looking forward for 1sthalf 2021!
  3. goldmedalist_official IG update:
  4. RIETI feeds us ALIVE! lol this will be my favorite looks like Girl Group member and this, her smile is charming!
  5. CF filming spotted! grab those CFs QUEENNNNNNNN!
  6. Seo Ye Ji for Cosmopolitan 20th anniversary cr. http://m.yes24.com/Goods/Detail/91792170 for Rieti Eyewear cr. Rieti website
  7. does anyone find the edit/clip of the trio's trip montage on YT? it is so beautiful i need to save it
  8. regarding the kiss norm, one factor why we mostly see a stiff one is because dramas from main TV channel must follow broadcast regulatory, i think they can only kiss a stiff one. i remember another actor complaining his drama is a daily drama so not as free as movie one, since his kiss scene is being compared to movie scene. so dramas from cable channel or movies have freedom for steamy kiss but depends on the PD too on how far can they go for the kiss. if you watch the other dramas from tvn like secretary kim is quite steamy too (their kiss clip already hit 100M views on YT)
  9. new stills No wonder MY lipstick got smeared all over her lips, they must be retake it for so many times including the one KT wearing jacket
  10. My withdrawal syndrome is definitely so severe T.T i can't stop check IG & tweets for maybe any update from the actors.. and i saw many comments for season 2..personally i feel like this already perfect.. they can have another epilogue story maybe like MY & KT got into fight or something comedic & light, but i'm not really agree with season 2, i dont want mom to comeback then prying for ST..just let her rot in jail. but i hope SYJ & KSH can collaborate in another project soon, maybe CF & photoshoot.. i feel like we really lack of content like ma
  11. that part yes, but it's a bit weird, the cut, then when KT see through the window too, it's repeated but the cut is not good, the transition.. for the color, i mean overall episode, not the vintage clip they did. i feel like the color not really clear like before, even when inside the house and the most noticeable is on the mountain one, but i think like @cenching said it's because of the weather, it's hazy and we can't see the green, usually they will use filter for the color so the scenery will stand out but this one, they let the color plain. yes, the one they used in
  12. yes it is, i feel like her character is same importance as Sang In but not as one of main leads, but regardless i'm happy the writer makes her not an annoying main lead. i feel like the writer had no idea what to do after resolving JR friendship with MY since she focus on the trio's character growth. but im happy for it tho, imagine if they focus much on other characters too, we wont get such a happy ending in 16 episodes. it's just they should not put JR on the poster, should just the trio so we wont expect much of her. anyway, i need to comment that i feel the video c
  13. IOTNBO end up at 7.3%, people really prefer light & romcom! i hope they will release more stills & making videos
  14. found something funny the username who comment, it said Kim SooHyun, commented " so funny" XD
  15. i just realized they use different cut in the preview and in the actual episode.. the one where MY & KT talked at night in front of the camping car.. in the preview one, MY's hair is not loose. i think they changed it last minute so we got one last kiss?
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