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  1. By just looking at Lee Min Ho's visuals, we can't deny the fact that we can easily get swooned at him even at first glance! He had exes whose faces and sexy bodies are easily noticed especially in Korea so people tend to link LMH with someone who has the same beauty as them. At first, I also thought that KGE was too plain for LMH but that was just her style - her simple style. But when you focus and look closely to her, she comes out very beautiful and sexy. She's beautiful in her own way. She's natural and I learned to appreciate monolids because of her. Now that I know LMH better, I am so glad to know the type of person he is and yes, KGE totally suits him to the max! Yes! I also think that LMH and KGE have common personalities. And when you look at their videos, you can really tell that they can make each other happy even when they don't talk. Their actions speaks a lot! it brought him down this path to meet KGE I also noticed that LMH is serious in his relationships. I've read an article saying how many times he pursued his X and he also wanted to settle down (this is maybe one of the reasons why they broke up because the X was still young and they both have busy schedules). Lee Min Ho's spent 14 years in showbiz already and with all the fame he got till now, I think that he really wants to focus on his personal life now! He's been single for 3 years now and it would be better if he started dating now (he's already 34) and If he ever started dating KGE, I'd prefer if they date longer before proceeding to marriage and starting a family (Rain and Kim Tae Hee dated for 5 years and married later. Look at them now!) "Fate" is always mentioned in TKEM so what if this is their fate together? I hope KGE has enough confidence in herself to open her heart to LMH. They make a beautiful power couple and both have strong family values who seems to share the same hopes of settling down when they find the right partner. They are both family oriented and they've opened up about 'marriage' in their recent interviews so if they meant it and they've found each other's match, then they would make a great couple. PS tomorrow is KGE's birthday, I hope we can get new breadcrumbs from both of them. Tee-hee
  2. I see that there's no new breadcrumbs today. So, I made another video edit of Lee Gon and Tae Eul on my youtube channel. Please do watch and subscribe for more edits! Hope you like it. Here's the link:
  3. Totally! The impact of it to us, shippers, has seriously changed what "normal" means now. I am not even complaining! I'm happy that I get to have a wide smile before I sleep (even in my dreams) and when I wake up in the morning. It literally became a part of our daily lives.
  4. Pairing them was unexpected yet the best thing that happened in Kdramaland. When they announced the casts of the drama last year, I wasn't really expecting much cause I thought their chemistry might be lame and I wasn't also fan of them. I ignored all the teasers and trailers of it but a day before its official premiere, I came across a video of them which is the keyword interview and that's the time I suddenly felt that they will have a good chemistry. I saw myself giggling in that video because they were so natural and comfortable to each other. Until now, two weeks after the show ended, I couldn't stop thinking about them. There's no single day that I don't check updates of both of them, is this normal or nah? Anyways, I'm happy that I got to share this feeling with all of you fellow shippers! Good day!
  5. Oh, I'm sorry if I offended you for what I've said. I was also pertaining to how the SK media share articles/criticize the show knowing that it is doing well in different streaming platforms. I am well aware that it topped the WAVVE and Netflix apps in Korea for several weeks. That's why people often get confused with the low ratings in SBS TV - but let's drop that! Besides, I've recently read an article (from NAVER) saying that the show is doing well internationally and they've also mentioned its rank on Netflix worldwide. I'm really sorry! I'll be careful with my words next time!
  6. I feel the same. Though The King: Eternal Monarch didn't do well in Korea, I hope she's aware that her talents are getting more recognized from fans all over the world. I hope she (including the productions staff and other casts of the show) knows that the drama is doing well internationally. Let's all shower her with love on her birthday. Happy weekend!
  7. Hi to all my fellow Lee Gon and Tae Eul lovers here! I've been quietly reading this thread and I have decided to join this thread and interact with all of you! By the way, Just want to share the video I made for Lee Gon and Tae Eul. If you want to watch it you can visit this link: Happy shipping!