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  1. Love this initiative! We can just send hearts or a simple I love you Kim go eun, I love you Lee Min Ho. To spread the positivity.
  2. Idk..but I’m not gonna read too much into today’s crumb. The theories are endless. I’d rather hear it from the horse’s mouth than speculating and speculating. Since I’m not getting that haha I’m just not gonna bother. But Captain? You gotta limit our search okay? Today’s clue was too broad, no? Too many what ifs and plot twists. Like dancing universe day, ahh that was much better : )heheh And I Also don’t wanna overanalyze and make a habit of analyzing everything. I mean I believe there are some things he can do without the intention of Ggone and i don’t want to be too delulu. Could be wrong, could be right idkidkkkk... see this is why I’m backing out from this fiasco. Look at the theories. Some say he’s in a sad mood or something... idk if he’s indeed sad but I don’t think so, I mean what if it’s just a random love song ? Maybe the lyrics don’t actually attest exactly to how he’s feeling and him playing this song because he’s sad seems inconclusive to me. We don’t know, he could be sad, he could even be happy. It’s not Every time I play sad songs when I’m sad.. I might just wanna play it ,just because...... What if this is one of those times for him? There’s also the theory that the song was intended for kge ANDDdd GGONEKIM JUST POSTED! And it’s his way of reassuring her and him posting this song means they must be in a serious relationship and are past the wooing stage but then a thought came to my head. If this was a way of reassuring her. Asking her to stay With him In tough times and not leave him cAuse he’ll be in so much pain (according to the song). Wouldn’t it have been better to do so privately. It seems really intimate to share on his sns with random strangers. Just my opinion really, could be wrong, could be right... not sure heheh. Then again it really could be dedicated to her and I don’t see this as a sad song. It’s deeper than that. The way I see it, the singer is pouring out his heart to the one he loves. You can tell he’s deeply in love, to the point that not being with her causes him pain. She’s left her roots so deep in his life. She makes him smile, makes him feel good. She is his love, In every sense of the word. The singer goes on to emphasize the pain of being without her. You can tell she’s his everything he’s grown so attached and doesn’t want to imagine a world without her. His lines “ You, my love stay by me. Only you, the only one in the world. On a rough day, if you also leave me. As I stagger, where will I be embraced. “This sounds like he’s saying he just wants to be with her, just her. She’s the only one who can make him feel this way. This man doesn’t want to be separated from his love lol. The singer is assuring her of his love and asking her to stay by his side. He’s basicallyyyy just a man in love, missing his woman and asking her not to leave him. That’s how I interpreted it. So you see endless possibilities, i really don’t know which is true to be honest and I’m okay. Sooo I’m gonna skip this meal this time. oh yeah! This could also be for dohwan. his unbreakable sword has been away for a while now, he must be missing him and if you ask me chingus, this seems like the most plausible one. Yassss I’m on this ship too. Runs*
  3. I didn’t mean to sound so sensitive but that word just triggered me and I thought the notion was long forgotten and debunked and yeah I read your comments and I know they’re all good. I just didn’t see you state you were joking and so I thought maybe that’s how you perceived it and I wanted to correct it. I apologize if I offended you chingu. I’m completely fine and it’s all good and yeah about the twerking emoji In my head, it was my way of telling you that I was cool. Should have considered the language barrier and used a more elaborate emoji. I apologize for the misunderstanding dear. It’s all good vibes
  4. Ohhhh I’m full on hulk mode after seeing this. Yah! Your comment is downright disrespectful. Delete this. Lmh is not that kind of a person. Can’t believe I’m even talking about this. I thought everyone here already knows Who he is as a person. it’s ridiculous talking about this and I just wanna move past this quickly so I’mma say this once.The look he gave her In the 2015 BIFAN AWARD seemed to be one of admiration, I don’t think he knew her as a person rather he acknowledged her as another talented actor in his field. The only thing I can say about it is that he must have been a fan of her. I know someone has mentioned this in the thread before and I agree. That’s all there was to that bifan day. Now to this previous interview since he mentioned during the presscon interview and that other interview he did where he gave his first impression during his first time filming that he’s watched some of her works. It’s no wonder why he anticipated the day he’ll work with someone of her caliber esp when he’s a fan of her works. That’s why idg why you thought he was flirting. I don’t think or I’m not sure he knew her as a person at that time and news says he was in a relationship at that time So there couldn’t have been any flirting he’s not that kind of a person. I hope you’re not the kind that will post this on tweeter and stir up trouble. Someone mentioned few pages back. That we should promote our ship and not attack any other ship. We can talk and hype our ship without dragging external factors. In fact you could have mentioned bifan only cause it looked liked he may have known Kge the actor without dragging xyz.. please let’s try our best to avoid things that can lead to dispute. Anddddddd hulk mode off.
  5. I’m sorry I’m still backreading but his glorious jacket of doom and red riding hood took me out . Who are you and where have you been, I’ve been laughing so hard at your posts . Here, have my soompi points
  6. OMGGGG HE POSTED. HE ACTUALLY POSTED!!!!! MR OBVIOUS NEVER CEASES TO AMAZE ME RIP GUYS!!!! Totally unexpected but I’m not complaining!! I was so sure he wasn’t going to post today, I was betting on tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, literally any day but today!! but HOLY RickRoll'D! this man actually posted. With a romantic song too .Does he not know that we literally call them the fated couple and the song’s talking about the universe and andd!! ohhhh What does this meannnn!! Lmhhh!!!He frigging ahhhhhhhhhh. He’s aware of the implication right, like he knows he’s only fanning the flames with this post rightt! He knows what he’s doing to our shipping hearts yet he still went ahead to....ohhh k——— Have I said rip guys? Cause RIP!!! Shipper heart has gone to meet fellow shippers in heaven
  7. People reaaalllyyyyy need to calm down ahaa .Trust that When one person starts this huuuu some immature people will follow suit and that’s when it’ll get too much. Don’t just say you’ll “respect their privacy”, actually do so.
  8. Exactly!! And In the words of greeneyedchick “People with nothing to hide are those whose guards are lowered the most” ”However, people who have their guards up are those with something to conceal”. Lmh and kge keep behaving like two people in a secret relationship. Kge&wdh go on a noodle date. Lmh&wdh go on a jeju date. Mmmmh how to be do whan. He has the best of both worlds.
  9. Yes it’s true that there are different translations for the caption. Someone once said this isn’t the right one.I mean the translations are so far apart. One has jeong tae eul’s name in it with that “I tried” series So It’s very understandable, I mean jte’s name alone helped. leaves no room for confusion. . But the other one I saw my hand in my hands. It’s confusing if you don’t understand korean. It makes the fans question what he meant. Because of the uncertainty it’s very easy to think google got it wrong I also thought this meaning was weird cause how can you see your hand in your hands, right? so when I saw the other one I thought ahhh this one makes more sense. Let’s debunk the other one quickly. But OMG!! If this is true then it makes perfect sense why mym replied with. “Thanks to you, we saw something beautiful!!! It’s the perfect reply for that proverb! And that dork replied with . If it’s the other translation. Mym’s reply is just random, It only fit in because it’s a famous line in tkem. So fans will think they’re just quoting kes. And not think too much of it. Esp if you’re not korean. That leaves me with one question tho, was our captain and mym aware of the proverbial meaning. And Is the ‘I tried holding tae eul’s hands just a disguise for this one’ hmmmmm idk if it is, it’s probably nothing too. Arghh I hate when they confuse us like this. All these cryptic posts and detective work is really ruining my mental health. Every time I have to pick between, living in delulu land or debunking crumbs like this cause I’m not sure and come back to earth.affdssfhjjhgggjhhdsssdd. I swear these people are going to put me in therapy real soon.
  10. Yes ma’am!! I’ll continue to cheer our uri couple till the very end. They’ll need all the positive energy in the universe . Thanks for the welcome! Thank you!! And yes I chose it purposely I found it very funny how soompi replaced all the swear words with Richard Simmons. And so I thought, it’s witty I like it. I’ll go with it I love what you said here. I also want to believe that things will turn out like this for them. I just raised the concern to point out that it wouldn’t be fair if it didn’t. And Thanks for the welcome!! I love it here. @Prerna : Oh chingu you were too direct with the questions. And this was after you told her you wanted flowers for kge. Look at you Mrs obvious I won’t be surprised if you’re not the first person coming to enquire about red roses and Kge. Who knows, maybe she just told you flowers have no meaning in sk to ward you off. Maybeee, maybe not.
  11. Hii Unlurker here!! You said what I’ve been thinking all along. Lmh, Kge, special agent ,spy, anyone close to them reading this forum. You hear that?! You have a whole army of Min-euns ready to support you should you want to proceed with this relationship. And I promise you for every 10,000 haters that rise against you. You have hundreds of thousands of people Dare I say 1 million even! ready to fight back and shut them up. The sunset& beach photographs Lmh posted both have 100,000 comments and like 98% of the people there are saying the same thing, “get married”, be together, we support you, we’re here for you. Before he posted more photos on his ig, Those two were his most liked. And now one even has 4M likes. Seeee!! Isn’t that proof enough. You have millions of supporters guys. And for Kge too. Her picture with lmh was her most liked at that time. It has over a million likes and had the highest comments until she posted a recent one.Same energy in the comment section for our Queen. You two “get married” “you have our blessings”“we’ve seen something beautiful” “we like both of you together”. Millions of people are in love with you guys. Our Queen dropped a comment on dohwan’s page days ago, and look how much likes that got. Almost 30,000 that’s just to show how much she was missed and the love people have for her. She updated her ig yesterday and everyone was thankful. We all know it’s a throwback picture but nobody cares we’re just happy she posted something. Any communication is communication. Most of the comments there are people expressing their love and how much they’ve missed her. The love is overwhelming indeed.I promise you it’s not gonna be like 2016 when those ugly richard simmons trolls chewed her up. It’s different this time.They have more supporters, More people have come to recognize and love her not just because she’s lmh’s leading lady or because they ship her with lmh. NO but they now realize what an actual gem she has been. She left a statement yet again with her acting in tkem, she showed us her versatility, her range. Who would have thought acting could be so deep and the smallest gestures can express the biggest words. We got to see her personality too and God she’s beautiful. I fell in love with her personality and I’m sure many of us did too.her lovely and authentic self. She proved all her doubters wrong, shut all the haters up. In a world that wasn’t so kind to this beautiful soul, she remained kind, she might have seen those rude comments but she always smiled for us. I remember in the beginning of tkem when the only reviews that kept coming out were bad ones, I was feeling bad for the cast but one day kge posted a picture of herself smiling. And that’s how I knew our Queen was strong, and a no-quitter .Hell Idk if she had any caption but that picture alone moved me, spoke a thousand words to me. Like if she can smile in the midst of all the bad stuff, I can too. That picture gave me the strength I didn’t know I needed. I didn’t really know much about her before tkem but cause of tkem I got to know a lot about her, from her interviews, her videos, And I fell in love with her Mind, her soul. Kge’s beauty shines not just from the outside but also the inside. Our King isn’t left out.A lot of people got to know him better through tkem and love him.finally realized that there’s more to him than what they see on tv. Those who loved him before love him 1000000000% more now. Sigh.... All I’m saying is.. I can accept any other reason for them not pursuing this relationship. But the hardest one I can’t accept is Fear. They couldn’t proceed because of the media, the general public, backlash from haters or whatever that whole circus is about. I know it’s their lives and they make the final decisions but It would be unfair and really sad and it would literally break my heart if they both liked each other and acc wanted a relationship but couldn’t because of that whole issue. Why?Because they’re humans. Before being a Hallyu King and a rising chungmuro Queen. Before being The Lmh and The Kge ,They’re humans. And as humans we should all experience love. You see, Love in its authentic self, is the most beautiful feeling ever and if we’ve been right with all our analysis and observations Then these two have the potential to have The best kind of love. I feel like if they end up with each other, they’ll get nothing less than what they deserve from love. I might be speaking ideally or naively, say I’m fantasizing but it’s the truth. I know they have responsibilities and they can’t just abandon that because they want to love. But I love Lmh and I love Kge and I only want the best for them. If their each other’s best. I say go for it. You only live once, this kind of love doesn’t come all the time. Their compatibility is out of this world. They make each other so happy, influence each other positively.isn’t that what matters the most when it comes to Love? They look like they can be each other’s true love, best friend, biggest supporter, team Mate, biggest teaser at the same time all wrapped in one person. That’s the best kind of love if you ask me, the kind they tell you not to let go of ..for —ever. Now not only this, But they have matchy personalities, same ideals, they do the same things sometimes and it’s like !!! Can they get any more perfect!! Like I said , any other reason is fine. Even if the reason is simply because they chose not to. I know sometimes it takes more than liking someone to be with that person so it’s fine. I don’t have the final say and things can’t go my way in someone else’s life no matter how bad I want it lol( we should all have this at the back of our minds too) it’s gonna hurt so so bad but I’ll accept it, I’ll have to lol. They remind me of leeeul sometimes. How all they wanted was to just love and be loved but couldn’t because of their many obstacles. How we all prayed for a happy ending for them no matter what because they deserved it. So I wouldn’t want that story to be theirs too. “The one that got away.” That’s if they do like each other and want to be together yeahhhhhhhh. Okayyyy!! I think I’ve said a lot. but anyways Lmh! Kge?! We’re here for you, get married already ( wishful thinking but i really pray somehow somehow news from this forum or any sensible shipper’s page reaches you and gives you the boost you need( dear KDrama gods please hear me!!!) let these people know we love them and they’re not alone. In life, there’s always good and evil. We shouldn’t neglect the good because of all the evil around. They’ll have haters definitely. But they have way more supporters than haters from all over the world. International couple, how you like dahhh. That’s why i said they shouldn’t ignore their feelings because of any hate from outsiders. Now I’m gonna keep my thoughts positive.That’s all I can do so I’ll do it well. No matter what.They say thoughts become things, ‘That which you think in any moment, attracts unto itself other thoughts that are like it. Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions so I’mma be the energy I want to see... yeah call me crazy, cheesy or corny but I believe in the law of attraction. If this is all i can do, I’ll do it well. Just a crazy old clown dropping her two cents. Nightt!!
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