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  1. i keep rewatching this to try and figure who started laughing first. but it's amazing bec they're literally in-sync. they started laughing at the same time (tell me if im wrong), almost like they took cues from each other's eyes
  2. saw this beauty and the beast edit of our moonmoon couple in twitter, i may or may not be replaying and crying over it again and again it's so beautifuuul
  3. i just finished rewatching the episode and some scenes from the preview (pictures below) really jumped out at me. they echo this ^ statement and the thought i know most of us have but want to avoid for now but so it goes: episode 8 was just so heartwarming, i'm sure it's crossed our minds that it will eventually come at a price. this isn't to alarm anyone of course, and im hiding the images as well as putting a trigger warning here now; just something to think abt and prepare ourselves for:
  4. what do you guys think abt the head nurse's interaction with ST in ep 8? i had this thought while watching that scene that perhaps she could be a good match for him (i.e. a caregiver too, patient and stern), but maybe that's just my wishful thinking too, hoping that KT wouldnt be the one taking care of him their whole lives ~ of course, i still loathe the head nurse for how she totally disregards the attacks against MY in the hospital premises (twice now!!), but she seemed good to ST. did she take him to see flowers bec of an instruction from the director to help ST face his fear of butterflies? or something else? who knows, anything can still happen at this point!! but im just throwing thoughts around here guys, feel free to share your takes on it!
  5. wahhh don't get my hopes up like that but i honestly had this thought too while watching the preview ohmygooood my heart's bursting just thinking abt it - HOW'S EVERYONE AFTER EPISODE 8 WERE YOUR HEARTS SMILING LIKE CRAZY TOO :((( it was a cosiderably light episode methinks but something we def. needed!!! soooo many favorite scenes: ^ hid it in case there are some people here who havent watched yet and dont want to be spoiled. but for those who got to watch it already, do u guys agree??? any favorite moments i missed? haha sorry for the word vomit though, those are my unflitered thoughts that i just wanted to let out haha also: given that the title of ep 8 is "Beauty and the Beast," who do u guys think represents 'Beauty' and 'Beast' between KT and MY? initially i thought it's obviously Beauty = MY, Beast = KT bec she's the girl he's the guy or whatever. but after listening to areum's narration in the drama, it makes sense too that Beauty = KT, Beast = MY given that MY is the one who was alone in a castle, and KT's 'love' has softened her up. ALTHOUGH, following that train of thought, both of them have been key towards each other's healing thus far so it could also be an either/or case, noh?
  6. hello luvs i just finished backreading, wasn't able to check-in since friday. anyway it's always heartwarming to read posts here and see how many others appreciate this couple, they are truly something else just wanted to manifest too how much i loved the progress in their relationship in episode 7!!!!!! it was so wholesome, i almost didn't mind that there wasn't any kiss scene. ALMOST. so looking forward to seeing them grow and heal together some more in tonight's episoooode!!!!
  7. hi @stella77! maybe best if you view it where the video was uploaded, in twitter and instagram! here are the links: https://twitter.com/netflixth/status/1281196406498299906 https://www.instagram.com/p/CCa6DvhgiuU/
  8. HAHAHHAHA THIS GIF IS SENDING MEE :((( he's like a schoolboy who got rejected by his crush! :((( but don't worry soohyun ssi the sooner you up your game to match ms dandelion's flirting skills, the better off you'll both be!!!
  9. have you guys seen the Thai version? it's longer and their edit for the "bad joke" part is SOOO FUNNY! (that's the only part i understood though haha) i hope someone makes a gif of it soon, it's so meme-worthy https://twitter.com/netflixth/status/1281196406498299906 ALSO i realized KSH has made SYJ speechless in the same interview (interview with cosmo, but they were wearing the same thing)!! what do you guys think? should we give him points for this? LOL
  10. turns out when he's not getting flustered, our boy's out there getting roasted by the frankness of SYJ HAHAHA [tally update] SYJ = 300pts KSH = still 0 - also laughing out loud again bec isn't this just becoming more and more true by the day
  11. just saw these pictures properly now. is KSH giggling/all nerves around SYJ again??? ISTG he's been acting like a schoolboy who has a secret crush on her, these pictures are almost a self-fulfilling prophecy - anywho i can feel fans getting antsy waiting for the weekend (same here) i cant believe the promo teams have no new content for us today asldjhasfdhsd
  12. IKR i rly cannot put together how the KSH we see in the bts of pbio is the same one who filmed those scenes in Real (if u know what i mean!)
  13. at this point we can literally do a compilation vid of him being flustered by SYJ hahaha! but i'm sure there's more to come poor boy! he should surprise all of us and flirt back!!!!! if the day comes when he'll be the one to fluster SYJ im not sure if we'll be prepared
  14. just wanted to share this with y'all, had me laughing so much bec im fairly sure those arent KT's ears turning red, but KSH's hahahhhaha we're all praying for him at this point, and also wishing he'd step up his game!!! SYJ (nose boop + palm kiss) = 100pts KSH = 0...
  15. EP5 BTS ENGLISH SUBS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syNJnJEnacE&feature=youtu.be now we can understand how KSH (not KT cos these aren't part of his lines LOL) rly feels hmmm ~ -
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