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  1. Sorry, I just have to say something. I think we should respect the denials and stop creating unnecessary theories just so we could continue sailing our ship. they have been receiving unwanted media attention and i even read on naver that their families and friends are shocked with the news. To me, this sounds like the reconciliation rumors never happened in the first place. Otherwise their families would have known (and they won’t get involved). Let’s respect their privacy. Saying that their agencies collaborated is just wrong. Reporters called their agencies and they gave their respective comments. If you saw the trend in weibo, there were more angry reactions than happy ones. and the trend was full of comments debunking the rumor. The representative of VAST laughed when asked about the rumor. The denial was so short because they didn’t have to think about an excuse or check with Hyun Bin in Jordan. They said no outright. Kyo’s agency said that people like creating stories out of their imagination. Ouch. I don’t get why people are saying they didn’t deny dating? That was exactly the content of the denial. It’s a bit embarrassing to continue at this point. The other ship is doing that so let’s not be like them. I admit that I also got too excited with this ship. I lost all hope when kyo got married but i regained my binkyo hope this year when rumors started to surface. However, this denial made me realize that there’s nothing more here. So, I’ll respect them and I promise to continue supporting them as two separate individuals. I hope you do the same thing. I feel bad for kyo because she has to deal with this kind of unnecessary media scrutiny and not to mention the bashing from the rabid shippers. Please, I’m begging you. Let’s protect Kyo at all cost You can continue shipping but please keep this denial in mind. Do not second guess and say that they’re hiding something. Let’s take their denials as is and just hope that brighter days will come soon for binkyo.
  2. From Soompi: Song Hye Kyo And Hyun Bin’s Agencies Deny Dating Rumors Jul 31, 2020 by C. Hong Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin have issued firm denials to rumors that they were dating again. Recently, such rumors have been spreading through social media platforms such as Weibo. Some of the rumors claimed that the two actors had moved in together and that they had been spotted on dates in the Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi Province area. On July 31, Song Hye Kyo’s agency stated, “This is not the first time that Chinese media outlets have released random and unfounded news articles. These media outlets often make up things in their own imagination.” The agency clearly denied the dating rumors and added, “Song Hye Kyo is currently reviewing offers for various projects. Nothing particular has happened.” Hyun Bin’s agency also issued a statement, saying, “The dating rumors that have been spreading in China are false.” Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo previously dated after working together in the 2008 drama “Worlds Within.” Their relationship lasted for two years after it was made public, but it was revealed that they had broken up before Hyun Bin’s enlistment in 2011. ——————————- Kyo’s denial is harsher than Vast. They called out the Chinese media outlets for “making up things in their own imagination” Silver lining of the denial? I’m glad to know that Kyo is currently reviewing offers for various projects. We’ll see her soon!
  3. I feel sad right now. We said that as long as binkyo are not denying anything, we’ll keep shipping. Here comes the denial. I’ll continue supporting kyo but i’ll respect her privacy. Hope she picks up a project soon so i can see her again. I agree tho that they didn’t mention “not dating” in their denial so there’s still hope. Sending love to everyone! edit: just saw the statement of vast “The rumors that are coming from China that Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo are dating again are groundless”
  4. It’s Saturday! We can finally see MoonMoon again. Need some good vibes today hihi so i hope there will be some sweet scene on tonight’s episode
  5. I know everyone’s excited to analyze HB’s military reservist coincidence but I respectfully ask everyone to keep in mind that HB was in a relationship in 2017. It is unfair for his gf back then to say that bin is pining for his lost love while being committed. We dont want others to think that hb is being unfaithful to his gf at that time. thank you. now that’s out of the way, I realized that it’s only 9:00 PM in Jordan. Our Binnie must be bored by now haha there’s a limit to what you can do in a hotel room. Unless, our squirrel is still awake and they’re facetiming right now. it’s already 3 am in SK but who knows? Love knows no bound or in this case, love knows no timezone
  6. They’re going crazy because a cfan saw hb with his costar in gangnam last year. Huh? Why should I believe the story of another person? There was no photo, anyway. It’s so easy to make up stories and connect unrelated things just for delulu. Kyo liking WW’s OST is a solid proof. It was a subtle but straight confirmation directly from kyo. An Instagram like means so much more unlike the alleged sightings shared by private korean and chinese fans. There are absolutely no binkyo sightings (not even one) but I know in my heart that they are together. Kyo is known for being a ninja after all bin and kyo dancing happily before hb flies to Jordan:
  7. so based on this timeline, they will be celebrating their one year anniversary soon? Omo we should prepare our shipping hearts for a special announcement To those lurking here, you might have hundreds of receipts but the truth will always prevail
  8. There are no maldives photos so we can rule that out. No photos = not true omg i love bo gum and encounter is my favorite drama but i never once believed that he and kyo are dating haha that’s the true delulu
  9. It’s okay. I understand. We need to protect binkyo from the rabid shippers. 2020 is binkyo’s year. HB already let go of her once. He won’t do it again. He has been suffering all these years without kyo by his side. Look at him glow now. True love does that to a person.
  10. @goldenashes97 hahaha i just happen to like binkyo and mineun. i see mineun as this generation’s binkyo hehe (but with a happy ending of course)
  11. Sorry for bringing those up. Just wanted to get thom off my chest. My point is: a man and a woman can be just friends. I follow kyo’s squad and they seem to be welcoming back hb in their circle in their subtle ways. That’s cute. At least binnie would have people to rely on in the industry. Kyo really changed his life for the better (since they met a decade ago) Hope we get more good news from binkyo in the following months. Binnie is flying to Jordan next month for his movie shoot so someone’s gonna miss him for sure
  12. The chemistry of these two is out of this world.I created this account for my other ship but I have a feeling that i’ll be very active in this thread too hehe
  13. I watched the bts of tkem. Their closeness reminds me of hyun bin and songhyekyo’s playfulness while filming worlds within. They dated in real life so... there you go
  14. thanks for clearing these up. I feel much better now. I am confident that binkyo is sailing smoothly and will be docking soon. They might announce something after binnie’s filming. i’ll remove my previous post if it’s not permitted. thanks
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