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  1. @yejinatic1981 with regards to Spackman and skin inc , my understanding is Spackman invested skin inc . The CEO of skin inc Sanbrina Tan said SYJ is shareholder of skin inc through Spackman. So I think SYJ probably may hold some sorts of stocks and shares in Spackman. I think rather than her direct investment in skin inc , she may have business relation with it through Spackman. Obviously this is not public interest and my personal guess may not be correct. And she is very private and I am being nosy. https://www.google.com/amp/s/markets.businessinsider.com/amp/news/Skin-Inc-Global-Announces-Strategic-Investment-from-Spackman-Entertainment-Group-and-Spackman-Media-Group-1001819199 https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.buro247.sg/amp/15234 @welh11 I also searched and thought about Spackman production and SYJ before. That’s what I come up with. . Spackman is a big conglomerate and production company. They invested in production and I don’t think they will get much involve in casting or produce movies for their subsidiary Agencies artists. But they might end up Co produce or invested in the movies which happen casted the artists related to them. For eg. Yoon In Ah and , his recent movie . He is under the agency which also subsidiaries of Spackman. they co produced the movie Spackman is one of the major investors of be with you movie which casted SYJ. https://www.investor-one.com/editorial/2284-Spackman-backed-film-Be-With-You-has-broken-Korean-film-office-record-for-romance-movies. On the other hand, in negotiation movie ,for example , the director presented his work to that Confidential assignment director/producer and he became the main producer of the movie with the other investors in the movie. Not the other way round. artists also decide which movie they are appearing. For example, Pirates which SYJ appeared was produced by big investment company like Lotte. @yejinatic1981 was right. For an artist with SYJ caliber who has strong ticketing power and producers’ choice , she would choose to appear in any movie she would like to. Thats why her movies and Spackman production may or may not have business ties.
  2. I concur with @welh11 . I was excited when I first saw the news but the more I think about it, the more I feel that that project is probably not quite fit for her ( feel the same feeling to the reasons you mentioned) .I am looking forward to see her in a very good Korean drama movie. Have already watched be with you a few times. It’s one of my favorite movies recently.
  3. I can understand what she said to the therapist even at the first Time though she has a strong accent there.Yes, Her English is good in negotiation. Language is a big barrier as acting in English would be more difficult than engaging in usual conversation. TBH, I don’t like the way they treated LBH when he went to Hollywood. I am cautiously positive for this one.
  4. @Helena thanks for the Info. @ILSYJSG I watched delicious proposal. I enjoyed it a lot and So looked for her another work after that which was classic and afterwards I watched pretty much almost all SYJ work ever since. She was rookie then , the acting was a bit rough but she was lovely in there. There were a lot food because it was about the competition between two Chinese restaurants. lol. For some reason, i even remembered her character name , her white phone and car in there though I watched it 17 years ago ( I phone did not even exist then Lol ) drama is so old now.,I don’t know people would like it if they watch it in 2020. For me there are certain drama i have to watch in certain period of time. It is one of them for me. I don’t think I will like it if I watch it now. I hope you can find it somewhere to watch.
  5. @ILSYJSG i remember that ye jin was asked once about #metoo movement by an interviewer. She was asked what she thought about that movement and She said people who involved in the movement were brave to speak up. Then she was asked whether she saw such things in the film industry. The reporter said ye Jin seemed uncomfortable to answer that question and they have changed the topic. I personally think that it was wise not to answer that questions. Obviously for them is to get a headline news. But some of the topic are very sensitive and if answered without evidence , and much careful thought, it will become a big scandal. I couldn’t find that article. I just recalled from my memory so, there might be slight difference from how she responded. You were right , I also think She chose pretty noona because it’s not only a joyful drama but also thought provoking on those social taboos things happening in our society
  6. not sure this is posted here before! There were few previous articles of the view of co stars of Ye jin on her. Will find and post them here. Lee Min Ki with His Current Box Office Movie “Chilling Romance” December 9, 2011 | Filed under: 2011 Movie,Actors,K-Movie,K-Stars | “Chilling Romance,” a horror-romantic comedy movie that just released December 1st has become a box office, beating “Tin Tin” and even “Breaking Dawn.” That’s a very wow success since many people had been expecting “Tin Tin” and the Twilight-saga “Breaking Dawn” for quite a long time. However, eventually, Korean people loved this Korean movie more! Well, yeah..this movie does give viewers a fresh idea, offering the horror, thrill, mellow and laughter in the same time. Seriously guys, I’m not a horror movie fan, a big NO NO! in fact, but this movie really worth watching. You won’t have time to really keep the fear deep in your brain because seconds later you’ll be bursting a laughter. The ghosts are freakin’ scary, yes, but the scenes are sometimes too hilarious that you may forget to scream for fear. And the romance story between the magician Jo Goo, Lee Min Ki’s character, and his 6th-sensed partner Yeo Ri, played by Son Ye Jin, will also touch your heart. As the result of this, Lee Min Ki, has received so much attention these days. Newsen recently interviewed him asking how’s his feelings about the movie being number one now, Lee Min Ki answered, “Outranking ‘Breaking Dawn’ feels good.” Hohoho, if i were him i would’ve felt the same way too. And then he was asked what he thought about the fact that many people give so much attention to him and love him (as an actor in the movie), he said, “Isn’t it because I played alongside Korean most beautiful Ms. Son Ye Jin?” Lee Min Ki said when the first time they offered him the scenario and he asked about the partner and they said it was Son Ye Jin, he didn’t hesitate to take the role. Well, yeah Son Ye Jin is like the most wanted female co-star for many Korean actors even for the seniors, let alone a junior like Lee Min Ki . Son Ye Jin is famous not only for her beauty, but also -and the most important thing- for her great acting quality. Lee Min Ki said his friends didn’t believe him at first when he told them that he would work on a movie project with Son Ye Jin as his co-star. I couldn’t imagine how envy his friends were when they found out that Lee Min Ki had lots of kissing scenes with the noona in that movie. Lee Min Ki continued that even though he couldn’t get any closer with Son Ye Jin in personal, he was so grateful that he could learn so many things from Son Ye Jin as a sonbae in the movie industry. But Lee Min Ki has appeared twice this year in the big screen, firstly with “Quick” where he played alongside Kang Ye Won. I think this guys has always been pretty lucky to play along side great named actresses, like Chae Rim, Shin Min Ah, Ha Ji Won…and many more, just check his filmography. And I always love his acting whether it’s in drama or movie. So congrats and best good luck for him in the future. Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food” PD Talks About Why He Cast Jung Hae In And Son Ye Jin The producing director (PD) of the drama “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food” has shared his reasons for casting stars Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin! In an interview with news outlet Ilgan Sports, PD Ahn Pan Seok talked about working with the two actors on the hit JTBC drama, which came to an end on May 19. He revealed that he had been determined to cast Son Ye Jin as his leading lady from the very start, explaining, “[Son Ye Jin] is a one-of-a-kind actress. She has a positive energy. In order to capture the viewers’ attention, an actor’s presence alone needs to be powerful, and she’s an actress who has that kind of power. She’s been able to bring to life every production in which she’s appeared.” He continued, “That’s why, from the very beginning, I thought that there was no one else for the leading role of ‘Pretty Noona’ but Son Ye Jin. I only contacted one person [for the role], and it worked out. She decided to take the role even after seeing all the negative sides to it.” He added with a laugh, “I was really surprised.” The director also expressed his immense gratitude to the actress for her dedication to the role. “She fulfilled her duties 200 percent,” he remarked. “When you work together with someone, you can see what kind of person she is. On the day of the wrap party, Son Ye Jin received the applause of the staff and her fellow actors as she left.” He also revealed, “[Son Ye Jin] cried a lot up until the very moment that she left [the wrap party]. She was really sobbing. I think she must have personally felt as though she had accomplished something. She is a truly admirable person. She took responsibility without avoiding [her duties], and she endured it all.”
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