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  1. Hi! OMG blushing at being mentioned on THE Soompi forum, I'm the author of Sanctuary This place is #goals Thought I'd share my top recommendations (with links): Front Page News (hilarious, superbly written AU that is still sooo on point re characterization and so very entertaining) by rulesthegalaxy One Year Later (this is an absolute gem in every way but the author has disappeared and it's unfinished so read at your own risk) by cloverleafsky The President's Daughter (AU where RJH is Se-ri's bodyguard and she's well the title this is SO SO GOOD it feels like you're watching a movie) by starupabove_ Stay Another Day (this fic is a feeling / mood, I don't know how to describe it, it tackles their time in NK and it's BEAUTIFUL) by EdnaMode_101 Another Life With You (this AU where RJH goes to SK instead of the other way around puts the slow in slow burn, but it's extremely well built up and is an absolute joy to read) by thelightteam Death Angel (AU that takes action and sexual tension to the next level, but you have to forgive the leads for their past decisions/ actions to fully enjoy it) by sawyerdavenport Homeward Bound (AU second chances type of story the first RiRi fic I binge-read so it'll always hold a special place in my heart, also STEAMY) by sawyerdavenport I'm sure there's more amazing stuff that I'm missing, but I haven't caught up on my reading yet. Hope you enjoy these in the meantime.
  2. Is it confirmed that she's doing that? I remember the article said she's considering it... is this the SK way of saying she's 100% doing it?
  3. The ring has an infinity sign on it. (I think) The plain diamond one also looks familiar. They look like these Tiffany rings Infinity ring (but without the diamonds) http://versatile-fashions.com/2012/12/tiffany-co-infinity-ring-necklace-and-bracelet-to-swear-eternal-love/ Plain diamond band: https://www.tiffany.com/jewelry/rings/tiffany-metro-ring-GRP09947/
  4. Thank you - you're the best. This is awesome (if a little painful to read) Guys, this line from SYJ's grocery shopping denial killed me: "Meanwhile, she heard that Hyun Bin was also traveling, so they spontaneously decided to meet and went grocery shopping together. The two of them were only left together at the moment they were pushing the cart, and their other acquaintances were in another section of the grocery store.” DEAD x_x guys, how have we not discussed how hilarious this line is? It's so unnecessarily detailed, like when you're making up a story to cover up a lie and you start adding details to make it sound real. I'm trying to imagine what happened at the agency, the news comes in, they freak out. SYJ says deny it. They scramble to deny it and go like oh I know let me explain it like this: soooo she heard from a friend - a mutual friend btw - that he was traveling and sent him a Facebook message (wait is he even on Facebook? let's stick to phone). He just so happened to be in the mood to grocery shop, and the store was RIGHT UNDER the place where she was staying. So on her way downstairs to pick up a newspaper, she ran into him and started walking around the grocery store with him and putting some items into his cart, because she's such a troll. Also there were others in the store. Friends and such acquaintances. None of it was planned. It was all serendipity, and the camera happened to catch them the moment they were ALONE. It's a coincidence. Nothing to see here, guys. That sounds good, let's publish that. This is so funny, I'm dying.
  5. Sames re the club. Let's all discuss here like one big binjin happy family. I had so much FOMO over the clubs.
  6. Hi guys, it's so crazy busy in the BinJin world these days, it's a challenge to keep up! Too many "coincidences" aka receipts aka crumbs I read something somewhere about there being previously FIVE denials of BinJin dating. I only know of the LA denials (1 from each agency? Does that count as 2?) and then later with the handholding under the table but it wasn't a dating denial, it was more of a "Nah we weren't holding hands under the table, we promise we're super duper professional, and all those googly eyes we make at each other are 100% acting and have nothing to do with real life..." Oh and I remember the one where when asked in an interview they said they "laughed it off". Yeah, I'm laughing with you guys. It's all really funny *wink, wink* and in my book, that hardly counts as a denial. It's more of a dodge. Can someone shed some light on this for me?
  7. Back from lurking! So many new crumbs I really don’t think Jinnie was in HB’s car at the Airport. Such an unnecessary risk for an additional few minutes... we have to remember how protective these two are of their privacy. 3 words: Never. Seen. Out. (Except in LA but that’s a different country a d they’re “close” friends...) Still LOLing at that Binnie video posted by MS Team... oh to be a fly on that wall and know what actually went down!!! Who was stalking binnie???
  8. OMG that is 100% a crumb!!!! DEAD! All this negativity the past couple of days got me down a little bit but then this stuff starts happening again and I'm back in LaLa Land with my convictions that they're practically married already and it's only a matter of time before the whole world knows... Out of curiosity and because I think about this A LOT, do we know what the Korean fandom says and discusses about BinJin? It seems the vast majority of us here are English-speakers. What are we missing in their native language? Maybe there's more receipts and crumbs that the native-speaker fandom has...
  9. With all this SeGa talk, I’m daydreaming about how their lives are so intertwined and it all culminated in TN and then CLOY. But it’s destiny indeed. (Not giving credence to the he tried to setup a date and she refused claim... pretty sure even if that happened, it would never become public knowledge) CLOY is so meta for their real life relationship (at least what I believe about it). How they keep crossing paths but it only ever results in something when the time is right. On another note... Why aren’t they doing more CLOY promos? They barely did any? Is it because of corona? I miss them so much. I need more Binjin material to dissect. :(
  10. It's late and I looked through the instagram of jennyhouse_jenny. I found this picture of "Jenny" I think on the public insta account https://www.instagram.com/p/B_56cUeDpMm/?igshid=1wefcew6bp2c6 Still can't read Korean but Google translated the last comment from 5 weeks ago (yes I do have a lot of free time) and it says something like "CEO. I'm new to that account." Or maybe Google Translate is crazy and that's not what it says? Or maybe I should just go sleep? All of these are feasible. But OMG if it is CEO Jenny (how badass is it that she has no picture or family name on the website? "It's Jenny, richard simmons!" #goals) then it's definitely YET ANOTHER SIGN that she's liking binjin content. However, I do have doubts because if it WAS kickass CEO/Jenny wouldn't she be followed by some major celebrities including yejinhand? I hate logic too but I must verify my craycray assumptions.
  11. Thank you and everyone else for all the answers. While he returned to Seoul on 9/21, it's not clear when SYJ flew back. She has some serious ninja moves around airports. I love the speculation that he seems to be the decoy, bearing the brunt of the media so she doesn't have to. There goes my heart again. It makes sense for him to want to be back for the deal (also he's looking smokin' hot in that video from the meeting) Especially given that he invested 3B won and it was during the acquisition of VAST. He's got CEO responsibilities and other important things. So now the question is what did they do on 9/25? Was she back in Seoul? Excuse while I go speculate and daydream
  12. Looks like there's a lot of drama on here today. I'm glad to have missed. I'm still living in La La Land with those two. No pun intended. Really. I don't think they were in LA to discuss the script. 1) it's way too early 2) it's so inconvenient (!!) if the shoot is happening in SK, why would the stars have to fly halfway across the world to see the writer?! Also it's such an easy excuse to get rid of the rumors that carried on for a while. This. OMG those pictures. I've always thought SYJ looks truly exceptional in that scene. Her skin is practically glowing, and I find it hilarious that she doesn't want him to see her "like that". Girl, you're like stunning, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? I also love those arm warmers (?) he's wearing. And that hug. *melts* OK, my question for the day is (and I've been wondering this for a long time - it's probably been already discussed so apologies in advance) why did HB leave Mongolia before his birthday? Did he have any professional commitments in SK? Why did SYJ stay longer if the shoot was over? Is this timeline even true? That's what I've seen around the interwebs, but sometimes fake news can get very pervasive. So if I'm wrong please help me set the record straight!
  13. Confused by the article because it doesn't really say or hint at anything? It's just saying hey we'd like to hear from this gorgeous dude when he's getting married (yeah, join the club guys). I vote click bait and choose to retain my sanity for the day. What's the deal with Dispatch though? Are they a legit news source usually? (Sorry I really am a newbie or a no0b as the forum likes to call me) This article seems to be written by another news source and shared on Dispatch. Is that common? Man, it's so frustrating not to be able to read Korean. A lot seems to get lost in translation. Anyone else thinking about biological clocks? If they want to have binjin babies (which they totally should because humanity would be ROBBED if this combination of genes doesn't make more humans) then they better get married and/or get started soon
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