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  1. Obviously! It definitely says he's in a relationship with her....not other girls And that pic they using not even from CLOY scene. Maybe other fandoms who ship SYJ with other co-stars sent her cakes with pics too (who knows?) but she chose the one with HB And why would she post the flower with the message for HB? She could've chosen another flower to post unless she wants to thank the fans on HB's behalf. I assume one wouldn't do that if they are not together....especially if the other person is in a relationship with other girl
  2. SYJ speaks really good English, I'm so impressed!!! Binnie must be so proud of her Anyone knows how many cf will be released? Can't wait for their joint cf....and what gets me excited even more is their bts when filming the cf
  3. So true! I think both HB and SYJ are already so stable in their career that getting married won't affect their career. They already have global recognition thanks to CLOY, so what makes people think them getting married will ruin their career because a small circle of people are unhappy about it? They gained so many fans from CLOY qll over the world who will be so happy if they end up together in real life. Remember in life, you can't please everyone and there will be haters no matter what...so just focus on your own happiness and people who really matter to you and love you because in the end they are the ones who will stand by you forever.
  4. A good relationship brings out the best in each other.... I first knew HB when watching Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (my good friend who is a fan of HB recommended me that show) I love the show but wasn't into HB at all A few years later, she asked me to watch MOTA and only then I thought HB was handsome and start liking him (now I know why, because during MOTA Binjin's love started to blossom) After that, we know HB keeps getting hotter and hotter As for SYJ, I only know her after watching CLOY but I love her instantly!! She's always been pretty but lately there's a certain glow on her that brings out her aura. My conclusion : Binjin has a happy and healthy relationship
  5. What a good week!!! First SYJ won the Hallyu Best Actress and now HB is finally back home! Thank God our drought is over....I have a feeling more good stuff are coming our way this September I'm not sure if HB can meet YJ straight away or does he have to way til his quarantine is over? either way I'm so happy he's back in SK. I bet they are going to have some quality time for two weeks now.
  6. Can't wait for their return, should be in the next few days I'm actually glad they cancelled the vacation....it's better to go back asap to SK and stay safe there
  7. Saw it too. He looks so handsome and yes he is getting darker probably because Jordan is very hot....but being HB, he always look good in any skin color though personally I think tanned skin (like the one at Baeksang) suits him best Hopefully it's true he will be back to SK by late August or early September. I heard Covid cases in SK is rising again and the government have enforced another lockdown. Being a family man that HB is, I'm sure he wants to be with his family and loved ones more than anything during this time.
  8. HB needs to sing that song to SYJ at their wedding!!! The lyric is so perfect for their love story...they first met at PIFAN and they didn't really talk to each other beside sitting side by side because let me guess....HB was nervous What are the chances HB will be SYJ's special guest for the fan meeting and they will make the announcement that all of us have been waiting for at the fan meeting? (A girl can hope right )
  9. In my opinion, both HB and SYJ were attracted to each other from the start of TN. It's more like an admiration towards each other. I think it's very normal even when you are in a relationship/married and you meet someone so close to perfect, you will admire that person. (For example when you get to know someone so young, successful and handsome, you will think "wow look at him, he's all that...any girl would be lucky to have him" ) As long as you don't have any intention to cheat with your partner and start playing with fire, I think it's perfectly normal to admire someone. I think thats how Binjin were when they first start knowing each other....what matters is they both knew their position and the attraction stopped there. But when they were both finally single, that's another story
  10. @lovelyz Thank you thank you thank you for sparing your time and putting in so much effort writing that Binjin timeline for us I'm very happy to know HB sides care so much about YJ that they gave her moral support after the recent rumor. It must be quite a tough month for YJ....being apart from her bf for almost a month now then suddenly that rumor came out Things would be much more easier to face if HB is by her side...but knowing how fast everyone close to them react to ensure SYJ is not hurt shows how much she is loved by HB's people
  11. Agree 100% with Jane! I always think what makes SYJ really stands out is her inner beauty and unpretentious character. She always seem so comfortable in her own skin thus she doesn't need much make up. In fact, for me the prettiest picture from SYJ to date is that video on her IG when she was about to sleep without make up at all (I think you guys know which video I'm talking about )
  12. So proud of our queen SYJ...she looks so sexy and fierce riding the bike yet still maintains her feminine aura... I wonder what HB is thinking after watching that ad, too bad he is so far away now Thank you SMART for listening to the fans and making this CF happened!!! Can't wait for HB to come back from Jordan then I guess they will film the next part....I'm so excited
  13. Best news from VAST today I had no idea about the twitter war but it seems pretty ugly....good job VAST for reacting so quickly!!! Agree with @Riritobinjin I think VAST's very fast response to deny that rumor is mostly because of what happened yesterday. We already know that Binnie is always very protective of Jinnie and treats her like his baby
  14. Are you referring to HB's mom or someone else? Thanks for the other receipt....good to know HB paid for the grocery and he let YJ decide what she wanted. Now I'm curious....you must be someone really close to HB to know about this little detail!!! Thank you though for posting here and giving us these crumbs when you actually don't have to because you already know the real truth
  15. So sad I missed the video.... If someone happened to have the video and don't mind sharing it with me, I would be really grateful
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