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  1. I dont know why many people speculate HB was there too....judging from the pics,I think it was a girls only trip. Not everything she does must involve HB
  2. Love the GLASS photoshoot!!! She always look good but I think this type of make up really suits her the best
  3. Too bad they don't show the birthday cake BTS, I bet there are many Binjin sweet moments there!
  4. And when he finally turned to the camera, his gaze immediately changed....because that's reserved for SYJ only!!!
  5. I love Under Armour!!! And now Binnie becomes their endorser I hope UA will consider making UA X Binnie line like what they do with The Rock.....that would definitely increase their sales. I know I will 100% buy Can't wait for the SMART joint CF and their bts pics and videos!!!
  6. Of course Vast needs to deny....they told the world Binjin began dating in April. With HB's busy schedule from April to June, "house shopping" could take sometime. If they confirm the house is indeed their marriage house, it means they start looking for a marriage house immediately after they start dating. Who would do that?
  7. Congrats HB for winning Daesang!!!!! Also congrats to SYJ and the CLOY team and HB's manager! I was a little disappointed earlier SYJ didn't make it but HB's speech made my day....I think he was talking about SYJ not YSR and that's his way of declaring their relationship and how he feels instead of a written declaration letter some people were hoping for. Now I think maybe it's actually better SYJ didn't attend....Imagine if SYJ was there when HB gave that speech, they would surely steal the spotlight and that wouldn't be fair to the other actor's/actresses there who also have worked
  8. If what the reporter said is true (I hope it is!) then HB's parents must really love SYJ. It seems they are very proud their son is going to marry SYJ I'm not sure if it's Korean culture for the groom's parents to buy a house for their son when they got married because we all know HB is more than capable to buy his own luxury mansion...if it's not culture related then they are buying it as a wedding gift which can only mean how much they approve of the relationship
  9. Happiest Birthday to the most amazing woman in the world, SON YE JIN!!!!! I wish her all the best in everything....health, happiness, success and relationship/marriage My delulu mind couldn't help thinking all sorts of stuff HB did for YJ on her birthday....her friends probably came to celebrate but after they went home, HB would stay over and then they would have some quality and private celebration just the two of them....and their little puppy!
  10. Happy New Year everyone!!!! What a news to start the new year I think the news is a great surprise to all of us Their relationship must be really serious by now if not SYJ would never agree to confirm....and that's really sweet of her to personally write on her IG too. Really appreciate her for doing that Thank you Binjin for sharing the news with us even though you don't have to...It really brings happiness to all of us amidst this difficult time Couldn't wait for many more Binjin great news to come in the future!
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