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  1. Yup, according to a Smart Executive, BINJIN wanted this cf to happen. That's it. That's the tweet.
  2. HB's speech was soooo full of admiration, respect and LOVE for his girlfriend. As an actor, he could have included YJ on the part where he thanked his colleagues just like in his past speeches. But no, he even went out of his way to share his moment with YJ, acknowledging her talent so he can be the best version of himself. HB is indeed the good person we all thought he is. A man worthy of that award and his woman's pride and honor. As for SYJ, she is as bubbly and appreciative as expected. Contented, happy, blessed, who couldn't ask for more. Always nice to celebrate victories for this coup
  3. Marriage talks. Parental approval. Keep praying that these 2 wonderful, beautiful people will live happily ever after.
  4. Took me days to catch up, process everything and finally compose myself without crying. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, you two are beautiful human beings and i wish nothing but happiness for the both of you together. The whole world is celebrating your love, it's a wonderful thing. You made 2021 so much better already. I honestly feel we are hearing wedding bells soon. And to the binjin fandom, you have come this far with decency, respect and dignity. Soar high.
  5. Interesting turn of events, romantic even. Because despite all the harsh words being thrown at YJ after the LA grocery pics, HB still chose to work with her, she still chose to work with him. (I know there used to be a debate as who got offered first, but that's not the point here) Both could have just moved on from that scandal and let the world forget it like how most rumors fade. But no, they both took a brave risk regardless of the possible backlash that has in fact, already started. And oh my the rewards were so much greater and oh so worth it. Cloy is a huge success,they've gained millio
  6. Thanks for the corrected translations @bin-jin @Babycake82 @cloyfan I thought beforehand that mentioning God in that particular question was kinda random. Nevertheless, i still think he has matured as an actor and as a person. Setting boundaries, consistently talks highly of his lady love, but keeping what's his while still being a gentleman and a professional. I mean for those who claim to be long time fans of his who has known him since he started his career didn't really expect him to be the same person as he was decades ago right? People, situations and priorities change over t
  7. Aside from the yejjn inserts, loved the part where HB said how he has changed and even mentioned God. Is this the first time he has ever mentioned the higher being in an interview? He sounds so mature now. The interviewer is definitely binjin shipper btw. Gotta give this interviewer credit for probing the answer that everyone wants to know. Always loved how HB shamelessly, casually and comfortably blurts out SYJ and TN even if it happened several years ago. The heart trully speaks what it wants. And yeah, the "is that so" statement is also funny
  8. CLOY @ COEX Nobody does it like this fandom. NOBODY. Happy Crash Landing One You everyone! Congratulations and thank you to everyone behind this project. You guys are crazy amazing!!!!
  9. At this rate, the binjin fandom can already send binjin's grandkids to college. How generous this fandom is.
  10. I guess a virtual meet and greet with binjin for Smart is really happening VERY SOON. https://twitter.com/binjinshipper/status/1336301602324553728?s=20
  11. Obviously, these haters have no clue what they're even fighting for. They just throw insults out of desperation because they're already in this too deep. They are more vulnerable than you think because they know deep down, they're wrong and they've got NOTHING. Geesh. Being a college dropout in the entertainment industry is NOT EVEN A BIG DEAL. Get that in you stubborn heads haters. If you honestly think any entertainment celebrity would lose any sleep and feel offended over that remark, LOL, think again. Just save yourselves from all the stress. All these fighting and bickering wo
  12. Watching these antis' arguments dry up is like a movieee. i cannot, for all the life in me, not feel bad and sorry for their copy and paste, insecurity-stricken, temper tantrum defense. Nobody really takes them seriously anymore, they just keep making excuses for their lies, losing relevance each day and they absolutely know it. Fangirling should be an outlet of fun. It should't consume you like a disease and eat you alive with hatred and stress. My goodness. I sincerely hope these people have a strong support group in real life. I mean that.
  13. https://mb.com.ph/2020/11/19/fans-of-korean-stars-donate-to-help-poor-filipino-kids/ Binjin Shippers' donation drive was posted in a Philippine broadsheet. Good job guys! You are blessed and a blessing to others. HB and YJ would be so proud of your advocacies. Keep it up. ETA: Also, BAU reposting binjin accounts on their IGs. Wow, just wow. I have no words. You are POWERFUL indeed. https://twitter.com/preciousbydbay/status/1329408891633876994?s=20
  14. Didn't realize my last post got deleted. Funny. You know what's also funny? The binjin fandom started out as cloy fans as it aired, was even respectful to HB's past, minding their own business, cheering binjin, swooning at their chemistry. But for some reason, possibly threatened or envious, some people just felt the need to share the spotlight, no? Such power this fandom has. Never seen anything skyrocket so fast in such a short period of time. And everyone just wants a piece of it. Even after 9 months since its last airing. You know what's funnier? YJ does not limit or sc
  15. Hi! Please allow me to share my thoughts on this as ph endorsements are within my line of work. I've reviewed ph telco endorsement contracts in the past (not binjin's) and it does not necessarily stifle the celebrity's marriage plans if they disclose this from the start. It's always a compromise between the two parties and transparency is very crucial. Again, a morality clause is always, always, always included because who the heck would pay big bucks to someone who will put the brand in a bad ligjt - ie get involved in scandals. I have heard that binjin's particular deal was actually planned
  16. https://twitter.com/sigriswilph/status/1327854496752361472?s=20 Php68k since posting and donations still keep coming. Way to go binjin fandom. You see, this community is not just a huge, global fandom. This is a crusade. Because YJ and HB have clearly inspired the world with their authenticity, their love and their goodness. In return, we were able to do good things and receive good things from them. No amount of fake news can shake that.
  17. All because V*st posted a Seri pic and these poeple lost it again - fabricated another story. How ridiculous. Someone has to be accountable to all this. And you know exactly who you people are. I seriously hope you get paid for spreading fake news or at least you get rewarded in some way. It will be such a shame that you do all these lies for free. And oh, if and when you get paid, go buy HB flowers or cakes or something. At least, be at par with the generous binjin shippers who send gifts and sponsor billboards and stuff. That way, you have at least contributed something useful in HB's l
  18. My heart bleeds with what's happening in our country. But at the same time, extremely proud of this fandom for organizing this drive. You have outdone yourselves again. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin must be so proud of your good hearts. Please help in any way you can. https://twitter.com/sigriswilph/status/1327408746725744640?s=20
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