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  1. OMG the end is so hinting at a joint CF!!! so there's a possibility that once HB is back in SK, they will shoot that.
  2. International Brands are really getting their hands on BINJIN! August is looking pretty good
  3. BINJIN fam is now gearing up for SYJ CF release. It will be a good day. Let's all just focus on BINJIN!
  4. Aside from the CF and binjin crumbs we're getting. If/when HB and SYJ will have another movie/series together, what kind of character/storyline you guys want to see them do? For me, i like to see them in a Mr. & Mrs Smith type of story, I want to see SYJ in more of an action setting and I think both will be badass!
  5. I'm so excited for the SYJ Smart CF, hopefully there will be a 3rd CF will be BINJIN! Ah these two, you can't help but root for them.
  6. Is it me or Hyun bin arms are darker(tan line)? Maybe last minute golf session before the 3 days quarantine I’ll just let my mind wonder....
  7. same sentiment. I don’t post much, I just want to read binjin updates. So hopefully this won’t get abandoned.
  8. Hi everyone! Been lurking here for the past few months. Well ever since I binged watched CLOY. And my goodness their chemistry is off the charts! You can’t help but fall in love with these two. Hopefully we can see more of them together!
  9. Hi, would like to ask how to join the club. I’m just new here. Thanks!
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