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  1. @bin-jin Huh how I wish Binnie send us his shirtless or pantless or bothless pics with his awesome dimples on display. Judge me freely , yes I am a perv**t and I'll chose binnie's pic over any other pics . Saw billboards pics ( in Manila) on twitter of our Mr Dimples and Ms. Eyesmile . This song is for all Filipinos here from us non Filipinos. Manila ooh naa naa , half of my heart is in Manila Manila, Binjin chose to go Manila ooh naa naa , so all of my heart is in Manila Manila. Cr- Camelia Cabello , For fudging up the song -ME @MASTERPIECE 100% agreed with each and every thing you said . 1) Before jumping on this ship or claiming to be either bin or Jin's fan , please go and research on their respective history , their personal lives , the stories shared about them by people closest to them and I guarantee you that you all will be so proud of yourselves to be stanning the two most already rich ,humble and grounded celebs in the world. So your questions about them doing this for media play , popularity and money will vanish on your own . I will not entertain with the answer to these stupid things as to how rich they are , how much they are into media play . I have binjin candies to munch on . 2) About SMART convincing Binjin to sign a deal with them , I don't think so we binjin family have taken it as their marriage announcement. We genuine members of this family know they will never ever do it via a CF . We are just celebrating that two people with awesome chemistry whom we ship have accepted to appear on screen again defying all the petty people's thinking that two people can't do their job together , if they are in a relationship. Also we are celebrating that these two chose to work together even after continuously three years of their names romantically linked with each other . It clearly means if they prefer their names to be attached with someone , it's them and not a third or a fourth person . Putting two celebs portrait with their respective autographs on a wall doesn't mean that SMART execs are sending out the invites for their wedding. It means she is their fan first who got the opportunity to work with both of them together. Last - About all the people who are professionally close to binjin , it might be shocking to us but it's true , they have a life of their own, own families, own happiness own sadness which they share on their respective sns. Any cloth piece , hair strand, food, blurry pictures or animal birds pictures are not related to our OTP. Sad but it's true . SO LET'S RESPECT THEIR PRIVACY PLEASE. We have candies by binjin themselves , we don't have to go to make up artists, managers, cooks stylists, P.As for our reciepts . So let's wait patiently binjin themselves will do it for all of us . Waiting impatiently for a Dimpled , tall , tanned and broad shouldered man's pictures or Interview from Jordan as I am overdosed with a very tanned , gorgeous , eyesmiling beauty from last two days . Stay healthy peeps . One day in August , we have reached one step closer to the dock.
  2. Thank you for confirming . Not related to binjin , although reason to pick up this news and panic was binnie- First of all bargaining team and crew are safe , the actual incident happened quite far from Amman . Okay twitter has picked up this news , it's bad but it's too early to actually tell the situation . Praying for all the victims and their families and for the speedy recovery of injured. Lord help them all .Amen
  3. Binjin fam A massive explosion happened in a fireworks warehouse in Lebanon . Somebody sent me a video ,it's devastating. Don't worry I think Amman , Jordan where bargaining and binnie's team are currently staying is faraway from Lebanon. Can somebody confirm this . Anybody from middle East here , European news channels are showing nothing about this . Plz somebody confirm whether it's real news or not. Thank you in advance. Praying for everybody's safety .
  4. To all the individual Hyun bin and individual Son Yejin's BFFs- This I am writing on behalf of all the fans who were neither binnie or Jinnie fans earlier , they started as binjin fans straight away and also on behalf of All those solo binnie fans and solo Jinnie fans who started this journey that way but somewhere in between they have learnt to love and respect the other half of the ship equally . The best thing about Binjin is that they have gained millions of fans from different countries, race, age , religion etc , most of them here on Soompi or on Twitter/insta love bin and Jin equally , respect them equally be it their professional life or their personal life. You solo fans are more than welcome to come on our forum and write things about bin's and Jin's individual accomplishment ,we all will celebrate with you guys but please do not come here to indirectly or directly taunt us about shipping binjin. Do it on their respective actors forums. Also you are more than welcome to come here and call out on people who insult bin or Jin in any way , we all will be with you or maybe ahead of you in doing that. And one last thing - binjin knows that they are shipped religiously all over the world , they made it very clear during baeksang speeches , holding one trophy and thanking us together again n again , accepting SMART CF , many unofficial fan sites from different countries send them gifts with the card which has their BTS lovey dovey photos on it. So they are more than aware what's going on about them . If they had any problems with it , they wouldn't have posed with the same trophy and thanked us again n again or would have accepted same CF , no matter the money . So unless and until binjin themselves come out in open and say " please stop shipping us" . We'll keep on doing this. Solo fangirls or fanboys of Binjin if you don't support us we understand, but u don't have the right to taunt us and that too on our thread. Respected Ma'am and sir We binjin shippers are a force to reckon , you can estimate our power by looking at all the current polls going on , we made them win together every damn time. The biggest one is baeksang , you know the power of Idol fans in Korea right? We beat them just to see binjin together on one stage .This was the first time in history two Korean actors aged 38 won the popularity award with more than one million votes , we binjin family along with you solo fans made it happen. We respect you all but you should do the same to us. PS-Comparison of baby pics, fruits, their eyesmiles and waves - It was all done by young fans on twitter with good humour, it was neither their( young binjin fans) reciept nor ours ( a bit older mature professionals binjin fans). We were just enjoying updates about binnie and Jinnie and I don't think so we'll need anybody's permission to do that whether you are our idols friend, PA or closest acquaintance. Unless and until binjin themselves don't ask us to stop. Also I myself don't believe in certain delulu theories like wrap up party cake and same bodyguard, but none of us has the right to call out people who chose to believe in this. After all they all are doing it on shippers forum and that too without tarnishing Binjin's name or character. I only write on behalf of Binjin family not on behalf of exyz camps, they are not my problem.
  5. Binjin family , happy first birthday to this binjin thread Recalling past week crumbs Dad went peach shopping ( plz don't relate this to Jinnie, they both have the right to like the fruits of their choice individually ). Apparently his manager was pushing the cart ( plz relate this to Jinnie , make notes dad only pushes cart with mom , removes snow ONLY from mom's hair and cardigan and sways ONLY while hugging mom). SMART used #insmartwetrust with a wink emoji in their tweet . Also they hinted that they are releasing something new Chom chom chom with green and red light which is similar to binjin background light of SMART shoot. Dad started shooting in Jordan according to some Jordanian eyewitnesses , they were not allowed to take pics. United Nations of Binjin investigator's caught mom red handed. MITH guesting they zoomed mom's memo and she has added " it's okay that's love " ost in there. The drama and ost was years old but she added it after nego promos. ( Relate this to binjin or not , depends on your binjin delulu mind , as for me I related it to binjin before anyone can inhale and exhale). Today a video was leaked from SPACE ( binnie's official fan site in korea )as shared by @TotoroSY and @BinJin99 , it's of CLOY presscon dad is standing off stage and looking at the stage with heart eyes , binjin investigator's got to work again , they matched the dialogues of MC , and investigators found out that dad was indeed looking at mom while the MC was saying something Chom chom chom about her sparkly cardigan while she was on stage ( As if we ever had the doubt, we all knew there is only one woman in the entire universe he looks that way , off cam ofcourse). Btw Mom also looked at him from the stage and both of them smiled their big smiles after that . PS- Apparently this video of binnie CLOY'S presscon is a leaked video from SPACE and we are not allowed to share, so shippers have already started deleting it from their twitter handle , go watch it and save it in your galleries before it vanishes. Binjin family RUN. also wanted to share some of you might not know this but binjin first sighting was not during October - November 2018, it was August 2018 , few people saw them at a golf course and wrote about this on internet , blacking out that particular golf course name .We don't have photos or video of that sighting. Read @cybertron our thread founders posts, first ten pages , you all will find this news there. But during October November there was one photo of golf sighting of Binjin again , I don't have the photo with me right now , but it has been shared here on the forum way back . The photo was really grainy but the person who took the photo has made green and red box to show binjin and their staff. So in conclusion binjin goes way back than some of us think. They might not be dating at that time but they were definitely spending time with each other before nego promos. Oops forgot one crumb , a Korean actor named Ahn .... ( I beg your pardon ,I know how to say his name but not the spelling , the main male lead of Dr. Romantic 2), told in an interview that he greeted binjin together after the ceremony was over ( baeksang). So its official everybody in Korea always take binjin's name together from last two years. Talk about being an OPEN SECRET huh
  6. Binjin Family are we dreaming? Jinnie posted again , and that too only after 4 days of her last post. She is high on love and sense of freedom after baeksang. So binjin members with LDR ( long distance relationship) this is how you all cope with it. Working hard like a cow back to back and getting active on soc media? And binnie's new CF ,dang he is too hot and cute at the same time and it got sold out within six hrs, last time it was rebak and now this Huh so I am stanning "THE MOST POWERFUL COUPLE OF THE CENTURY". Btw Amada or Amado ( pardon me I don't remember it correctly , hope one of them is correct) and Rebak should hire me as their muse, as we already know our binjin was always gorgeous with beautiful skin and shiny hair. I dare you to make my sandpaper skin and dried twig hair look like these two cuties. Well I made twitter account 2 days back off course to stalk binjin. It was a war out there. Came across 2 issues raised by antis again n again : 1) Denials 2) SMART CF Well my time and fingers are too precious to engage in fan wars ,so I am gonna write here in binjin safe haven about these two issues. Second issue SMART CF ( Still not officially confirmed)- Anti binjin gang from the exyz camps were accusing that binjin is taking advantage of their popularity and just milking money out of it by doing CF together. Well Respected Ma'am and Sir , I know few from your gang lurk here. So read this : Yes SMART must be paying Fortune to our Binjin, after all they are the most gorgeous and powerful couple out there, see their power their products gets sold out within hours, so SMART is being smart here binjin will earn triple the revenue for them. 2) They are popular now because they earned it without any shortcuts - They poured their hard work, blood and sweat for their baby project CLOY. Invested their whole year for this, outdoor shoots in fiery cold weather , both were constantly sick while shooting and words will never be enough to praise their outstanding acting of varied range of emotions they portrayed in CLOY . Atleast they are earning millions and are popular fair n square with their own hard work instead of riding on to somebody' else hardwork and popularity. PS- Again back to you Binjin family, vote for Jinnie as binnie already won and winning or losing families should always stick together ,mom and dad might again thank us for losing our finger prints one day in August and might show us a glimpse of their flower garden. I put denials in spoiler to save Space. Did it though? I hope I didn't make a joke of myself writing in a box for nothing. Stay safe and healthy family. Don't engage in fan wars. Be respectful like out OTP.
  7. Wooah Binjin family , are we still on earth or floating in Binjinland? Aaaah my precious Filipino sisters and handsome hunks ( nope bros is not in my dictionary) , virtual hugs and kisses to you all for loving our binjin so much. Keep on loving them guys and girls. Mahal Ka kayo ( I hope it means I love you). Now two questions how do I change my nationality from European to Philippines or should I go with S Korean nationality and apply for binjin's future children's nanny? @Edelweiss88 This is a brand new info for me . Let me share with you why she did that it's because she didn't like this particular team's ideas. You know she is a picky princess. Don't worry yejinhand my offer is still open write Chom Chom Chom or babam here and in exchange we all have some wonderful ideas about your big day including ideal location, wedding dress heck we will even prepare the guest list for you Jinnie , yes we all are that whipped by your eyesmile just like your close friend. Try us. This week's candy Both of you went MIA as soon as bargaining shoots in Korea was over. Binnie showed his face at the airport after going MIA, for the first time in so many days. Jinnie showed her face two days after hubby went to Jordan for the first time in so long and that too continuously for two three days she was shooting. ( Babe time till 13th July we get it after that work work work) No shoot today , hubby not in Korea , so lots of free time "Let's post a video of me climbing a bike on insta and feed my kids some more candies as well as advertise Smart" Msteam issued a statement that she has been offered with lots of commercials and movies from overseas, movie one came out true and for CF our picky princess choose the one with binnie. ( It's confirmed it's for Smart right?) (Now where are all the antis who said baeksang was cold, they broke up , they were awkward, interested in third party blah blah blah) Show me your faces bunholes.Where r u hiding. Last but not the least @Felizak@t and @binjinhappypill, you two agents of United Nations of Binjin , why the heck are you two always bickering like our OTP, are you two also "CLOSE FRIENDS"? Are you both also going to get married soon ? Should we make you top trends too on Twitter? All citizens are still waiting for binnie's shirtless pic inside his hotel room , do it ASAP and post it here , we ladies are Hungry for the meal. Pantless will also do . No need to waste anymore time finding reciepts , our binjin themselves are raining reciepts and candies. P.S.- @Felizak@t and @binjinhappypill you both are dating Pyo chi su , good for us make him drunk and find out the D day , I have to apply for the leave from work beforehand. Stay safe and healthy people.
  8. Dear fellow binjinians, I was bracing myself for the impending drought, but here we all are overcoming social distancing ( S Korea to Jordan) by indulging in ZOOM PARTY. So proud of you fellow citizens of United Nations of Binjin. Btw where are all new BTS clips coming from, Jinnie's birthday clip, their cute interaction in Captain Ri's house, and now green screen bts.Is that you Jinnie? Is your idea of practicing English language is by reading all binjin posts on every sns? Come on don't be shy and write Chom Chom Chom or babam if you are here or you can also post something on insta sweetheart , maybe an airport pic on 13th. As for Jenny and Binnie's PA , guys they are not celebs, they are not used to get scrutinized for their each and every likes or following, unlike celebs. They are regular people just like us and just happened to work behind the camera for two very popular A Listers. We can be either logical by thinking that they like millions of people around the world genuinely like Binjin's baby project CLOY and Riri couple ( I mean who wouldn't in their right mind) and they both are just showing their genuine love and affection through their likes and following back either for CLOY or for Riri or both. After all CLOY is and will always hold a very special place in their employer's career. Or we can either believe that these are all our reciepts as they have restrained themselves for so long and kept their mouths and fingers sealed till now , but after baeksang everybody around and including binjin is trying to hint for something big. It's happening at the same time oooh again coincidence. ( As for me , I chose to be on the receipt side ) But never ever think that binjin or their staffs would use their popularity for more followers or likes. We are stanning two most kind hearted and humble celebs, who treat their staffs like their family and vice versa, worked with them for more than 10 years, gifts them on different occasions ( I can write a whole page in details what binjin has done for their staffs) and I only know what was reported by Media which is not even 1% . Their relationship with their staffs is of a family not just a mere employer employee relation. I am from a Marketing background and I can give you 101 reasons on why jenny's likes were not for promoting rebak. So think logically or either go delulu but don't suspect binjin or the people around them. We would have gotten post CLOY interviews and DVDs first thing, if they wanted to cash their popularity. On this note Fellow shippers please call out to those who unnecessary ask their staffs about Binjin's real status in their personal accounts. PS- Guys I still don't know how to post tweets here , but you all remember everything about CLOY so I am just gonna write. The last swoon bts, Swiss scene outside the house by the lake. Did you all notice when Jinnie teased binnie that" it can't be the ending scene" Infront of the director , she put her arm around binnie and patted him on the back immediately after teasing while he was saying " Just look " while pointing towards the lake. Kind fellow tech savvy shippers , please help me posting that scene if you could. Stay healthy and stay happy binjinians.
  9. @eLizza @Nenski @binyeji @itspeanutbutterjellytime @ElectricHearts Fellow binjinians , don't forget 7 is just onscreen , what about offscreen ( at the shooting site only )different cuts from left right center front back. And since they are perfectionist , they both always do practice first, for each and every scene . I think , acting kissing scenes are hardest they must have practiced this diligently last year daily ( every hour) at their home. They must be still doing this as we speak here, u know Ms.Eyesmile is MIA again after bargaining shoots were over in Korea, busy helping Mr. Dimples in packing. ( For one or for both of them ?). Earlier I thought no it can't happen unless they are planning to hire charter flight and earlier today it happened. Viola P.S.- Above mentioned thoughts are based on my binjin delulu heart's speculation which unashamedly I don't intend to change . Yo baby ,in my mind they are living together, engaged and now from 0 yesterday to 50% today chances that Jinnie might be packing for two. Come inside my mind and fight me on this .
  10. @RiRiGaGa. We binjin family loves you. As always your poem and beautiful words , touched my heart , soul, liver, kidney, lungs and reached my eyes at the end. It was a bad idea to wear a cheap brand non waterproof mascara at work today , I hold you accountable for making me look like Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean when I was actually going for Jinnie's " The pirates" look and the only way to make up for this is ,for you, to post any thing even "Chom Chom Chom" with an emoji every two three days on our forum. Stay safe and healthy @RiRiGaGa and all other members of our binjin family.Love you all
  11. Ahhh binjin family the drought has not even started and I am already thirsty. Remember Binnie's Hong Kong interview, camera , Europe, romantic? Well a male friend of mine , profession-something to do with computers or numbers Loves photography like his non existent wife. Last year he chose to go Slovenia alone with his camera instead of joining us all on Croatia trip so when the HK interview clip was discussed here , I thought maybe it could happen , binnie might have went alone with his camera and it could be romantic for him. Who knows what goes on in all men's head. Yesterday Same Friend on phone- Whining about how he can't go on a trip and take pictures this year . Me- Hey , think hard and tell me , when you went to Slovenia and took all sorts of stupid pics , was it romantic for you and would you call it one of the romantic things you have done in your life Friend- R u "choco chip fudging me"( not the same words used by him), why would it be romantic, it was exhilarating,serene , peaceful , I would even call it one of the best days of my life but not romantic. Me- So if a guy says that he went to someplace in Europe with his camera taking pics and that was one of the romantic things he did? What do you think about this Friend- What's there to think , he DEFINITELY went with his gf or wife, might have took her pics there, that I would call romantic.My camera and gf at one place that's like my passion and my love together , it's romantic. Me- No you have answered too fast , think again Friend- Wait whom are u talking about , r u seeing someone blah blah blah Also since he was on a fake sick leave for two three days , I sent him some of the binjin clips bts and lied" u know many people think they are dating but I think they are just friends , since you are free and I am curious ,tell me what do you think about it" After watching few bts clips: he said Friend- Mila, we have been friends for years now , when did we behave this way. They both are certainly not just friends , it's so obvious they are in relationship. Hospital bts- He said "let's assume that hair smelling and head holding they were just teasing and being playful , but he leaned very intimately towards her ( although he leaned his head towards her arm but his head was too close to ahem ahem )and she was not at all uncomfortable she continued laughing.That never happens between friends. You or any other lady friend would have slapped me ". (Remember this is the very first time he acknowledged me as a lady in our entire 7 yrs of friendship , that means he was Hella serious and the BTS is hospital scene when binnie was eager to show Jinnie his scars while rehearsal and she hit him and he leaned and laughed towards her) I wish I knew how to post pics or gifs of the scenes here , but I don't know how to do it, if somebody understood all the scenes , please help. Koala jump bts- He said "I am not an actor , I don't know about this , you told me that they were deciding how to portray a scene so I can't say anything about their practice koala hugging , but standing so close that even her hair was touching his cheek while monitoring their shot on phone. Sometimes we ( 3or 4 people) watched certain videos on only one phone , even worked on one laptop for presentations despite that we have never stood this close ever". That cute binnie's " bang bang" bts when they fell down and even after cut he was comfortably resting his head on her chest and said " I must have vanished" Episode 2 beginning bts when he was holding seri caged between his arms at his house gate , after cut binnie continued looking at Jinnie with so much love and smiled without removing his hands. According to him all these things are very telling. His conclusion- They are definitely in a relationship , I know that guy likes her , and the HOT girl is smiling and so comfortable and shy when ever he does these gestures, means they are in a relationship it's not one sided. Disclaimer- All the above words was of my friend, although he is tall and belongs to male species , the similarity between binnnie and him ends here especially in the looks department he is nothing like our binnie or else I would have grocery shopped with him and instead of being just friends , I would have tried making him my "CLOSE FRIEND".He just shared what he thinks after watching few bts.I chose to believe him with my delulu heart. Period P.S.- We all friends including male female used to live together in a co ed university hostel few years back during our university years in Paris. So hand holding , hugging and kiss on cheeks is very normal and a way of greeting between people there. So the above mentioned skinship although very subtle , but it's very very intimate for us Europeans as well. Hang in there binjin fam, watch out for Jinnie she might be busy skyping someone in Jordan from Korea or grocery shopping in Jordan. Either of the two. Binjin Family- don't resort to the counting of leaves and matching bricks during this drought , take care and stay healthy.
  12. First thing first - Jinnie (this whole binjin family is so proud of u girl), be the role model that you are & show the world especially to all the ladies out there that no age can stop woman to dream and to achieve it . Break this stereotype too, like u have broken many others , professionally ( Hollywood at 38) as well as personally (finding true love at the age of 38, when Society expects only from woman to give up on love or the idea of family). We all are here and will be here waiting for you to take over the entire world with your talent , beauty and humbleness. Second thing- Binnie we binjin family is so proud of you , as your Jinnie said you indeed are Captain Ri in real life as well. You are truelly a gentleman , so secure with himself and not afraid to love a strong woman and support her dreams and be the proudest when she doesn't hold back on her beauty and talent . You are the role model for all the modern man out there and thank you on behalf of all the ladies you made some of us believe that there are indeed few man on this planet who can be the wind to our wings. Now binjin family about all your worries, I understand why most of us got so worried when we heard this news first, including myself.But it was short lived , now I'll tell you why 1.)She got the offer sometimes in 2019, binnie got bargaining offer in 2019 as well, binjin had one whole year , they definitely discussed it thoroughly and has something or more specifically some date in mind ( I am using" they" as they both are one unit and I believe they are at the stage in the relationship where they discuss everything as one's life impact other half of our OTP). Now all we have to do is wait ,it will be either after bargaining release at the end of this year or after Jinnie's Hollywood shooting completed( that might be actually one day in June next year). P.S.: @ElectricHearts okay I have corrected myself -from Hollywood release, it's now Hollywood film shooting completed Now be honest with me ,most of us anticipated these two timeline only so nothing has changed ,what are you guys worried about. 2.) It will be filmed in S Korea , so in terms of shooting it will be as similar as she would shoot for any S Korean movie and I think we all anticipated that she will take some movie in 2021, so why are we so shocked and worried. Drop all your worries guys and enjoy our OTP's success they are the most successful and popular couple in this entire Soompi forum. I am proud of myself for loving and choosing to ship this couple for the very first and last time in my life. Now candy time I knew Jenny house if asked directly would never confess anything ( obviously it's not their news to tell) but coming from marketing field and have worked with several popular brands liking the individual post of the model endorsing their product is encouraged and completely fine but they are liking binjin posts ( let's assume that they are doing as binjin is hot everywhere) but still it's never suggested to like posts which suggests something related to the model's personal life and they are liking posts with some very obvious captions. I believe Jinnie is endorsing only rebak but those likes are hinting towards something big. Also I have a gut feeling that binnie has left for Jordan , so keep you eyes peeled fellow shoppers, mom will be bored and she might lurk on insta and like her friend's post maybe in few days.P.S.( All the above speculations about Jenny house are based on my delulu heart and marketing mind and I am one of those people who think that the kisses in the drama were of riri not binjin they were playing their part and nothing more ( although I have rewatched it 1k times like a pervert), chose not to believe 2003 meet up rumor, peony and Smart ad connection nope don't believe it) , so consider myself a little bit less delulu than few others here. To all fellow shippers who liked to watch riri Kissing scenes do as much as you want , believe in 2003 speculation, peony connection etc nobody has the right to stop you guys, go crazy over their love story. But whenever you see people on other sns tagging vast or Jinnie ,just call out to them. We can go nuts in here but no need to tag them right? Happy shipping people, stay safe.
  13. 1.) L.A. grocery together- Discussed at length and the conclusion was it was coincidence and also one cart too was a coincidence. 2.)News reporter discussing binjin , lady reporter apparently heard somewhere they are going to get married after CLOY. She said that on national television about A Listers.(She is delusional too like us) 3.) Binjin wanted to work together again , they made it happen with CLOY, since they are so influential , despite their rumors they managed to star in a rom com and that too with an A Lister scriptwriter. Don't you think if they can do this , they are more than capable of preventing dispatch to reveal about them . 4.) Their behind the scenes. ( Discussed at length). But it was all delusions created by millions of people around the world. 5.) Wrap up party couple dress- I found this absurd when people started talking that they were dressed the same way intentionally but after Baeksang Ralph Lauren, I chose to believe it was not a coincidence, but who cares I am a crazy lady. 6.) Binjin were the main leads and they both together gone MIA after CLOY finale , whereas all other costars had given interviews post success.(Coincidence maybe) 7.)Covid donation same day , same organisation just the different branches(Maybe it was an auspicious date and all Koreans donated on the same day who knows). 8.)Few days before baeksang , ex y z rumors (so so fake btw)started , binnie appeared in SMART interview , a squint with an eye smile and Yejinsshi Yejinsshi for almost half of the interview , he disregarded rumors without even saying anything directly.(Binnie is also delusional) 9.) Baeksang- Remember Cloy press con which was live and immediately after that Kakao talk, now compare it with baeksang live show and BTS of the show. Did you guys find the similarity , Binjin's behaviour during live interviews with so many cameras and unfamiliar media persons like press con and baeksang live was completely professional and their behaviour when they are only with their staffs or familiar faces like Kakao talk or BTS of baeksang is their true selves.(Watch again you all will get it, what I am talking about) and also Mongolia airport the photos and videos has been shared here so many times. True shippers must know about this pattern of our OTP acting (a very bad one at that) about pretending to be strangers when there are so many cameras around and immediately after that we all know what happened. Ralph Lauren , perfect colour combo, stylists posts both of their couple photos respectively, their joint speech . (again coincidences) 10.) Baeksang few shippers were disappointed that binnie was cold, as soon as it was talked on every sns, our Yejinsshi went into liking spree that too at midnight. She liked the post with a caption "please be together" in English ( people say that she might have not understood English, yeah sure she wrote "Always be happy" in a far better handwriting than me during calendar making and "Merry Christmas Mr.Lee" , watch the drama she was the one who wrote that, not staffs). Again she liked in Korean caption as well for people to back off. But then this is not any proof like maybe her account was hacked and the hacker posted her 2 videos back to back or Jinnie is delusional too. 11.)Golf tan in their present CFs (Guys it happens when you sleep on the right side of the bed , can happen to anybody not a reciept) 12.) Since they both donated on the same day , first Jinnie's agency revealed ,than the NGO after few days revealed about binnie's donation. First Jinnie put all the flowers and thanked us on insta , after few days binnie hand written letter was revealed to thank fans and he wrote on "one day in June" don't want to tell the date huh binnnie when you wrote that and with whom. See the pattern here first Jin and then bin . (Guys coincidence) Interviews: Mission pong-Binnie said something to his future self about taking rest in future as he had worked so hard for years , camera immediately pans out at Jinnie's face, just see her smile and expression over there. It's so revealing. Couch interview- Their body language, answering for each other Jinnie answered for binnie about his role preparation and binnie answered for Jinnie whether she has learned paragliding or not. We know whenever binnie is shy he touches his ear , now look at the question when they were asked about traveling , she said something about" it's really beneficial especially for actors" and binnie touched his ear with a poker face and said yes. Press con - "They laughed it off" , I didn't expect Jinnie to be so quiet on rumours, I have watched her SITR press con , similar question and she was making fun of that rumour, she is never shy to speak on all these rumors, infact she always takes the initiative to answer first about rumours if asked directly. Especially one negotiation interview - she joked that people wants to see her past costars as her lovers. Look at the change in Jinnie from there to here.It was clearly a joint statement as binnie picked up the mic immediately and asked only director if he can answer first , we know he puts Son yejin first in everything whether walking or speaking but this time he didn't ask her whether she wanted to speak first . Kakao talk-Channel 20 (she touches her nose whenever she lies , look at compliment interview for reference), she touched her nose after channel 20 revelation by accident and was nervous. I have left negotiation era and all the rumours like golf sightings after Negotiation, late nights stroll sightings before CLOY, same day CF, Cloy dvd not released despite huge demand etc etc. But obviously it was all our delusions and day dreams. Maybe we should also START COUNTING LEAVES AND LOOKING AT THE TREES FOR OUR RECIEPTS. Fellow shippers happy 1000th, it was a long one but really needed this time.Since all the old fellows in this forum might have learnt the pattern by now, the more turbulent the waves the more sweeter candies we recieve from binjin themselves, desperately waiting for that next candy either from Ms.beautiful eye smile or Mr. Handsome broad shouldered suit fit (Soon to be The Kims).Happy shipping and keep on swatting the flies here as they tend to come here often to infect our sweet candies.
  14. Hii guys, newbie here in terms of officially joining the forum but lurking here since January and knew binjin even before that in terms of their works.I have never been a fan of any celebrity I used to just enjoy their works and move on, never ever have I taken any interest in celebs personal life so when the grocery rumor came out I didn't even bothered to check the pictures and disregarded it.So I started watching CLOY because of these A Listers binjin and as expected they both are very good at their craft the chemistry was explosive from the start but still being a practical person I thought it's because they are amazing actors but in between waiting for the next episodes I watched their interviews and man their off screen chemistry was so magical, laughing, smiling, teasing, leaning towards each other,all these with the hint of shyness. I immediately searched whether they are single or not and yes they both were and that was the day I decided that these two people definitely like each other. After searching more and going back in time watching their negotiation promo period, learning more about Korean ent.industry and dissecting grocery cart with contents, watching CLOY bts,I was 200% convinced that these two are definitely in a relationship. From January till now nothing has shaken my ship (baeksang cold air, fictional ex yz stories)pfft I don't even bother to read the whole issue it was so absurd. Therefore I conclude that my first and last ship aka binjin is moving on with full steam ahead whether it's this year or next year or even after that I am still , I am here and I"ll be here and trust me when I say that these two are not JUST FRIENDS as I LIVE with my friends, we all go grocery shopping together sometimes but use different carts and most importantly we go because we LIVE TOGETHER and none of us will even cross the roads for each other, forget about going to another country to see each other. So I am ready with my one n only RL dress for the big day with the golf clubs to squash away all the flies which have been lurking here just to get a piece of Binjin's popularity.Till then
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