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  1. It's been a while y'all... Here's some news I saw...glad its still trending in other countries. https://www.instagram.com/p/CFj9EBQJV8o/?igshid=1xpmo404zyo5z Hope to see KYJ in new project soon since she's with a new agency. Good luck to her.
  2. OMGosh!!!!! That would be so awesome if or when they do the second season, of course, with the same leads and other characters. Let's all hope and pray it happens. That's so exciting.
  3. I'm with you all. Miss these two also. I'm hoping they find new projects soon so we can watch them (even though its individually with new partners).
  4. It's too bad we didn't get to see the other 2 as their younger selves, or did I missed it?! Don't forget y'all, today is the second episode with EMS and KYJ.
  5. It's great to see KYJ and EMS, enjoyed watching it. Can't wait for the second episode. I really think they should call JCW and invite him too !
  6. Saw these...would like to see this, hopefully he'll give us a time. And maybe the next one would be with JCW and the whole crew after ! https://www.instagram.com/p/CEgoxwRpKxc/?igshid=c35lfjlkc7lm
  7. BR is still trending on iQiyi. Which is nice to see. People are still interested to watch it. (tried inserting pic, but don't know how ) Too bad we haven't heard or seen anything from JCW and KYJ. Haven't seen any photshoots either. Missing our DH and SB.
  8. Those pictures of 'their kids' are so cute. They do have good genes. Imagine if they really have kids?! The visuals..lol...missing DH and SB...
  9. Watching their kakao talk makes you really miss watching BR. Too bad we won't get to see their mukbang at the convenience store . It's a long shot, but It would be awesome if JCW and KYJ does it on his YouTube channel. Miss seeing DH and SB.
  10. Yes please, 2nd season would be nice or something just so we can all see them again. I'm still waiting for some photoshoot or interviews together.
  11. It really does feel weird not to watch BR at this time. Thank you all for the recent bts. Missing the show. Weekends are not the same.
  12. It's great they had their own party, they deserved to have one for all the hard work they've done. It would be nice to see a season 2, but i don't think it will happen. It's good that people are interested and wanting to have it. Gosh, it's almost the weekend and I keep thinking I should wake up early to check for new episodes and updates....lol...going to really miss DH and SB.
  13. Ooohhh, that looks really nice. I like the colors. I can't wait to recieve mine. But I also hope for a DVD with all the uncut scenes and full bts. I'm hoping we get them. Sorry to cut your post. My guess is that KYJ was there either to show support for the team or do the voice-over for that particular scene. A new post from one of the cast.... https://www.instagram.com/p/CDyFgf_Jxr8/?igshid=7wt40sj82oub And its always good to see this... https://www.instagram.com/p/CDyDVJohsvI/?igshid=1hde0dz1jw3x
  14. Like you guys, I would love to see them in a sageuk drama. Hopefully it happens. Will pray it does.
  15. @Jillia that would've been nice if they did that. The extra scene after episode 15 also, they were so close too.
  16. @vaelya I've also noticed it too since I've been rewatching the episodes. @Jillia very true and they both deserved the happiness in the world. I'm also happy to hear and read that JCW fans agree for them to work together again, we can only hope and pray it happens. On another note, I wonder what they'll do to DH's instagram account?! I was surprised they've even made one .
  17. Still can't get over that it's done. This was a cute scene and in the end she did choose him over 'consultant DH' (well, they're the same person, but i would imagine she would've been quiet content with who he became whether it'd be convenience DH or consultant DH). And even without the kiss, they showed quiet a true and meaningful love story, in my opinion
  18. I too sometimes lurk and read. It's good to see y'all still posting. I've enjoyed the show and always enjoy everyone's thoughts and inputs. Thank you all.
  19. @Jillia very well said and done! @Dramalover23 is that the couple thread? Will try to post there as well.
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