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  1. The only highlight out of the mom doing this is that daehyun will finally see the light in the next episode and stop going after his now ex girlfriend. Also kinda hoping that Seungjoon will tell daehyun that he kissed her. I know it's harsh but he needs hard slap of reality
  2. The only complaints, I see are all on Tumblr but I just started going on there! I feel like the people that have watched the drama from the beginning till now. Don't have a problem with the age anymore!
  3. Woohoo cant wait for this thread to become busy so I can enjoy the content of my new favourite couple
  4. Hello, I've been on here since it only had like two pages but I never had to guts to comment but I wanted to say hi and that I loved the first episode so much that I watched twice already and can't wait for the second episode. I especially wanted to thank jilla for her updates on this forum and even downloaded iqiyi. I've been on insta the whole day to see what people had to say and alot of people have misinformation on saetbyul in the kissing scene saying she was underage. Is 19 years consider underage in korea? I think it was okay or was it because she was in a school uniform,
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