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  1. I watched a series where it takes 4 seasons with ~ 70 episodes for the kiss of main leads. But still, I don't get angry as BR I'm so sad thinking about the short and incomplete love story between OTP. It will take me quite long time to overcome this heavy heart.
  2. If someone can watch on Lifetime, I'm curious if the drama changed some details to fit the requirement of "warning 19+"?
  3. Besides 0 kiss, what I regret is that we didn't see Puppy in the ending. It's better if we can see him acting in Hollywood or maybe reading Dalshik's webtoon about DH and SB and smile knowing that SB is happy. What I like in BR is their "reverse" style. The rich guys are all supporting roles and mostly contribute to the comedy (especially Dalshik the final boss LOL). The drama sheds spotlight on the poor and normal people. Even in DH's dream SB choose the "poor" manager-nim over the "rich" version of DH. Actually this "normal guy" plot is hard to do. We all know how Puppy - the typical main lead type in other dramas - can overshadow Dae Hyun at the beginning even though Puppy doesn't have much screen time. Because Puppy has everything to root for. But to like Dae Hyun we need to understand him more, need to listen to his story. At some point I even hate Dae Hyun because of his indecision but from the beach scene till the end, I really love him. So for me BR is successful in this manner.
  4. Oh where is parody of Suspicious Partner? I miss it. We have parody of - Fabricated City (Saet Byul cry when eating rice and egg, the same as Wookie cry in the movie) -Parasite -The ring (Saet Byul as ghost) -The world of married (fighting scene of SB and Yeon Joo in Dalshik imagination) -Shaolin Soccer (fighting scene of Saet Byul to take the phone from red hair girl) - The first time Geum Bi met Saet Byul, Geum Bi oufits also from a drama but I suddenly forget. - The Graduate: the picture that Dalshik draw in 1st episode is the poster of movie The Graduate.
  5. Thanks, this comment makes my day =)) I'm trying to write a short fanfiction to release my frustration of 0 kiss, maybe I should add the "party" idea then =))
  6. Hi chingus, I'm so mad but I'm not surprised. After ep15 I already be prepared but still the way DH and SB turn to the camera and smile to tease us. I mean: Am I a joke to you? :)) Actually I watch live right with iQiYi VIP and scan to find kiss scene first =)) Then I'm shocked till now =)) Thank you everyone, we have many great discussions in this topic. I laugh so hard with many ideas of you guys. And I can also share my frustrations during the drama journey (no kiss!!!). I'm grateful that our topic always has nice atmosphere even during the backlash at the beginning, so I can happily enjoy the whole drama. Hope to see you in another topic. I think Wookie might have a drama around November. I'm not sure about Yoo Jung project, but I'll follow her, a great beautiful actress.
  7. BR is a world where everything is reverse. The supporting actors are super rich while our OTP is poor. Rom-com but I cry many times like a melodrama and BR doesn't have much romantic. The 2 great kissers don't have a chance to kiss... To make things more unpredictable, can we suddenly have extra episodes for our OTP I know it's just my illusion but I cannot believe that we are at the ending point today.
  8. I'm curious about drama scripts in Korea. It's not the first time I see the unbalance between the script and the excellence of the casts. Is it because of the pressure of realtime shooting on writers? Or actually K-drama world now has an unbalance: many good actors but lack of A-class writers? I feel pity for the actor who plays Director Seung-Joon, one of the worst written supporting role I've ever seen. He is not even a proper villain, and not even funny. Why they add DH's sister in the script? And what the point of introducing all friends of DH's dad as a band and then their "mission" is only to go for a trip in China? When the writer don't know what to do with the characters, he sent them to a trip: Puppy to Hollywood and "the band" to China. Why do we need Jang Mi in episode 14,15? Dalshik and Geum Bi seems ok but not my cup of tea, but anyway I think they get too much screen time. The best joke is Yeon Joo character, who not even in the promotion video, but she is the main who gets more attention than our OTP. And after all these episodes I still don't understand her character and her feelings for DH. If the writer removes all unnecessary things, I think we have at least 2 full episodes for our OTP, if not 4 more episodes. I can't help but think that after the criticism in epiosde 1, maybe PD-nim decides to reduce the romantic part of main leads and add more comedy things to be "safe". Otherwise I have no clue why the drama goes in this direction.
  9. At this point I'm worried about ep16, maybe there is 0 kiss scene at all? Will we have an open ending? Why the name is Conveninet Store Saet Byul if Saet Byul doesn't work anymore? I used to watch another drama where the main leads are mains for promotion but 0 romantic in the show, the only thing they did is sharing an umbrella (LOL).
  10. I'm so sad and angry at the same time. Not only they don't give us the romance of lead actors but at the same time they throw away a nice character (DH's mum). Suddenly all the great thing in episode 10 where I cry for DH's mum and dad turns ridiculous. So after all, DH's mum just obsessed with money??? RickRoll'D is that? What about all her lesson for Yeon Joo that the poor also has pride? Even though there are holes somewhere but so far I'm still ok till episode 14 and I'm happy as a fan of JCW thinking that he will finish a nice drama. But this episode 15 is so ridiculous! And why SBS removes SB's dream but still keep it in preview? Do they really that unprofessional? I don't get it. Why the love story of Dalshik and Geum Bi get more development and more scenes than OTP??? I'm so sad for JCW. He is unlucky with script this time. JCW, KYJ act really well but still cannot save the script where they don't let them do what they should do as a couple!
  11. Then what we obtain in this episode 15? This is a normal ep 05, not 15! I'm so disappointed. What a waste of chemistry.
  12. I laugh too much just thinking about idea of Ale_dia about a clumsy first kiss from Dae Hyun Yes! After his serious confession style, it would be hilarious if he cannot kiss properly =)) But I guess we don't have enough time for this comedy kiss. OMG I'm so sad talking about kiss scene. A big joke is that the one and only real kiss in BR is between Yeon Joo and the Director, who doesn't love each other! PDnim, can BR pls have a kiss scene right at the beginning of ep15? I need a boost motivation to enjoy the whole episode in excited mode! You play with viewers heart for too long. Now it's your last chance to pay your debt!!!
  13. I miss the drama already. Can't believe that we have only 2 more episodes. Since the romance of DH and SB is too late, I feel like we are still at the beginning Our OTP doesn't have a real date so far, no movies watching, no picnic, no romantic beautiful place. We can count the beach scene which was beautiful but still, I'm really sad. I feel like I can watch a whole 10 more episodes with our OTP. They have great chemistry. They can build chemistry even when talking by hands or just study Maths together! BR really owns me a rare chance of JCW and KYJ together I hope at least JCW and KYJ will have a photoshoot together or any kind of events :(( I will pray for another chance of JCW and KYJ in the same drama again, and next time will be a full episodes dedicated for their love story, a typical melodrama even better. Repeat couple is rare but sometimes it happens, like Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum from Secret Love to Kill Me Heal Me :((
  14. -Writer wastes many chances to build up the loveline of DH and SB. In ep 13, when SB goes alone to fight with "traffic light" girl, Dae Hyun just stays at the store trying to call her and cannot do anything. REALLY? There are plenty of things for Dae Hyun to do. He should have find Geum Bi or anyone to know where SB can go. He should run and find everywhere and worry a lot. Dae Hyun used to run everywhere searching for Yeon Joo just to say sorry!!! And now his love is in danger and he just stays and calls her? Why not let Dae Hyun goes with Saet Byul to the fight? This way they can make the fighting scene different from the old one. Dae Hyun can play humor part in the fight. And it would be a nice scene for our OTP when Dae Hyun sees SB fight for real! What makes me stress from BR is the constant "what if" feeling: this scene could be and should be much better!
  15. "A drama that helps you to relieve stress and go to sleep with a light heart" I cannot sleep so I'm writing I like the scenes Dae Hyun helps SB to study for the exam. But I don't like to put it in flashbacks. Because this way I feel I lost the sense of time. Actually it seems several months has passed (?) because now it's close to the exam date. And SB should study for some months to be able to pass, right? If the drama potray the timeline better, I think I won't feel that it have a rush on OTP relationship. Actually DH takes a long time to stay besides SB before confessing to her. The same "time problem" happens with how Dae Hyun gets out of Yeon Joo relationship. As someone points out, actually it takes him some (or many??) days already after the break up and then the night on the beach is the last night to forget everything. But how the drama potray the timeline makes me feel that it was a very short time. About our OTP, I think the feeling from Saet Byul side is nicely potrayed, she likes him from 10 years ago and she loves everything about him, even his dancing (LOL) and his fail make up... It's clear that SB likes/loves DH. But from Dae Hyun side, I'm not convinced yet. I know it's a story of a normal guy, so it's normal that "OK, I broke up with a girl. Let me move on from it and date another girl." And I get the point that we can see clearly the difference between a toxic relationship and a healthy one. But what is the difference in Dae Hyun love to SB? Or the story is just: DH is a guy who always do his best in love but unlucky, and finally find someone who is good for him. Even though I still find our OTP is lovely, I expect more from Dae Hyun side. But our main male lead lost almost all chances to convince viewers to Puppy. Puppy is the one who helps SB finding her sister and solve the scandal. Puppy also has the best dating scene in the drama so far: watching movie with SB.
  16. I don't know why writer-nim still adds A LOT of side stories at this point? Personally now I don't care at all about Dalshik GeumBi or Yeon Joo or Jang Mi or DH's sister. Why do we need Yeon Joo now? If they want a love triangle, just keep Puppy, much better! I just want to see a lot of OTP moments because the drama already wastes most of the time. I was looking forward to JCW with KYJ a lot. Their chemistry is really good. But for whatever reason the drama decides to waste it. It's a pity. I know it's rare but if only JCW and KYJ have one more drama
  17. I'm busy today so I haven't watched yet. But no kiss??? I will wait tomorrow to watch 2 episodes at once!!!
  18. Who could interrupt? Maybe Dalshik. He might appear at wrong time again. Then DH will immediately gives him a banana juice and whatever the best food of the store to send him away. Then of course DH will continue his on going business...
  19. PDnim!!! In webtoon DH and SB kisses a lot! They kiss on the floor of the convenient store and have a longggg kiss in the bed. Can we have one of these kisses in ep 13?
  20. What a joke! Imagine a 19+ film where the OTP only hugs so far =)) (ok we have a kiss if we count the one in 1st episode). If I am someone who just read the newspaper, I would imagine that BR is a really awful film with hardcore bed scene and a lot of **** sentences. This whole injustice situation is a comedy itself. But I'm glad that we can see a nice atmosphere in BTS and I can see a very big smile of JCW when finishing filming. The rating is also ok and steady. I'm only sad that due to too much criticism, there are people who cancel the drama before giving it a try. BR deserves better, it is a beautiful drama.
  21. Today I replay OST 7 "I'll miss you" nonstop. I love this song. And I'm surprised that PDnim is the one who wrote lyrics for this song. I like many OSTs of BR. It's a pity that the english translation of some OSTs on Youtube seems not correct since I find it's hard to understand
  22. Can someone please let me know where I can find HD original version of all Behind the scene clips? And is there any way to download the whole drama in HD? I have iQIYI VIP but still cannot download it
  23. I agree with @coolstarlet . The switch from heart breaking Dae Hyun to playful DH around Saet Byul is a rush that obviously due to lack of episodes left. I prefer that the story adds a time skip of 6 months maybe, that DH focuses on work very hard to forget YJ and to be rich to revenge and SB always besides him during this time. Because normally we cannot forget an almost 3 years dating with just 1 drunk night. But it's partly understandable for DH -SB relationship because before the piggyback misunderstanding, DH is already comfortable and pranks SB sometimes. After the piggyback scene he draws a line between them and now he can freely cross the line again (LOL). Anyway these words are my brain talking while my heart only screams: kissss sceneeeeee =))
  24. OMG!!! I miss you guys so much!!! Finally the forum is back. Now I don't need to scream alone for our OTP ship sailing? I love their chemistry. OMG, still, why they start this plot too late. We only have 4 episodes left Yes, I need a kiss on episode 13. Even though I think our OTP development is a bit rush (of course when they only have 6 real episodes. Again, why????) but still, a kiss scene is needed in ep13 I look at the preview and I'm dying inside knowing that I have to wait a WEEK to that moment
  25. I'm satisfied with everything in episode 10. But instead of writing a long post praising many aspects of this episode, let me open a serious discussion: What are the chances of a kiss scene between DH and SB in episode 11 and 12 ? Why on Earth even Dal Shik and Geum Bi have faster development than our OTP
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