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  1. ALL HAIL KING SOO HYUUUN!! but seriously tho in terms of consistency, QUEEN YE JI WINS!!
  2. oppa really need to step up his game! but rumination gave him 200 points tho but it is still not enough!!! KSH kinda dont want her gurl with other guuuy hmm love it, is he the possessive type of boyfie?
  3. Is it thursday now? Wow time flew so fast and then another episode will be on air! I really love weekends ever since this this drama started! New episode = new BTS!!
  4. OMG IT WAS HIS BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY!! As for my birthday wish for him, I wish he will receive a super duper passionate and sizzling hot kiss form the only woman he cares about and with a pinch of the tongue to make it better!
  5. JTY was the baddest character KSH every portrayed and it was my greatest fantasy in the year 2017! But this time however with Kang Tae not showing that much, he is really hot and sexy when he is angry or just doing nothing! But then again Kang Tae is KSH HAHAHAHA
  6. After so many episodes of KT pushing MY away, I cant seemed to fathomed my feeling with his smile being so genuine to her. This is indeed such a romantic episodes and I really cant ask for more. Seriously, these two are really perfect. Their chemistry is sizzling and woow I am so proud being a hardcore shipper of these two
  7. My last two braincells cant take learning hangul anymore HAHAHAHAHAH I'll just see their facial expressions whether to laugh or feel sad lmao
  8. Maybe he looked at our gurl is because he knew she's a good cook too HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA and that is one of the qualities he was looking for his future bride omy
  9. he really trynna made it so sexy and sensual! His eyes are are wandering whenever he they are near each other and always looking on her lips! wonder if his eyes will wander before doing their kissing scenes! this is so goood
  10. REALTALK! Well their feelings will really burst and grow if left unsaid but I really think they are something between this two and the two of them only knew!
  11. KT AND KSH are really shy aaaaaaah!! He should step up his game indeed coz he is really losing this love battle and he will be the one to fall inlove first!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
  12. This is really interesting. I kinda want to know if they were cosplaying or not lool but I really want to know if they really meet in high school or they met somewhere when they were a teenagers and it's hyping me up! BTW is that a wig on our girl??
  13. hahahahahahha this is what I've been thinking! they are indeed a kdrama in real life and I cant wait when their show will start (THEM DATING)!!!
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