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  1. Since the very beginning of the King shooting, they have been always together, almost. They spent a lot of time together after wrap up, clearly, and in the last few days, of which LMH must have been busy preparing for the new drama, KGE seems to make use of the free time to make up with the tasks/ friends/ visits that she didn’t have time to do so in the past few months. She went out with her friends during weekend, which was mostly preserved for MH (based on our speculations) in the past few months. She visited the grave yard of her grandma, which I assumed was located
  2. I am on the board of them dating already during the press conference. It’s not usual to take away your coworker’s microphone when he was clearing speaking. She interrupted him and apologised to the interviewer. What kind of coworkers would do that? In fact, if there was nothing between them, it’s just kinda rude to do so. Also, LMH was extremely happy when KgE interrupted him. It gave me such a strong the couple vibe - his wife/ intimate girlfriend stopped him from having no filter and talking too much. When I checked LMH ig last night, way before the late night hiking post recently,
  3. Disclaimer first: I am a firm believer in their relationship; even if one day they end up being with another one, for me it’s more likely due to some unknown reasons they break up and it’s not necessary that they have never been together. Sometimes I am really surprised that at this point after so many coincidences and cryptic posts, shippers’ faith in them is still so easily swayed. Relationships are not fairytales, and no one can expect that two can date normally and do not have to withstand distance when they work on different projects. This is the nature of their jobs, and if t
  4. Speaking of Hansu and Sunja, on the contrary to what others may think, I am kind of feeling sympathic towards both of them. Sunja, being a poor girl in the society that was so traditional and treated women as merely tools (her mom said girls needed to please their husband in sex life and it was what they wanted), had not much choices. Even if she did not love Isak the way she loved Hansu, she still chose to marry him due to the circumstances and remained loyal to him throughout the book. However, her longing for Hansu did not disappear even at the end of the series. She still dreamed
  5. I wonder if there would be great alternations on the plot as well. Up until now we only know who would play the young version of Sunja, and have no news regarding the older one. In the book, Noa and the priest constituted a significant part of the book too, but now we don’t even know if they are main cast or not. My guess on this is that Sunja might die or disappear in the series instead of being the POV throughout the book, and the main focus of this series is on her son and grandchild. I read somewhere that LMH actually is not the main lead for this series too (though I don’t know
  6. The latest post of Kbeom is quite fun to read indeed. He posted it almost three months after the epic 2nd July post, and it’s so obvious that the photo of Kbeom was not taken on the same day, given the difference in the sky color and cloud pattern (I feel like a real detective here lol). Why does he have to post a blurry photo with black narrow border in the same location where LMH went for the infamous birthday night walk almost three months after? No one would possibly believe that he was the one with LMH on 2nd July. does LMH suggest him to go there? Perhaps he has a girlfriend too and LMH
  7. Theory 1: Someone asked him to do the shopping when she was doing her hair. She wouldn’t have enough to buy groceries since getting the hair done needed a lot of time. Theory 2: They were very courageous and went shopping together in spite of the risk of getting caught. Either way it makes my heart swell and nothing can deny my shippers heart that this is not merely coincidence that LMH happened to go shopping in a supermarket that is super close to the salon in which KGE was doing the hair among all the other supermarkets in Seoul. And more, they posted on the same day,
  8. I am really curious about this too. Many a time it does seem like we are getting a step closer to their public (wedding) announcement.
  9. Ohhh. I think exactly the same as yours. Even now, I don’t consider myself as a fan of LMH, but I do admire a ton more after these few months. (My heart forever belongs to Vic Chou lol). He shows me how far he is willing to go for a girl he loves, and that’s not something that everyone can be courageous enough to do so, let alone this may inevitably in some way affect his career. If they are not in a serious relationship, I highly doubt why he has done all these so far. As I previously said before in many many pages ago, the video on July 2 is his way to show us how much he cares f
  10. Sigh. Sometimes I can’t help feeling frustrated for LMH and KGE (assuming that they are indeed together) We have multiple proposed theories here in the past few months and a lot of us are speculating LMH is planning a PR plan for his fans to accept KGE since the very beginning. He himself dropped a loaf of bread on her birthday. We were showered with lovestragm throughout the airing of TKEM, and they posted within minutes from each other post. People from their circle posted cryptic comments on their posts. Appa Kim liked those comments. We even got “tomorrow...2” from the queen, w
  11. The one who doesn’t leave her alone is the one who left comments here and there. I am in no way against her, since I don’t even know who she is. Those are just my own personal opinions based on strictly my own speculations. Whoever LMH is with, it’s his business. And whether his fans like her, it’s the fans business. We all possess free will and no one can force us to like someone. As long as people pay respect to each other, I think that’s okay.
  12. Dropping my two cents here. All of a sudden, there is a person wandering around the fansite/ Instagram/ twitter claiming that LMH is associated with Ms Korea and hinting that this is a secret that her circle knows for sure. If this is indeed a secret, why did she spread it out like that? Another thing is that what she wrote is full of grammatical mistakes, and to be honest, I highly doubt her/ his educational level. From my point of view, I can’t help thinking of some conspiracies behind this. Either way, it cannot convince me for one second that they are dating.
  13. With reference to my previous speculation, perhaps this is sort of damage control over the CD boy incident? Our queen updated twice today! And now I am really curious if LMH would have another update today, or late at night.
  14. GoEun just posted again. LMH posted at around 1700 Korean time, which means most probably he was working in the afternoon. Normally people update photos after working, right? It’s not common to upload in the middle of the work. Now we got sunset photo of our queen. Could it be a meet up date for them after work? Lol. My delulu mind went wild.
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