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  1. Wow absolutely, count me in please and thanks for the chance @lhynne @Thirtysvn37
  2. I will take this as my daily crumbs 4 today..this is how I treat myself as memory couple shipper 'Suspicious Hand Gesture' Both of them have so many suspicious hand gesture in the drama hahhaha Hopefully tomorrow Or maybe, the day after tomorrow we will get teeny tiny crumbs from kdw mgy circle so that this thread will move so fast hihi
  3. Though, i can see FMIYM family being extra- cautious and also“ self isolation" for that certain someone of their family members in the public hahaha....
  4. pic 1 : during her v.show press conference tvn in 2019 (you can see the black logo/font 'mondliebe') pic 2 : food truck during waikiki 2 pic 3 : during mbc radio FMIYM era @Thirtysvn37 i also wonder why mgy do not tag/mention her fancafe ig as she did itbefore..hehe. ..50 % my mind think it come from kdw side, another 50 % from her fancafe because i read at an ig that mgy did visit the fancafe by posting a thank you message/post for the gift/flower that she received..
  5. @mimomarra so many hint lately right, its been 2 month since the drama ended...but kdw staff friends always make us suspicious , why they bother to still search/ like pic under kdw & mgy tagging now hahhahaha @Thirtysvn37.. sory for my english chingus hehhe
  6. @Thirtysvn37 your estimation is true, so many hint come from kdw side nowadays .....hehhehe
  7. based on keyeast post date 19 november 2019, mgy spotted wearing the same from the script reading right... but i am not so sure hehe @Gewe31
  8. Activated my soompi account just to stalk these two! back at shipping again after songsong couple I'm low-key shipping them since I watched the presscon and interviews videos, all of the bts. I never watch kdw & mgy dramas before ...I have no idea how they behaved with their past co-actors, so I'm just gonna comment from what I saw in FMIYM era hehe..their chemistry tho esp offscreen 1000/10, they were so comfortable with each other. their bts for the last episode is not awkward at all..comfortably touching each other hehe remind me so much to songsong couple during their bts kiss scene .. kdw looked so entertained and happy in all the bts with mgy.....even when they are shooting an emotional/serious scene, in the bts they are always smile with each other....He smile and laughed so often and I think it's a huge hint that a guy is attracted to a girl... i really enjoyed reading all shippers posts in this thread and it really helped me everyday to deal with the withdrawal symptoms of FMIYM since last episode tho.. I'm glad we all have the same mind set, happy to see there is HOPE for our memory couple! waiting for their good news in the future @Thirtysvn37 keyeast really know how to tease shipper. ...the blue green yellow thing hahahha...its so obvious tho.... Can you please kindly share me the info/ crumbs too hehe? Thank you so much
  9. @Sortie15 lsj delete the post? ..hmm suspicious hehhe.. maybe because that account upload the pic without permission/consent of the artist itself..emm but its not a picture from the private wrap up party..just a bts pic
  10. Kdw stylist manager also like mky post on keyeast ig beside like kdw post for suree...i find it so cute , so supportive hehhehe so far she like 2 post, one during red carpet..and today post about mgy variety show
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