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  1. it'll be really funny since his dad is shy and nervous while the son takes up the playboy type and breaking girls heart
  2. okay i agree to this KSH can be jealous, caring, sometimes flirty and I dont know what to do with him anymore!! I love this guy so much but imma give him 0 for consistency maybe there are times where he cant control himself and lose his cool when our girl is around
  3. well with all of those great qualities they have together then it will be safe to say that there is such no reason for them not to fall with each other and the list goes on...
  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA riiight?!!! he even showed some jealousy too like this boi should be consistent brooo
  5. HAHAHAHAHHAHA He got his own way of affection! KSH GOT THE 200 POINTS but SYJ is still on the leaaaaad!! He better do more and take the lead Never seen KSH this caring too tho HAHAHAHAHA maybe our girl really got the way into his heart
  6. LOOOOL Tae Yeong was my greatest fantasy gosh the only con with it was that he kept on chewing a gum and it is stressing me out but whatever he looks really hot tho. Too bad REAL received a massive backlash, SK seemed not to be ready with those kind of genre.
  7. Ya'll really love jang tae yeong so much I think KSH should channel his inner JTY when doing some hot and sizzling scenes with SYJ!!!
  8. I really wish we gotta have it this week. I dont know if I am a little too impatient this time but hell yeah it was waaay looong overdue whats wrong with dem eh?
  9. Welp he was an alien lmao I am not surprised anymore Yas! He is really versatile and such a weirdo damn this guy is really blessed I soooo love this movie!!
  10. omg omg omg omg hahahhahaa! I have only known @hwonhwon_stv @TiNaDo and @soohyunhandsome in this thread! AM I MISSING OUT? I already got his meme face on my dp!! these photos are really funny! People who said that I only love him coz he is handsome need to see these lol! I might slap them with these! He is just not a pretty face but a really talented and funny one!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I really wish we international fans be treated better with fair and square! We usually are the ones who purchased all their goodies and stuffs they releases yet we are getting 1/4 of the whole lmao
  12. hahahahahahahahahhaha still no points for mr dandelion, it looks nothing on SYJ oh dear his face is such a meme lmao eveyrtime I look at it it makes me really laugh
  13. yeah especially in his reaction when SYJ frankly said that his jokes are too lame but she's used to it hahahaha *sad violin intensifies* it is actually my dp right now
  14. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHA I also just stare at them too and just swoon if they are real close and real near with each other omy should we learn hangul now?
  15. it is indeed funny ROFL! I really hope our boy's back was fine after this and girrrrrl esmeralda looks fine as hell wonder who she is....
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