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  1. The Swoon trynna cancel itself the amount of hype from this couple is really overpowering and they are losing that much views if they dont upload any...
  2. me is sad now if this drama finishes imma still go back here and relive the moments... shipping these two will never end even though their work together ended huhuhuhu
  3. This ship is surreal!!! I have been following SYJ since save me and I know she is quirky and playful but I ever seen her this joyful and flirty ever since this series!!!
  4. OMG I FORGOT ABOUT THIS! HAHAHAHAH! Maybe that's the reason why she seemed really comfortable being the naughty and kinky character! She studied about it
  5. awwww I really loved sad endings too because happy endings for me are too cliche but when I saw this series, I really want a happy ending for our couple! No matter how many obstacles they will take and time goes by or a separation for both of them too (like MY going back to seoul, if ever) I really wish they wish happy ending will follow their love story
  6. awwww I miss MY's longhair. I dont know but her long hair really represents her strong aura and as a bad beach! It was so sad seeing it acquainted with her mom. But whatever her hair is, she still looks so perfect to me and I cant ask for more
  7. yaaas maybe that what makes him so versatile and unique! He is really different IRL and his acting...
  8. hahahahahah we are so sucker for a real hot steamy kiss! wonder when will they'll be kissing! I cant wait to lose breath that time lmao
  9. I really felt bad for SYJ here. Maybe the effect of it is really hard on her that's why the trauma still lingers in her heart. I really wish men would stop doing that like they cant even dressed properly aish.
  10. This is really informative. I have read somewhere that men likes the chase but women should do the some of the job too!
  11. oh myyy!! SYJ want it all close and near! OMG yes we ship them too @SSC_25!! Welcome btw
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