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  1. ALL HAIL KING SOO HYUN ALL HAIL KING SOO HYUN ALL HAIL KING SOO HYUN ALL HAIL KING SOO HYUN is our queen losing this love battle? lez find out
  2. Well my other ship BJ got the most content from The Swoon and I can see that they were enjoying it! I really hoped our couple accepted all the content offer from The Swoon tho! But they are really late this time, what's with them?
  3. Kinda want to see the BTS of their first kiss so bad! These two really laughs in serious moment and I kinda want to see their faces if they will be super serious or be themselves as the ultimate goofballs and laugh when they are about to film their kiss hahaha
  4. ALRIGHT I have seen her bts videos with her ex co stars (I HAVE SPENT DAYS WITH THIS) Well she really is quirky and funny in all but the thing is, she is not flirty. When I saw their BTS and interviews with KSH, she's really flirty oh my and my delulu brain is really partying right now I cant... Well I love this couple so much and I might seem a little biased with my observations but what I typed was true tho huehue! She is indeed happy go lucky girl in all of the videos but you can see the friendship aura in it unlike with KSH
  5. She is indeed an embodiment of "break the stereotype" kindagirl and I love how different she is with other female actress which acts really shy and timid but nevertheless all females had their own way of comfortability. I really think she really had an eye of our boy hence her actions (huhu im so biased) Imma really watch her other BTS and interview videos if she's like this ever since
  6. thank you so much bairama huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu now i gotta watch them event though i cant understand anything but who cares about subtitles when I KSH and SYJ is there
  7. Wow TvN being cheeky af!!! Maybe episodes BTS was cut too and only shown half of it! OMG WE COULD HAVE SEEN LONGER INTERACTIONS OF KSH AND SYJ BUT TVN WAS BEING..... AAAAAAAAAAH
  8. I really think KNETZ and fans will be fine when these two dates! They are a little lay-low when actors date each other but when IDOLS TO IDOLS wooow the hate is real! I really hated it too how dating can ruined the career they started! Well here in USA we're a little bit open and normalize it like countries do really have different culture and views eh
  9. Well this is one of my favorite scenes so far! This episode clearly showed up that KT is slowly warming up and his brother hurting him in one of his episodes! BUt seriously I really loved the stairs scene the most! It was so extra yet so pleasing aaaah
  10. I think these two could be in a stage of getting to know each other yes. i support what i said. they really remind me of my other ship where dating rumors come and go at them but they are still denying their relationship even though it is clearly shown in their interactions and the news even got an evidence of them being together sometime and I really think they value their privacy so much that they chose to made their relationship private but not a secret. With SYJ glancing at him when talking about commitments and KSH looking at her when talking about his future bride makes me really swoon real hard! They are actually at times when someone tells a real funny joke and our subconscious (working) we tend to look at the one we like when we are laughing and THAT IS PROVEN! There are actually a time at the classroom when we were talking with my classmates and someone asked me who my crush is and if I would like to confessed to him while I was talking I was subconsciously looking at my crush while talking about it and I just realized it when I was done talking! OKAY I REALLY HOPED YOU ALL UNDERSTAND WHAT I SAAAAAAID
  11. YE JI as the sole proprietor of this ship is such a bomb! I really admired gurls who does the first move and breaking stereotypes! A strong woman indeed
  12. gwenchana gwenchana~~~ seriously I am really having a hard time now swooning every second with the new BTS huhuhuhu i really love them
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