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  1. I think If it was only him who got the honors it would also be inconsiderate of him (movie Log) because his workmates/PD etc didnt attend....If it was an ensemble cast who won things would have Been different he got the awards alone ( thats why he was walking alone) thats why he emphasized it wasnt just him but an entire team who made the production....
  2. Just curious but the songs Kim go eun has posted are related to break up songs such as the loveholic (translated the songs it’s about love and lost love) and the other one she posted had a similar theme does she always like these types of song?
  3. But she really is cool! She has this natural, nonchalant attitude-a cool French girl vibe like Charlotte Gainsbourg not your ordinary kpop girl. Not that there is anything wrong with kpop, but yes LMH film photographer is right, she is def a Cool Girl
  4. I’ve gone to the videographer website link nano and he has been doing Lee Min hos videos since 2016 (promiz etc) cant blame if Lee Min ho’s videographer follows Kim go eun, she is such a cutie.
  5. I know its just a Korean news outlet headline but I love the collab feel of Lee Min Ho x Kim go eun with the “x” hehe The king and the Queen yeorobun! okay next fan service is SBS Awards (jebal) for tkem fam!
  6. The best. Tkem team!! Love it! Right on time last nite for the kbee spectacle. To SBS Channel: hope we get awards soon for the king eternal monarch ensemble soon? Yes! Don’t you guys agree, LMH looks the part..he looks like koh hansu now!!
  7. @CarolynH that is interesting. coming from her! I’ve gotta agree with Caroline Kennedy! Most likely she will be watching the adaptation..thanks for this.
  8. I finally finished Pachinko via Kindle online and it’s a phenomenal read! The last time I saw an American movie/tv Production of a multi generation ensemble of this kind (Asian) was probably Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club (excellent film and book!) so it’s a good project altogether Also its interesting to note that the lead actor, Jin Ha, is a stage thespian and has played Aaron Burr for Hamilton Chicago production (who doesn’t love Hamilton!) and also played lead in M Butterfly Broadway production ( good news for theatre buffs!) Here’s a short documentary on
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