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  1. I searched on ig and came across @jeonjeonprincess page that copied my words on this thread to post as their caption. It’s one of the pages i check for jsm/kjk and kookmin updates on ig among other pages. I believe that page had a different name originally bur whoever you are please don’t borrow other people’s words without their knowledge and use on your posts. Just mentioning it here that it’s not me.
  2. LOL i have been posting here since before you joined this thread, and no i don’t even have a YouTube account by this name (now i am wondering if some anti has the same name as this account on youtube) and this is the only public platform where i share my thoughts about kookmin. Those who have been here for long know who i am, so don’t accuse me like that ever again. I am an objective shipper, i have always been like that and i have been open about my stance through and through and so far this space has allowed me to express my thoughts without sugarcoating them. Just because I don’t think kook
  3. Yeah, i replayed that part many times too, but it’s what was said by jam after that’s more revealing.
  4. Just to give you another perspective, she did bring up the story about her sixth sense cast member Oh Na Ra? attempting to set her up with someone during a Christmas show in December. She met her in the latter half of last year right so we can’t completely dismiss that jsm maybe single. Also there’s that opening from the ep where the rm cast had to bring clothes for others, where she talked about how ysc had tried to set her up with a guy who was already in a relationship. Then there’s also that opening where they bring up dating rumours with her my embarrassing days costar. If she was in a r
  5. You’re absolutely right about that. In a way im happy it happened that way. On one hand, as you said, it made us more sensible as shippers, and on the other hand it prevented kookmin from being pushed to become another onscreen couple or becoming awkward around each other. Now they can have natural interactions on the show while leaving enough ambiguity around their relationship for us to continue shipping them. One thing i worry as a shipper though, is their personal ig handles being tagged on kookmin posts on ig. I’m ok with tags on a photo or a clip of them together on rm but those shi
  6. Another instance is when he offered to give her 10 caramels, when she only asked for one, that too not specifically from him. If i remember correctly, he also didn’t specify how many he wanted in return if she won. Then when she won one round after yjs gave her caramels, he didn’t get angry over their deal right-away, but only after yjs claimed his return from jsm he was angry because he realized yjs had sabotaged his chance of a good investment. If say yjs wasn’t openly after the caramels he wouldn’t have gotten angry over jsm’s (jsm-yjs) win. It implies he wasn’t particularly interested in i
  7. About that ‘let’s hug once’ line, it’s too weird and inappropriate from a professional standpoint for jsm to have uttered it, don’t you all think? It’s an overlapping voice cut and we don’t know the exact context it was said in, neither it’s very clear. So i was thinking maybe, if she actually said that, what she meant was not a ‘hug’ but ‘embracing something’ as in ‘let me for once “embrace” [the role having the name tag]’, indirectly begging him not to rip her name tag?? Cause no matter how much i think it’s hard for me to believe kookmin would be so open about being physically
  8. I think it was an accident grazing, a very slight one that lasted for like a milisec. The gifs n edits on ig are in slow motion so it’s made to look more than what it really is. I don’t really see it as a kookmin moment.
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