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  1. Hahaha, yes his alleged private account which does seem to be his (prefer not to say why). You won’t be able to see who he follows, but TKEM cast and his previous co-stars have public accounts and if you do a search in that account the username pops up as a follower although they do not follow back (but his stylist and photographer do)
  2. I noticed that LMH follows TKEM stars, KGE and KKN included with his private account (alleged). So this is plausible, that he stalks them with his private account and interacts with his public account
  3. @Ms.sunshine could be unintentional!or preoccupied and had to post later than when he actually intended to so... whatever it is, July 2nd’s post has waaaaaay more romantic vibes than October 10’s hehehe
  4. LMH and KGE posted on the same day AGAIN!!! If this is a “coincidence”... it’s really outta this world and they’re just destined to end up together
  5. so excited that LMH posted too!! And if it was indeed on the same day.. they were definitely in the same vicinity, the mall is not even a km away from the salon! Map attached... edit: our captain must have been there today at least because the supermarket would be closed on 13 sept/27 sept from the notice :p https://imgur.com/a/uVOj7oQ
  6. hey everyone is it me... or does the way our girl sit (with her legs seemingly on the chair) resemble how the girl in the background of our boy’s pic in Jeju sat :p (seems like a habit?) hee hee https://ibb.co/BNq2TQM https://ibb.co/ckngWy8
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