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  1. i dont think SYJ will agree to this! she might hang her son if he'll turns out a playboy hahahaha but I guess they will raised him right and take up his dad with such gentleness uwu
  2. damn the visuals of their children!! KSH will be having a damn hard time shoo-ing all the oneswho wants to court their daughter!! If it'll be a son then i think he will take up his dad
  3. SO KSH REMEMBERED THAT SHE HATES COLD?! ALL HAIL KING SOO HYUN This is not helping me to be calm as a shipper yall making my delulu mind party all night long and I know this isnt good for my brain but who cares YOLO
  4. well MY is super duper possesive!!! To know what kind of boyfie KSH i think we should ask our girl nooow Hello Ms Seo Ye Ji what kind of boyfie is Soo Hyun-shii
  5. Well I might really think they will laugh their hearts out if they will kiss! Let's see If they will be super serious and barely even giggle... Dont know what to think I wish someone is and actor here to help us deduct
  6. WHAT A MOOD INDEED hahahahahhaha Well if they really wont kiss next week, it will be up to us now!
  7. If these two will date, it will be such a BOMB Highest paid actor + It Girl = BOOOMB POWERCOUPLE The latest bts is giving me the vibes already, lmao this two will surely date and I will bet all of my money
  8. YOU ARE PARDONED!!!!! Seriously with Tae Yeong - I mean Kang Tae's really sharp and hot jawline, their kiss will really be good if it involves with the ahem letter T
  9. oppa was a beast there! and a great kisser too raaawr!! cant wait for their kissing scenes with our guuurl!!
  10. LMAO performance wise JANG TAE YEONG wins!! He was even hotter and better than Christian Grey dont @ me
  11. Who would have thought that such a shy and nervous man like Mr Dandelion would pull this off...
  12. omg omg omg omg hahahhahaa! I have only known @hwonhwon_stv @TiNaDo and @soohyunhandsome in this thread! AM I MISSING OUT?
  13. wow KSH looks really young there hahahahahhaha! But dayuuuuuuu, those words can really be sensual and hot and the same time! I have imagined him saying that as KT but I dont think it fits his character hahahahha
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