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  1. Awww it’s a sad love song. It’s making me sad too. one minute I’m happy, the next minute I’m sad. Ohh shipping life...
  2. Omg LMH posted! I missed him! What song?! Can somebody please tell us what song was it? gosh! So this is me begging for some crumbs! At least a connection to KGE of some sort! Lol!!!
  3. I miss our babies LMH and KGE. I miss everyone here. But this dark soompi theme is giving me a headache. Ugh! Hoping they’re going to bring back the old white theme. Huhu keep sailing you all! I’m just here, lurking, waiting, for good news to come!
  4. Woke up with a post from Minho again! It’s a good morning!! We are spoiled! Has someone noticed in his third photo, a shadow of bike with a bouquet of flowers on it? Eeeeeiiii!! So romantic! Someone from twitter pointed it out! I’m sorry don’t know how to upload it though. heheheh now time to back read 10+ pages.
  5. The thread is super fast, I could hardly catch up. Oohhh but I super love it! Everyone’s super happy! Such a happy vibe on our queen’s birthday!! Thanks to the captain of our ship of course!
  6. Oh I’m sorry chingu! Reading “titanic” kinda scared me. I thought wrong. My bad my bad! And yes...our ship is sailing smoothly and it’s about to dock!
  7. Oh no it will not sink! It’s going to sail through! To forever that is! But our ship is as grand as titanic!
  8. I woke up with a song for our KGE! I’m crying! Oh LMH! You are so romantic! Huhuhu!! Happy happy birthday to our dear KGE! Stay happy and in love! You deserve the world! I love you dearly!
  9. The flowers are very pretty. Thank you for making our girl happy. And yes it made quiet a stir in Twitter. Lol I’m curious about you’re convo with them. Can you share it with us? Just a clue please. We’re dying of crumbs here.
  10. Yeeesss! Thank you for pointing this out. If KGE and WDW are dating, they won’t leave traces. More so give an autograph. Let’s chill. They’re just friends. If it was LMH and KGE eating in a noodle restaurant though, definitely no traces will be left. We’re in trouble. Hahaha but I have faith in our couple!!! Please come through and make our hearts happy!
  11. Hello everyone! I’m finally done backreading 20+ pages. I was so scared when soompi had technical issues the other night that I had to message RCL in IG. To RCL IG, thank you for being so kind, you calmed my nerves. Back to our couple, I have faith in them. Still patiently waiting for their announcement —which I hope will be soon. I think WDW is very friendly in nature, he and KGE are just friends!
  12. Thank you! yeah still pretty much rational at this point. I don’t know in the coming weeks though. With the little crumbs that we have.
  13. Hello! This struck me. The reality of it all. I hope, if feelings are there for LMH and KGE, they can summon up the courage to fight for it and not be fearful of what the world will say. At the end of the day, big stars as they are, they are still humans. And what’s important is their happiness. I’m going to be one of those who will support them!❤️ P.S. I’m a longtime lurker. I love how everyone here is rational, fun and witty! My thoughts too. Who might that be?
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