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  1. Hi,i used to be silent reader,but now everyone seems a little bit down because of the BTS,i may have something but i don't know if it can help to lighten to mood or not,but here we go So,everyone remember the story about how min ho's car blocking go eun' car at the end of last day of shooting?till yesterday i didn't understand the reason why min ho do such thing....so i tries digging post after post and i found this Focus on the guy behind min ho who wears a black hat (he's min ho's bodyguard)n behind him you'll see go eun(he's like paving a way for go eun imo)first i thought he's going to the other direction but nope,he stays behind go eun for a while till go eun walk toward min ho (you can see that go eun walks behind min ho) Now the 2nd post Pay attention to the guy with the umbrella,thats go eun's umbrella boy,(try to see the sorrunding,there are so many space for parking,but min ho choose to block go eun's car) The OP also said that go eun staff need to get back to seoul right away. the baloons that says GGONE not on go eun's car but on the staff's car, based on this i think the staff n go eun go with separate car,go eun with the driver n maybe one of the staff but her other staff go with a different car. If you are a merely a co star you wouldn't do what min ho do,you just go first no need to do what he did,coz you already say goodbye on set,i still think there is something between them,i don't know how to put it (coz my english not really that good)but i hope u guys understand what im trying to say Ps:feel free to correct me
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