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Dinda Larasati

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  1. omg i love this but please god give me another LMH (just lil bit as him is okay ahhaha) who will adore me like LMH adore KGE ahahhahah amen .
  2. im with you , i never shipped anyone in kdrama but now here i'am , TKEM made me scroll n refresh twitter, iG , and forum soompi all day long ahahhahaha but yesterday after i read that article i try to more calm down even tough the fact i can't hahahaha so i unfollow account shipper in IG but still monitoring this forum and twitter hahahaha *nothing changes a lot acctually but i read many hate comment in IG so i decided to do that huhuhuhuh .... yes and now i just trying to back my real life before TKEM but also praying hard for them hahahhahh omg
  3. OH M G !!!!!!!!!!! yasss i hope SBS is being good for not cut so many scene hahahhaha amen :)
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