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  1. This is wholesome. Promiz has been going strong ever since it has been created it never stopped and tirelessly been donating and promoting and never resting. Promiz longevity and consistency is admirable
  2. @CarolynH I am in.. Invite me to the party.. I wish I could forget so that I can rewatch it again as first time [hot romance]
  3. Lee Min Ho Updates Fans on His Upcoming Drama 'Pachinko' BY Shai Collins Apr 13, 2021 04:02 AM EDT The king of K-drama is gearing up for a new project. Recently, "The King: Eternal Monarch" actor Lee Min Ho teases his fans with his newly uploaded photos on Instagram. Lee Min Ho's Forthcoming Series "Pachinko" Finished Filming in Canada On April 11, the Hallyu star updated his fans about his upcoming project "Pachinko." Lee Min Ho added three behind-the-scenes photos, and in his caption, it says, "Last day." It can be seen th
  4. Thanks for sharing this one is also good. She also captured the spirit of the song (Personal Taste - Creating love OST) english version
  5. Well said. I remember watching it when it came out and I was blown out of the water and the OST suddenly I still listen to it when I am on the road in my car from time to time. I haven't re-watched the drama for quite sometime now but the OST seems to have survived with me somehow. an OST never survives with me. I will soon rewatch it and I just simply love that drama
  6. Lee Min Ho in Italy: the actor was recognized as an Artist of the Hallyu wave There is no doubt for Lee Min Ho fans that the actor is one of the most impressive artists of the Hallyu wave (which continues to conquer the world). Now in Italy they have recognized the great talent and work that the Pachinko actor has done throughout his almost 15 years of experience in the K-drama industry. Panorama magazine has highlighted the 34-year-old Korean artist, etc, as "the shining stars of this amazing cultural revolution." This news was received with great emot
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