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  1. The up said something like men with female features. There is not an ounce of him that is not manly. His just the more extremely manly type. Which is why he could play grown character even in his youth because his manly
  2. There is nothing wrong in being cast as romantic lead but LMH is definitely not flowery. His pretty much a macho this much a know and is certain. Even in Gu Jun-pyo he had more testosterone then a bison bull. His just to manly to ever fall under such category. He did Faith which had him play a grown general.. He was a manly Gangster in Gangnam Blues and the same in Bounty Hunters
  3. All LMH characters were macho. by definition. Flower boy itself would be regarded as offensive from most male
  4. Not how it is written but the dialogues inside the novel? What is a flower boy? Define? please
  5. I have even read some shippers telling me we finish reading? I am like what? 500-pages? just like that? Some said they were on 100+ pages. That is fast reading. How do you rate the conversations in the novel?
  6. This is a great casting for Lee Min Ho to explore different things. He should be able to get nod or even win which I believe he deserves if it gets the reception with the critics on Rotten tomato but they are generally good at times political tho but mostly good. I think Hansu can land him the awards most certainly since his a conflicting character if the reception is good. As right now we know for sure that Isak and Noa will take supporting roles because they were not announced as the big casting for this.. So this tells us already that this is an adaption and honestly I
  7. It's 8 episodes with two big arcs? One taking place in the past and one in the future. divide by two halves. As you may know this is not gonna be 16 episodes with 70mins that is just unnecessary. You can get things done in shorter time where there is no need for some empty fillers in order to make a serious acclaimed project. LMH will have plenty of time there is nothing to worry about this much is certain
  8. This is not game of thrones tho. So we shouldn't assume that we find ourselves in a game of throne series. If I am honest with you Cersei was not the protagonist she was the antagonist and obviously she has a bigger arc then supporting roles. But no the Game of thrones had two clear cut protagonists in the Dragon girl and John Snow. The rest were just fillers, supporting, antagonists etc etc. The only thing he did different was making sure both protagonists don't win. In every single story there is a protagonist and if a director or writer went with a story without a
  9. Exactly. If one episode is 70mins that is plenty time for 4 episodes to execute the Hansu-Sanju arc which will take the center stage. Noa and Isak Beak are not even amongst the announced characters casted and that clearly tells us they are not the leads and will appear as supporting roles. Where as in the second 4 episodes we will follow Solomon and Naomi in Canada with Moz likely being a supporting role in both eras. This is an adaption of the novel and if they had to make a literal translation into motion pictures then it would be pointless people can just read the b
  10. There is no such thing as more about the story then the actors? You still need actors to execute any story. Hanju and Sanju will have a big arc. Yes even the movies that try extremely hard have clear cut protagonists. The arc that Hanju has will be enough for him to get nod as the leading male. The arc will be large enough and plenty with 70mins per epidose
  11. In order to care about the story you will by default end up with a dominating character and lead regardless of how much you focus on the story? Let me give you some good examples ''Raised by the wolves'', ''Games of Thrones'', ''Witcher'' ''The 100'' etc etc. There has to be a protagonist by default and I can give you some other examples ''You'' ''13 reasons why'' etc etc. I named all the successful recent dramas here as an example. You can't create a tale without a protagonist so yes there is a protagonist in every story and there is gonna be a stand out leads in every single st
  12. This won't be a literal translation into motion pictures but rather an adaption of the novel which is why we have Hansu, Sanju, Solomon and Naomi plus Mosazu casted as one of the big arcs. They will most likely focus on Hansu and Sanju's arc while Isak Baek and Noa will most likely take a more supporting role in the adaption. I think in the first season or first half of the series will focus on Hansu and Sanju and second season or second half on Solomon and Naomi in Canada together with Mosazu. There will be more focus on Hansu and Sanju instead of Isak Baek and honest
  13. I wrote that actully before I knew he was gonna play Hansu. It was not exactly a prediction but it somehow worked out as I wanted. I agree with everything you said by the way
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