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  1. ohhh woww i never know this so she never did plastic surgery back in 2008 but people keep comparing her face even before 2008 with her face now and claiming she had done plastic surgery. And the fact her face remain beautiful like that until now , she’s indeed aging like wine
  2. LMAOOO why am i soooo dumb the thought of “why were they using only one cart if they met coincidentally / they were with another acquaintances / they both knew they were in LA so they decided to do grocery together” never come to my mind ! hahahaha thanks for enlighten me btw this is so trueee dont you think they need separate cart as if ‘they’re just friend’ because they just need to pay their things separately ? Why would they share the cart if they had to pay by themselves individually and went back to their separate places unless..... ( hehehehe you know right ? ) THE WINE THO pfttttt OKAY , WE GOT IT BINJIN WE GOT IT
  3. helloo everyone hope you guys are having a nice day ❤️ Just wanted to say dont worry too much and always have faith in binjin because we will get a good news from them ( keep praying !! ) sooner or later the truths will come out so let’s wait maybe they need more time to inform ‘this’ (hehe) to public Remember, always believe in them and pray for their happiness always CHEERS TO BINJIN !! #InGroceryWeTrust
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