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  1. 1 hour ago, syntyche said:

    Fierce Lee Gon 

    cr: Byul E

    Awww, I miss those days, too. I miss the hype and all the excitement! How we racked our brains out and did all those reading and researching and theorizing. KES blew our minds with her intricate story, but I'm proud to say that we did a great job figuring out parts of the puzzle, that is TKEM!

    Aww I wish I had known this forum earlier so I could read a lot of people’s theories here and join in on the excitement hahaha :sweat_smile::blush:

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  2. 13 hours ago, syntyche said:

    "I studied liberal arts" :lol:

    cr: Byul E


    Hi @taerabyte, welcome to the thread! I guess you're a fan of Jeong Tae Ra? :)

    I'm actually one of those who were having reservations at first on whether Lee Rim did kill Lee Ji Hun Because like you said, there is that option for Lee Rim to groom Lee Ji Hun to challenge Lee Gon, but I guess KES didn't choose to go down that road. 

    Yes, I think Tae-ra was really cute and would love to see KGE do a role like that :D hahaha same here, but yeah KES had other plans. I think this drama really had endless possibilities which makes it even greater :heart:

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  3. Hi! I’m new to this thread haha


     I’m rewatching TKEM right now because I can’t seem to watch anything else haha. As I rewatched it, I realized Lee Lim probably missed an opportunity to use Lee Ji Hun against Lee Gon, alongside his parallel universe mom. :joy: riiight? I mean imagine if he raised and groomed Lee Ji Hun to go against Lee Gon. I think it would be interesting to have LJH vs LG face off but maybe that’s just me. Also, now that I’m rewatching TKEM, I feel like the ending might have been changed a little. I think TKEM should have had more episodes to completely solve everything. As I’m watching the first few episodes, I think things were set up and laid down for a more grander scheme (maybe this is just me). But I still think the end was beautiful and was a nice wrap up to the story. :rolleyes:

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  4. 9 hours ago, lofeval said:

    Hi @taerabyte - love the name! You have an interesting question so let me take a stab at it. Although categorically, both are real kisses, I get what you are curious about.


    First thing off, biology never lies. So anything you read about body language, they are true. There’s a reason why they’re topics in science books: it’s a proven and effective measure of physiological interest.


    Actors exploit this knowledge. To make you believe that it’s “real”, kissing scenes are planned and cheorographed (of course personal experience helps). So technically, unless you are seeing the kiss outside the confines of a movie or a play, it’s always a professional kiss. And as a viewer, you have an understanding that they aren’t real and they are but characters in the story.


    But what about actors who are lovers too? Or actors who have genuine interest with each other? I think if they like each other, they’re not going to see it as a job. If the actors are left to their own devices, the kiss becomes much more organic, effortless even, because they wouldn’t bother so much with the aesthetics of it and just let their emotions lead them. And then there’s the element of desire. Desire that is so palpable you can almost feel it, like you are watching a private thing. So anyone who views the kiss, are left scratching their heads thinking... why does that look different? Admittedly, because we’ve seen so many on-screen kisses, we’ve become desensitized to the beauty of a real kiss. So a pure genuine kiss would spark curiosity to watchers. So I’d say trust your intuition. If something is more than what it seems, then perhaps it does.

    Ooooh thank you for taking the time to explain this to me. My intuition bets there was more to that kiss haha :heart:

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  5. Seeing KGE cry at the end of the BTS made me cry too. I also felt like a journey was ending for me but it was so cute when LMH was comforting and patting her head. Despite what other people think, I still believe that there is something between LMH and KGE. However, I don’t think they are dating as of the moment but I think that something could really happen between them. I hope for that, 

    Also, how can one tell the difference between a professional and a real kiss? Just asking hehe :blush:

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  6. I’ve only been reading this forum and never really participated in it haha but I have to air out my tiny frustration about the end bc I really wanted to see a royal wedding

    All that talk about “protect her. She is the future queen of corea” but they didn’t even get married in the end. But I think the ending was so beautiful and bittersweet. Ugh my heart. I feel so soft. 

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