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  1. Thats weird… Are you sure you didn't RickRoll'D off any Thai horror ghosts with your discussions here ?? Beware in darkness they thrive
  2. Don't worry I experienced the same .. Now they have added the light mode option as one of the theme as default. Click on it once to save the settings so it don't change back to dark mode once you logout..
  3. So its not just the shippers whose sleeps are robbed , these dorks are also spending sleepless nights ??!! Either both are suffering from Insomnia to post random stuffs or Both in deep love missing each other unable to sleep (which is the universal symptom for love disease)… Now try convincing me its only insomnia for them after 939 pages of our crazy RickRoll'D shipping with the construction of brand new bread company from all the crumbs…. dare not to see my wrath !! …. I will blast this thread so Soompi won't have to play dark and light anymore to RickRoll'D me off Now I was wondering what if this scenario happens?? Queen posted around 1 AM on the silver day and will the King post again around 11PM or before EOD to represent they are the beginning and the end to each other??? … I will vouch to forgo my sleep for rest of the nights till their announcements if this happens, so let me see if I am going to remain as human or become a vampire when I wake up tomorrow
  4. So KGE posted first on the couples day or silver day whatever you people call it in an ungodly hour??!! … An appreciative post for her fans after almost 12 days after her birthday??! or a triggering post for my boy showing how much she is loved and he needs to buckle up instead of sulking alone in Rain??! Show your charm now my boy..You just post any random pics by EOD and see how this thread bursts.. I am going to be enjoying all the dissection for rest of the day in peace now..Hang in there page 1000, I see you in near vicinity
  5. Lets be clear about one thing…Whether this song is intentionally kept sad or he is trolling us(I feel this is more legit), I am 100% sure this post is for only KGE if it holds any meaning and not for some XYZ… I seriously hope and pray people leave his prev costars alone... We are clearly missing the point here , the song title itself is such a dead giveaway " MY LOVE BY MY SIDE", I mean LMH is literally screaming to the world " I am in hopeless love like never before and can't imagine the sight of loosing her even though I am too greedy to have her with me always" !! That means we all are legit shippers and our captain just gave another receipt to negate the "delusional" theories … We all should be dancing out of the universe just for this reason... If the song is indeed representing sadness and hurt, then he is taking such huge risks to show KGE how much more serious he is about her. As a woman KGE's pressure is understandable as well, but remember her past interviews where she mentioned , she likes a guy who pursues his woman with dignity even when she is not sure!! We are witnessing that confirmed relationship sailing through some turmoils as it happens with every relationship , lets give them some space and wait patiently till they figure out . They have to go through this to achieve the stronger togetherness. I am just beyond happy to witness a serious relationship in progress rather than "all are roses and we are always happy " type of fake relationship because they wilt faster the way it blooms. So lets not dilute their real feelings by comparing unnecessarily with their exes just to appease our hearts . LMH IS IN LOVE ... LMH IS IN LOVE WITH KGE... LMH IS IN LOVE WITH ONLY KGE…PERIOD
  6. I loved this post so much that i wanted to respond to it but before I could post it, LMH's insta madness crept in so waited till the hype dies down and I get to sleep @AgentQuake: This is probably one of your "THE" best post I have loved so far!! Thank you for this composed and realistic response!! You just echoed my views wrt this matter, Thank you! I agree people inside this thread are much respectable than these war triggering faceless people who thrives on negativity! @goldenashes97: I hope you are "CALM" by now dear… All the shippers inside this thread very well know whats your true intention behind that post and there is absolutely no need to feel guilty about that!! In a way it was actually good how this all ended and how the face of our thread changed after the fiasco. Now people will think thrice before they post any half baked truth stolen from this thread given by any unknown sources . With our captain providing much needed distraction, you still take "EX"tra miles route??!.. we need the longest whip to tie you down here from future ruckus Now to all those prying hate mongers looking to stir troubles , GET A LIFE PLEASE !!
  7. Hiya Sweetheart, so good to see you on this shaky time<3 So their conversation would have been like this KGE: Woah I love rain and some love songs would be icing on the cake. LMH: Whatever you wish Yeobo <3 KGE: Huh I wish some spicy chicken feet too in this weather..(and sucks her lips) (LMH who was choosing songs , catches her action and looses control as in beheading and CCTV after her luscious wet lips...Eventhough KGE reciprocates , she was shocked at his sudden PDA and knocks him to conscious and false pretense of anger comes in, same time "My Love…" song blurs and smart LMH immediately captures the video and shares in his insta to cool her) Shocked KGE: What have you done? LMH(blushing): I just shared a video with you babe to cool you down... KGE: Oh my lovable idiot, you just posted in your public account LMH shocked... leaving shippers all over shocked …but before he could delete, KGE stops him and winks " Its all for good, now my work is much easier and pulls him for another CCTV kiss thinking about all the low-key romance they can have now " So my dear shippers stop panicking and wait for their announcement
  8. Relax Chingus, My boy is definitely trolling us..For a man who wished to be so private about his love life, I doubt he will update about his "heartbreak" like this!! I will go down with this ship no matter what.. All these days he stood with us, its now our time to stand with them!! Let the non-shippers rejoice for a while till he post again tomorrow for the couples day Now my ever optimistic sixth sense feels this song is for WDH, obviously he is very depressed about loosing his wingman to MS and is guilty about not posting anything for his birthday, so this song is kind of parting gift to WDH about his feelings and how much he misses him Its quite obvious about their lingering feelings after their back hug shared in the salon
  9. (Read in Serial synopsis tone) Previously in MINEUN Shippers thread : SHADOWS ..SHADOWS..SHADOWS.. This week don't miss the revelation of : BORDERS..BORDERS..BORDERS Hats off to all you thesis geniuses inside this thread I may not have the time and patience to deep analyse but hell I have arrived at a conclusion According to inconclusive theory of @Miadee, either LMH took the second pic purposely with a border or a inconclusive second person might have taken it with a diff camera with the same border layout…Either way they wanted that border !! According to staunch belief of @Joojix, that pic was taken by KGE and hence resembles her style of pics.. According to delulu conclusion of @makshimus' mane, she was the one who took the pics with border So in all theories "border" was present predominantly and 100% intentionally..So whether the pic got inserted accidently to LMH profile or LMH purposely inserted that border pic to hype up shippers, it proves he wanted us to think he was with KGE. CONCLUSION: LMH and KGE are dating and Shippers can rejoice
  10. LOL..no wonder babe , we both belong to same part of the world , you from up North me from down South and the irony of both of us chatting for a Korean drama couple..Talk about fate and coincidence This is why I love this forum !! <3 Now I am more baffled to think about my boy how painstakingly controlled and thirsty would have been watching that luscious lips of KGE after finishing her popsicle … You and that other woman should have given them some privacy … We would have got a beheading combined CCTV kiss in your dream… DAMMIT…now sleep properly tonight and come back with the kiss dream.. (I know I lost my marble completely without crumbs, trying to find some in even dreams..LOL) My tonight's craziness of new heights: Below Insta link is completely irrelevant to TKEM or LMH/KGE. My friend shared this to show the marvel of SK drone show for Covid19 above HanRiver in Seoul.. before I could see the video completely what stuck me?? "THE HAN RIVER" and my crazy mind started imagining both LMH&KGE watching this spectacular show together hand in hand inside masks... https://www.instagram.com/p/CCZy6V8A12q/?igshid=1a0425tdqxbvv
  11. @koreaboooo gave us the insightful horoscopic explanation, I will try to give the practical and factual explanation which was given to us when we got married. Mine is an arranged marriage and my husband is exactly 4 yrs older than me. Elders usually find groom who are 4-5 years older than the bride in my parts of the world for the mere reason girls gets matured faster than guys (this is not gender biased comment but a fact, speaking with experience ) and to have a healthy relationship they need both of them in same wavelength of thoughts and understanding. This age gap is needed for men to understand certain physical difficulties of women and to take care of her and women need bodily strength to fulfill their family duties before it disintegrate with age. Women are emotionally stronger than men at younger age and this age gap is needed to balance both of them out.. I personally have felt the difference in my husband's understanding level from my first pregnancy to my second .. Ofcourse everything have an "exception" and I can't categorize all men into this but 90% of the marriage in my time survived because of this age gap. And from BTS we can already see how well behaved, soft and matured LMH is while handling KGE when she is chirpy and goofy and how compatible KGE is letting LMH goof around her as well. Thats why they are in perfect age and time …Aigoo all these marriage talks are getting me excited for our couple..yikes
  12. Drop the crumbs my babies, else I will start making even weirder posts I haven't been to any other shipping forum but the diversity of profession I see here is amazing 1) Psychologist 2) Pharmacist 3) Health care providers 4) Accountants 5) Airline services 6) Teachers 7) Artists 8) Translators 9) Surveyers 10) IT professionals (duh, its an inside joke for late 70s and 80s Asian kids especially Indians where everyone is either a doctor or an Engineer ) 11) UG & PG Students 12) Homemakers (Never underestimate yourself since this is one of the toughest profession acc to me…Kudos to all Wives and Moms who sacrifice their profession and stay at home) Much more we are not aware of …. Once our dorks confirm their relationship, we can even use this forum for counseling and discussions of fellow Chingus and help with their respective professions We can boost ourselves as proud MINEUN community….LMH and KGE please note that we are not bunch of school going kids mesmerized by your chemistry and wishing for your unity... This is some kick-RickRoll'D shipping fandom to have by your side who will support you both all the way @Kdramatic: I imagined you in your dream.. LMH, KGE, you ..that must be one hell of a thirsty popsicle
  13. STOP TEASING MY BOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Should I toss both of you to respective thread????!!! Age is just a number for us Ma'am, don't let it slow down your fun .. We are all still very young at heart, look at the speed this thread travelled with Ahjummas .. I can share some quick tidbits if you want to share anything in forum and not feel left out , they are easy peasy, 1) To share any image from twitter or any page, right click on it and choose "copy image address" and simply press "Ctrl+V" (windows) or "Cmd+V"(Mac) in your post. The image will be displayed here. 2) To share any existing gifs like the hulk one I do often here, go to "Giphy.com" choose your apt reaction and right click and follow the same steps as in 1. 3) Creating your own gif need little more steps, I can share later if you are really interested 4) To share Youtube videos, just copy the link from the browsing tab (Ctrl+C or Cmd+C) and paste here like Step 1. 5) To add post under spoiler tab, just click on the "eye" image while posting and type whatever you want inside. Hope this helps ! Why should only youth have all the fun !! That dilation was visible with bare eyes without zooming You would have seen it easily if you were not mesmerized and clouded by somebody's birthday …huh .. Wait till our co-captain arrives from vacation, should get some new whips Sorry to cut your post hon but this was some kick-RickRoll'D thesis... I read about this long time in insta when some netizen compared LMH's pupils with prev costar, I was flabbergasted that time. Now I am calm because we all know how obviously whipped our boy is!! Your post made my morning !! Thank you After reclaiming my "CALMNESS" I will just say this….MINEUN shipper's receipts are 100% real stamped with our Captain's seal while the sudden "EX"tra receipts are counterfeit…psst
  14. I mean what the hell is this look means!!! Don't fool me by calling this as an acting,,Look at the level of dilation ….Dayummm …If any man look at you like this, just grab him by his collar and suck the daylights out of him girls..don't ever let him go…KGE's hand is creating more havoc ..RickRoll'D… Can anyone find the cure of this illness before Covid19?? These two are not letting me pee in peace at nights and now I have lost my sleep…Soompi dark theme can take a hike in front of this madness Cr: Owner
  15. I just cannot move on from this picture … This pic adds to the beauty of that sunset pic LMH posted creating havoc in insta world. This is definitely not TKEM and LGxJTE..both LMH and KGE are having a meaningful conversation with a blissful walk…completely unfiltered and unguarded !! A walk with the partner you trust and adore hand in hand is the most romantic gesture in my eyes <3 That handhold screams ownership from LMH and trust from KGE and look at KGE's adorable eyes watching him..Arghhh the feels and my poor heartI am sure something memorable must have happened on this day for both of them which is the fuel for our ship… Such a delightful sight when these two are together…I will go down with this ship!!!….Stay blessed you two dorks!! With this happy feeling am retiring for the day with MinEun dreams Happy Friday for Morning Nightingales here and a Blissful night for my fellow Night Owls Credit to the owner
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