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  1. Annyeong my favorite forum and Chingus…Baby bear hugs to all shippers trying to bring positive reasoning whenever crisis trying to rock the ship here !! I have been seeing this pattern of ultra-happy moments followed by ultra-confusing moments (Lovestagram followed by cdb chronicles for now). Beware we will get more of this till the official confirmation arrives so all our young shippers better have thick skin to enjoy the ride. There is never a smoke without a fire and right now it is clouding pretty badly above the antis and their insecurities are peaking… The more a
  2. BRAVO !! Sorry to cut your post Chingu but this is such a stellar of a post wanting me to comment after a long hiatus !! Superbly put and I have nothing much to say to such haters. Let them dwell in their imaginary world of hatred while we can enjoy the bliss of upcoming future As long time readers of this thread knows , am one of those thick headed shipper who strongly believe in this ship and none can convince me otherwise. Even if both agency deny in future, I will believe things didn't work out for personal reasons but don't tell me LMH and KGE was never a couple. The receipt
  3. Being a very confident shipper, none of these recent glitches affected me and I was happy glancing through the forum at free time. But after being summoned by our fellow chingu @Lara2020. I had to unlurk and vibe here. Now let me try the scenarios 1) Before start of TKEM: “Unconventional pair of Hallyu star and non-pretty face” noises - Debunked by the glorious presscon and non-stop blushing leads much to the shock of those noises. Result : Birth of MinEun shippers and Ship started sailing! 2) During TKEM : “They are just costars and behave the same way with other
  4. Babe, this is big announcement If our boy post something like you mentioned there is no need for any further confirmation. We can all book mass tickets to Seoul and hog the Han River, ofcourse with oxygen masks for the loss of breath due to the shock…Covid who?
  5. Anneyoung Chingus!! I am loving this thread again for obvious reasons Both King and Queen are dropping crumbs left and right enough to run a whole shipping bakery… I will gladly remain tagged as "brain dead" rather than "living in denial" that nothing really exists between them Synopsis of "Untact" short movie : How to communicate through heart , when you can't meet the person you love! So the director seeked advise from Queen about such love story and she blushes like hell ! Rings any bell?? King likes MYM post for
  6. This had me in splits What have they done to us poor shippers?! Now I am definitely suspecting some parallel force trying to quake the hiatus of @AgentQuake, first the Gravity now Shorts!! What next?? Enjoying the laughs here..Have a nice weekend Chingus.
  7. Seriously RickRoll'D!!!! I vowed to not watch TKEM anymore and have successfully moved on to other dramas but TKEM OSTs are part of my routine..but looking at this post has made my heart go berserk Now that each OST is ingrained in every cell of my body, these scenes give totally a different vibe than when I watched first. What are they trying to do to us? I mean look at that majestic walk of Pyeha with Gravity at back, he should have just grabbed her then and there for a deep kiss..I won't even talk about "Maximus ride" scene at all…..I am going to sue these swoo
  8. This is fantastic news @graceyco. Congrats to all our tireless shippers of this thread I am surprised to see no one have answered this yet but I will shamelessly answer here publicly 1. What made you get interested about our couple (either as LeeGon/TaeEul or as MinHo/GoEun) >>> Since my main purpose of joining this thread is "MinEun" my answer will be based on them as well. TKEM PRESSCON is the main culprit which quipped my interest on this otherwise unorthodox couple. When I saw MinHo's never ending "staring" praise and GoEun's never endin
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