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  1. ok i see shippers on ig has speculation that the 5th is they monthsary LOL.. start from they lovestagram in june 5 then the bomb in July 2 in her day and then August 5 and today sept 5.. and i start to think if it's make sense since they always trolling and teasing us with post the cryptic message especially for our captain.. and there's the different with KGE posted today.. we all know KGE always post with the white border but the first she post today without border and then the second with the border my delulu mind is our captain take KGE handphone then post on her ig for the first with the caption memories not forget to use Black heart emoji.. then he waiting for 5 hours later to post himself on ig now we got the real KGE post with the border at a distances of 5 hours too.. IN WHITE BORDER I TRUST IN THE CAPTAIN I TRUST IN 5th I TRUST IN THEIR SILENCE I TRUST thanks God.. our ship is sailing..
  2. @oha123 i think you landed in wrong thread girl.. you should go to LMH thread not in here.. this is shippers thread, we said what we want to said and think for our couple based on fact what we saw from bts, interview and don't forget your oppa posted ig.. for your info dear, mostly we are all in here is ahjumma and one ahjussi which is we will speaking from our perception and open our mind as a mature and smart shippers .. you should be respect of the rules, not drop the comment or being lurker in shippers thread if you OIM, bcoz it will torture yourself.. that's my point my happy weekend start with lovestagram post from our mineun couplehere the crumbs for us as shippers.. https://www.instagram.com/p/CEv9oFJp4zK/?igshid=o0flbxmia59a so.. the last they post lovestagram in the same day at August 5 and today, Sept 5 they post the same day again.. the conclusion is maybe we can see they lovestagram every 5th of the month
  3. ROTFL .. thanks you make my day, i laugh so hard.. but why i imagine this KGE reaction when her seeing the captain dancing like in 470 pages LOL
  4. am team optimists bcoz i have a high faith for our couple and i think this ship still sailing on.. i am not see the sad vibes of the last he post can related with they relationship, i mean it's the same way when he post sad song in a raining day doesn't mean they are broke up.. i think he just miss her when he was hang out at the beach see the sunset with his friends and it's normal.. bedside the hallyu star, he's just a common guy like the other korean people.. ofc he know from begin the consequences of being a star that he can't dating with freely.. they have their own dating style and i think weekdays is time for their friends and weekend is time for they're to date.. we can see it with clearly from his eyes when he post at wee hours even in the dark night and when he post at normal hours when he was his friends.. so i think it's doesn't matter, they are still happy together forever.. i really respect and support their silence act bcoz i don't want they announcement everything related their relationship bfore hero movie premiere.. so the best way for us now is stay patient, keep our faith for them and let them have their own private love life..
  5. yes true .. i just so happy looks how KGE start to open up her feeling now to us as a fans or shippers whatever.. it's not like her usually, especially for expression about her feeling with someone that she's love.. we can see on her ig, she quite often to share the pict with her friend, co star or her family.. and she keep maintain a good relationship with all her co star in past.. but not for someone that she's love, she is introverted person about this relationship.. and i seeing they lovestagram post yesterday being one step forward for KGE to start open what her feel now.. ok let's say their lovestagram post during tkem still aired just for promotion from KGE point of view (even am not agree with this opinion).. but yesterday, they're not currently in promotion right now but we can see after LMH post LV invitation online and then 2 hours latter she's post too with the throwback CHANEL picture from last year.. seriously with the same theme hhmm.. ok i must said salute to LMH, he have a good impact for KGE.. how to express her feeling and start try to share with her fans specially us as a shippers, who's support their love.. finally she open her heart for LMH and being crazy in love with him, be happy together, take good care for each other and so lucky to have each other... gosh!! i should stop sorry for long post
  6. finally.. after long time no crumbs today, we get a big slices of cake.. the lovestagram is back and i'm so happy for this.. they update in the same theme, in LV and CHANEL we trust..LOL it's coincidence?? i think no.. this the theory from people on ig https://www.instagram.com/p/CDglVHbp5KA/?igshid=wsuceor9hgqh they first lovestagram post is may 8 (5/8) when the tkem still aired.. in my opinion they start to know and realize bout their feeling for each other at that time.. after tkem finished, KGE try so hard to avoiding post something which can be relate to LMH.. and then today.. August 5 (8/5), they post again with the same day and the same theme what a coincidence.. they're not doing promotion at this time, it seem like they are recalling their love journey.. let's pretending we don't know let's pretending it's secret.. LOL in their silence we trust
  7. Omo..omo..this slow mo and full HD resolution make it such another level..we can see his tongue with clearly.. Gosh!!! have a butterflies in my stomach.. thanks to @bowlofsweets if you're here
  8. yes it's true.. i read some comment that, this video for an minoz only idk since am not minoz but am respect for whatever the rules fan cafe have made.. am just simply happy shipper when i saw this video on ig bcoz my focus only to what our captain wearing, it's denim jacket LOL.. the same theme with the last queen update my opinion.. probably the agencies can't denying bcoz it's true happen bout they're dating already but the other side they can't admitting too bcoz this rumor will be mess the Hero movie premiere.. we all know KGE doesn't like get attention exaggerated so the best way to take down this rumor is take an silence action..
  9. yeaaayyy!!!..happy 1000 pages to all ahjumma, agassi and 1 ahjussi in this thread.. happy shippers and enjoy the sailing ship in denim we trust.. in their silence agency we trust.. https://www.instagram.com/p/CDWCHnupySp/?igshid=lw7xbugs5h38 too bad this video welcome greeting to new membership 11th of minoz was removed.. this is make it too clearly also, why the reaction of MYM really fast to taken down this video but take an silence action to clarification dating rumor.. it's okay MYM we not complaining at all bcoz we believe our captain..
  10. do you think this is the same denim jacket?? idk https://www.instagram.com/p/CDLOUNhJgDD/?igshid=tl7fit049ap1
  11. @redrose i can't see it's main acct.. but here's the translate post from LMH magazine interview with Mook magazine vol.97 it's the same question i thought but a little bit additional answer from him..
  12. who is miss our captain and his unbreakable sword.. please raise your hand!! yuuhuu.. we get confession now from "dancing universe" to "dancing in the night" LOL seem like our captain try to keep silence for these days.. if you lurker in this thread capt, please drop some crumbs for us.. or maybe you need advice for your BGM post we can help it
  13. thanks God this thread is back!!.. never thought bfore i will miss all ahjumma in here.. my new normal isn't the same for the last couple days, seeing this thread everyday just become my habit for my mineun addict since this tough time during the pandemic.. so.. am glad soompi is back!!
  14. in my opinion.. i think it's doesn't they didn't plan to release DVD cut, they just not release yet or maybe they postpone to release it since tkem still aired in some country in Europe ( CMIIW).. base on experience that i know.. the production house didn't want to mess up the promotion this drama in those country if it's still aired at some country.. for example, i like drama "Her private life" which is aired in april 2019 and then i buy the DVD cut japan version, but it's just release in 2020.. why it took so long?? bcoz the production house need a time bfore, to fixed all those country who have been deal with them to airing they drama has been finished.. and i hear for some drama had a same case too.. so my conclusion is it's not release yet.. just wait until all those country was finished the show.. hope my explain can help
  15. Ladies.. am speechless right now.. look at this post https://www.instagram.com/p/CCfXFPjJXDP/?igshid=1s3xwmbzz6pie the power of the king eternal monarch..
  16. after measuring about pupil dilates, it's quite interesting for me.. then now i found something beautiful to analyse in ig, idk how to describe this better see it https://www.instagram.com/p/CCdZWufpxTr/?igshid=pb5hljhde8ec it doesn't only they chemistry undeniable on and off camera or they personal character in real life seem match for each other.. they gesture, they body language, they gazed seem like perfect match for each other, she move he move, she laugh he will laugh too etc.. even they're walking steps look synchronize for each other how can we not falling with this couple.. they're perfect match from heaven LMH : i think it's good destiny ( iv with hanryu japan) have a wonderful weekend guys
  17. since sharing is caring.. i found something funny but pretty obvious for our captain.. found the different of this pictures bellow https://www.instagram.com/p/CCbIFCkJZVA/?igshid=nc4ipb27080n i think we all thirsty for the crumbs, it's quite silent but sometimes silent is good.. cherish every moment for everyone and spread the love IN LMH WE TRUST
  18. good point indeed.. but i'll take the point no.2 of his answered "i think the character of lee gon is so exactly me. so, i think lee gon is lee min ho" truly honest no wonder his act really immerse into his character.. hopely his question for no.4 will be answered soon.
  19. couldn't more agree with you co-captain i know everybody have their own perception.. but the day when LMH upload the love song video in KGE birthday, that's enough for me to being a proof that they are dating actually.. for me.. i no need confession or announcement anymore except for their married ofc, to make sure their are in relationship right now.. bcoz in my opinion, being as an actor/actress in the entertainment industry specially in south korea it's not easy.. especially for LMH as a hallyu star who have a huge fanbase around the world (imagine his OIM), it's will be a big decision to make announcement that he is in relationship right now.. it doesn't means he doesn't want to ofc he want it, to can protect our queen from those OIM, haters etc..it's just need a time, that's why i said "in LMH i trust" even songsong couple had deny their rumors dating at begin and then after they feel settled on they relationship, they make announcement for the married (sorry no hurt feeling to compared with another couple) cmiiw.. so let's we wait and see with patient and keep pray for them.. i believe 100% to the power of pray like @Heera and as long as we keep thinking that they are dating actually, no matter what OIM, haters out there said about our couple, this ship stay sailing on.. doesn't means what we all do so far like autopsy the pict, shadow or their lovestagram date etc not used.. of course it works for make sure our faith to our couple and for the proofs to the OIM, haters, another shipper that what we all believe it isn't nonesense or delulu anymore.. sorry for my long opinion chingu.. have a great week ahead
  20. i found this in ig, be ready ladies.. seem like our king will post at wee hours for the days ahead.. bcos he's owl type person https://www.instagram.com/p/CCMpvRTh10i/?igshid=yamtj2f58726 please someone around seoul should stay all night in hanriver side.. take a picture, video or whatever is that.. or should we flight to SK right now
  21. yups agree.. i think it's all about timing.. LMH and KGE can meet each other like now just bcos this is the right time for them to fallen in love at the right people..like jte said in tkem "if it's fate, there's no more coincidence"
  22. annyeong chingu.. me too.. am KGE fans too since her debut actually, i really love her talent i can't describe in here how i admirer her bcos it's always be sensitive conversation.. glad to meet the real arjenia in here, u live in SK right?? yes true dear.. i think the bts tkem is enough to being proof about their sensual tension become real.. that's why i fallen become mineun shipper right now.. stay safe chingu
  23. ok.. i want make it's clear, thats all only the past chingu and just being a part of KGE love life prosses to found the right man.. right now i guess they're just became sunbae and hobae level with a good relationship for all goblin squad.. bcoz KGE always maintain a good relationship with all her previous co star and they still meet up last year with goblin squad.. you can watch on YT bout this at the kbs now i have strong faith with LMH and KGE, that's why i'm here.. idk if the other but for me they're on the level dating right now just like you said in previous page in LMH i trust.. i had no doubt at all with our couple.. ok let's we back to the rules and don't mention to ex gf/bf and focus to our couple.. let's we protect our couple from OIM, haters or ex shipper
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