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  1. oh it was China, i thought it was Japan! Thanks for the info!! of course SHK would be MIA at the wedding
  2. I went back to check HK's previous IG posts and in Nov 2019 she wished SHK on her B'day and our BK commented with two heart eyes emojis - may be this has been discussed earlier here, but i just noticed it Was HK at BK's wedding or was she with SHK in Japan?
  3. and a new following by SHK! she is online now.
  4. could be the HK's Brother/Brother in law. HK is vacationing with her sister without SHK . I read this somewhere in this thread yesterday.
  5. He was dressed like a Panda for the flight (in white & black)
  6. Looks like the filming crew is in Jordan already, but it seems the shoot will only start mid-august as per press release by the Jordan Film Commission - http://www.film.jo/NewsView.aspx?NewsId=237
  7. hahaha! SHK had also liked her friend's tribute post to Ennio Morricone..
  8. SHK just posted IGS remebering compser Ennio Morricone.
  9. may be he is auditioning for Vast They had issued a call for actors in mid-june!!
  10. it's amazing how this song fits them so well!
  11. I wish he had the 3rd button in his shirt buttoned to match the "WW" look
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