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  1. @hqy& @marvellousgal29 you guys are amazing!! how do you even come up with this!!
  2. It feels good to see their names together on News articles; the WW article couple of days ago - which I believe was trending on Naver Top 10 and the Tatler List today. may be we are getting closer to dock ??
  3. yeah totally agree but we always want more, never satisfied - hehehe
  4. I am mad at the editor for not paying more attention to details and missing our pair's picture - why do they do this to us!!!
  5. It would have been nicer if they had also published a pic of SHK & HB together like the other pairs
  6. Kyo is following her BFF now where are those who said they aren't close ??
  7. Panda is lazing around and enjoying the last day of quarantine it looks like
  8. don't know who it is, but its is awesome!!! Thanks to army for sharing it here The one thing that makes me furious is when people bring up divorce as a flaw - I really think it shows how strong a person's mental/emotional state is . and being a divorcee who is also a celebrity shows how strong, courageous & self-respecting SHK is and is someone to look up to for all the younger fans of hers..
  9. This showed up in my IG feed found it funny:) This is how HB is spending his quarantine Bashers Beware!!
  10. i'm so tempted to post this article on the "other thread" from Feb - "HB is embarrassed" !!! http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1111311886 I hope the moderators issue a warning to users in the other thread to refrain from posting in other threads!
  11. I thought I clicked on the wrong topic by mistake I think its deliberate - pathetic, so desperate
  12. all that one has to do as a shipper [ all ships included of course] is be civil and just stay put and wait for the announcement - i don't know why it is so hard to understand..
  13. yeah - I saw it somewhere before - Do you know if it was in an interview or a dialogue in the movie ?
  14. are you sure ?? These people are obviously not in the world that we live in!! must be from another planet!! also, we live in 2020, not in the stone age
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