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  1. Sorry but what means yxh's and zbb is zhang bin bin? I thought they were friends, how that works exactly? Thank you for all the sugar you bring to us.
  2. Have you seen this??? Guangre fans are crazy putting Dijun jelous face hahahahhaha. Reba knows we talk about that so she has to cover that hint. https://www.facebook.com/guangreDFS/photos/a.112017190459112/293519685642194/
  3. Lets remember this epic moment when we all realized that in happy camp are shippers like us, one of our best evidence that V and R are something, why V would be so resistance to said Dilireba? trying to not draw attention give us all the hints we need.
  4. Oh thank you, too bad for V hard work. And lets hope that The long ballad gets attention and everything goes very good for Reba.
  5. I am re watching this video, so cute how V tells her: - If you start that we will never finish AND Reba like - Start what? So maybe everytime they are going to kiss Reba burst in laugh, because of course kissing your love one in front of everyone gets her nervous.
  6. Ohhh hahahahhahahhahahhahahahha I am not from a country where we celebrate that day our April fools day is in november, got it, I fall really hard almost die of happiness.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/guangreDFS/photos/a.113052767022221/281139753546854/ Have you seen this? OMG whats going on? I think Reba post pics in weibo using a cap like that but I am not sure hahaha.
  8. http://www.chinesedrama.info/2018/12/drama-drawing-sword-3-leiting-zhanjiang.html Do someones knows why this drama stop airing, well I am not sure but I read that has some troubles.
  9. Hellooo I have been reading all your posts and just wanna said a few things, I am not very you know not an expert or something just wanna shared my thinking with you all. I think what V and R have its very estable, its a relationship that is builts in years of friendship, fellowship and love so a guy like J cant make a difference there. R its very mature and she wont get involved with a guy with fans that constantly harasses a beloved one for her like V, for us guangres a love one, a boyfrined and maybe for others a really good friends, but at the end a beloved on for R. So i
  10. So cuteeeeeee he never took away his look. His eyes always look at her the entire walk from the place where she was sit to the stage, so lovelyyy.
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