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  1. Add me of the list for the fans for Song Eun Jae, personally my most favorite one is dr. Song Eun Jae. Agree to @SR20DET that dr. song shown gradual development through out and makes me a fan. I love someone intelligence and snob and cold but she eventually show her flaw, love dr. Song ! The prettiest? Well in terms of look I will go for Oh Ha Na. She dressed up like a boss! I love her outfit and I think she is the most normal human perspective from all HJW characters (we know she always had different characters). But the prettiest inside out, well for me difficult to choose Moon Cha Young and Kim Hang Ah. They are both strong and pretty. I love both as a wife if I'm man? One can cook for me and one can protect me I just go speechless for Jini and Seung Nyang! They are both just awesome! Ra-im give me happiness and Seojoong gives me confusion and both are my favorite too! (Well I guess all of her characters in drama are my favorite :p) For movies, the one who give me deep impression is Eun Hyo in Sex is Zero... She is very vulnerable and yes she fails but still focus on the goal.I hope she going to US be succeeds And I don't want to left Nam Soon (Duelist) and Hae-Joon (Sector 7) aside, maybe because of the amount of action she did and biased by the behind the scene that HJW must endure, I couldn't stop supporting her..
  2. Oh is it already final about the Title? So the tag is #Pawn then She is a Kiddo! I love her so much. How can be a person is a kiddo while a baddas in movies/dramas? I'm fascinated!
  3. I just realized that may be she is my "lemon" who can prevents the wrinkles. Well despite the vitamin C she doesn't have :p, she actually make me smile everyday if I watch her variety show and interview
  4. You are very welcome @SR20DET and @ben1090, enjoy the interview! I’m in the stage of withdrawal syndrome even for the interview, I keep watching it now everyday :’D I’m glad we can interact and discuss with you all @strwbrry Hi welcome! She is definitely cute, but she is more than that. Yes you will know her more after you read this forum. I’ve been backreading before, and passed those 1500 pages. Making me more adore her
  5. H @ben1090, I just saw the interview with eng sub in Kisstvshow (click here) it is started around around min 37. For me she is the ultimate queen either action, melodrama, etc.. she is just pure artist.
  6. Yeah I think so too.. she looks like busy enjoying nature, arts, and foods and time with her family and friends. I hope she always happy and healthy Is she ever going out with her other celebs friends? I wondering.
  7. I really love how she spend her free time with environment and family plus a healthy lifestyle. No wonder how she can be fresh after years.
  8. Anybody can help to put eng sub/ translate for Hajiwon parts in Movie Room? I'm not asking for the whole tho. Only part of HJW will do Thank you cinggu... :*
  9. Hoaa... I need to add Jane Han, Rain, dr. Song Eun Jae, and Moon Chae Young in the gang pleasee...... Love this fan art to the most!
  10. Hoaa... Is that engagement ring?? But I occasionally see ring in her ring finer in some event..
  11. Even without Eng subtitles, I find myself laughing hard because of HJW’s infectious laughter with Yoo Jae Suk. Hope somebody angles kind enough to translate this Dangerous Invitation episode.. please......... yashh.. lets pray for the best! Hope everything going well.. and collateral movie also will be out very soon!
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