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  1. what a wonderful breakfast for me after I saw this, if this is true then the points we gave him as tallied by @ruminati0n will be his all with our heart hahahahahha! should we give him an additional 5 points for this?
  2. WELL THEIR BTS IS GIVING ME THE HOOOPE!! #powercouple If these two are not in mutual understanding stage, I dont know anymore.
  3. Wow I really want to know what happen to MY's mom disappearance! But I really think she is dead but only MY and the Dad knows about it hence the people who doesnt know think she disappeared but the truth is she died?
  4. Thank you so much for this. KT as beauty really softened MY but the case is, it both softened them together! As the episodes go on, we really now can see the healing process of these two and I cant for more! I really hoped that they wont eliminate the aura of MY as strong and bad btch because in some cases, when the BB falls inlove, she became weak and naive hindering the strong side of her and I dont want it to happen to MY. If she falls in love, I would her personality or character to remain the same but with a glimpse of color.
  6. Awww it will be fine! I really our couple is really private hence no dating confirmations ever since they started their careers! I really think they are in the stage of growth and getting to know each other and if maybe the time comes where they shown real love and affection towards each other I guess if they would loved it to be public then they can announce it or announce that they are dating in the day of their marriage! Hahahaha! I have been shipping BinJin ever since their first movie together and maybe the producers have seen their chemistry thats why they were casted in the series! I really hope it could happen in our couple too but it's really possible! The thing is, if the two couple (which are dating) are casts of an upcoming drama which is romance, you cant really feel the romance of the two characters because well these two actors are dating in real life so they are no thrill because well they are dating so the romantic scenes will be flat and boring! If our dandelion couple will date well I really think they will keep it private until they want too hahaha but I will support them in their endeavors and their choices which are best for them two!
  7. DARN The Swoon is really late rn! It will the 4th week this saturday yet we didnt even received a bit from them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I laughed at your tally. Hahahaha. Our poor boy still couldn't get his score huh. Truely, our man is whipped our boy is losing any day from now....
  9. hahahahahah we really dont know KSH and what could he have been thinking as of the moment and all those interactions they had when they were alone with no cameras made me really think hard!!!
  10. STRONG GURL SEO YE JI INDEED HAHAHAH Maybe it is time to replace kim kardashian with a buff seo ye ji since she is the one who will be sailing the ship HAHAHAH
  11. If this was a cosplay, I kinda want to know what made KT agreed to do this hahahahaha But i think it will be real fun if this was a flashback and maybe that's why KT knew her right away the moment they met on that no smoking area or when she stabbed him but whatver scenes they will show us I will watch it wholeheartedly
  12. lmao this new ship of my is on fire and they got me feeling like a psycho psycho and I really admire how talented and versatile they are like how KSH can play an old man and that one is such a laughter loool!! PSYCHO SOTY
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