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  1. Whatever the ending maybe if it will be the best for these two then we'll accept it wholeheartedly. if it's sad one then good if it's happy ending then better! but i am still not thinking about the ending this time, imma just munch these two and watch them learn how to love and to be loved then I will be fine
  2. YEES! I have also seen that these two are indeed certainly fond of each other and I wont blame anyone for that. Shipping really come sort of patience and I know these two will develop in a matter of time and we will be the glorious shippers on earth when that time comes.
  3. Awww I really cant wait for them to talk about their relationship when they'll end up dating huhuhu! For now I will just hang on with these BTS videos of them and looking at it with hope and desire
  4. A kiss initiated by KT will really bring hotness aaaaaah! KSH is really such a great kisser and I wouldnt really mind seeing tongue clashing with their kiss! BUT WHY ARE YOU BRINGING HOPE TO UUUS HUHUHUHUHU
  5. IONTBO is the drama that really sheds light on mental health and bad parenting. Seriously, this drama is really the best so far! (NOT BIASED THO) I love how they perfectly acted the different spectrum and suffering of those who had traumas in their hearts and minds and how differently treated they are. When you are special in this world, people would really consider you as different and even treated you so badly it sucks but it is the reality. What I loved about the love story in this drama is that it involves healing. I really love how the main characters seek healing in each others and probably that is the best thing I really wanted in any romance series and the way the actor acted as Sang Tae, he really deserves an award atleast.
  6. I dont know if The Swoon has been like this like releasing contents really late or I am just a little impatient since I cant wait so see KSH and SYJ???
  7. awww thank you so much! I really wished I will come in that day and just be happy and wear what I want to and as for our girl, I really wish she will face her trauma and flaunt the beauty body of hers!
  8. does ensemble means about her lingerie or what she wore? Well I have been traumatized too when a group of guys teased what I wore and told me that I looked like an old lady with it and it was my favorite dress.... I mean they dont even know that there are different kinds of fashion and I am not the type of girl who shows much but their words really stuck deep in my heart that I can even wear the dress the same way again. Maybe that what SYJ felt and I wish I can hug her rn and tell her it was alright
  9. "Im betting on anything you want that kim soo hyun likes seo ye ji that mf is so obvious it's embarassing"
  10. this is really so heart fluttering! now I believe in destiny since our couple like that line well I DO BELIEVE IN DESTINY NOW I love how it is their favorite line... destiny is quietly making wonders for them.
  11. Well started from the bottom now we're here! These two is indeed destined from this, cf, labelmates, and now this drama! I really think they are indeed meant to be like look how the world is pulling them to be together!
  12. let us rise for our national anthem HAHAHAHHAA This is such a kdrama and with all the things goin on with these two this will surely be a hit and a global phenomenon!
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