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  1. I really think the cctv room kiss sealed the deal for both of them. The real feel was just so strong that it pierced through the screen. It is like they confirmed their feelings towards each other. It is really funny how most of the comments left on his IG post are for KGE...is obvious that it is a video dedicated to KGE.. but at the same time we can also see how much love, support and blessings this couple get from fans all around the world! It cannot get any better than this..i am grinning from ear to ear reading those comments...can you imagine how the couple feels? so now those OIM amd haters and bashers can say watever they want, their comments will just get drown among all those best wishes coming from all over the world... love this couple to bits!
  2. I cant agree more on what you said! He is really the man! If there is any announcement, it will be from him, not from Dispatch or even his agency. Is his way of protecting his love!
  3. The shippers on Weibo r saying KGE posted a pic on Ig on 22 june 2019 showing the bridge..is similar to what LMH posted this morning...lol..coincidence? Nah...and in the lyrics of dancing universe 'stars' is referring to the fans..so guessing is a msg from LMH to the fans..omg..they are good in reading the post! Btw even people on Naver are sharing the same comments as the shippers!
  4. Yes he is bold and brave! It shows that he is really serious about KGE. We can see who is taking the lead now in the relationship...lol..do u all think he is still in the pursuing stage or is more advanced than we thought?lol...best wishes to them both!
  5. Internet will be on fire today...all tweeterians and Ig peeps will be so busy investigating...lol..today is gona be a good day!
  6. The first thing when i woke up and checked on Ig..LMH's video popped up on my feeds and i almost screamed!lol...what a surprise that this guy posted so early in the morning or should i said middle of the night and i saw the thread is like 5 to 6 pages ahead from where i left last night. This song isp basically his confession already! They started dating i guess? Ahh...my heart...there is no way he does not know is KGE's birthday today right? You go boy..proud of you!
  7. I agree with you. KGE was more comfortable with LMH in the last 2 episodes of BTS especially the hug and kiss scenes..they gave out the romantic vibe and not just one sided from LMH as shown during the 1st 2 BTS episodes? Anyway i think WDW and KGE are just friends that's why they can openly interacting on IG and dining out together coz they dun have anything to hide..on the other hand, obviously there is something between LMH and KGE..otherwise why different treatment as compared to other cast members?
  8. Besides being attracted to KGE, they are the main leads who worked hard together for 8 months and finally they managed to pull through and finished filming the drama despite negative feedbacks from various parties..it was something that they both achieved together..they did not let all the negativities affected them and look at what TKEM has achieved today..the pat at back to me is like saying good job, you did well and i am proud of you that kind of feeling..this can also exist in a loving relationship right? Look at how LMH joke around with PSH in that video before the hug, i dont think he is able to do that with KGE because KGE is more than a colleague to him.. he did not give KGE that kind of hug after the last scene right? I really admire both of them for what they have shown us as LMH and KGE as an individual and actor/actress..it is not an easy task to work under that kind of pressure, i.e. negativities about the rating, the plot, their on screen chemistry etc..but i am proud of them both, other cast and the whole team for completing this successfully! Have a lovely tuesday ladies!
  9. I really love heir hugs...especially how LMH caress KGE's hair/head when they hug every single time (i think?) And that speaks volumes of emotion...and the swaying when they hug.. so natural and real...aigoo..my heart...
  10. KGE already NG (started smiling) before LMH started kissing..lol..why would they still go ahead?coz director didnt call cut? I am really curious what happened after director called cut..did they laugh out loud or both being shy or wat...lol...leaves too much room for imagination..also i think both of them were kinda nervous or shy while shooting this scene in anticipating the kiss..this can be seen from the NGs when LMH lifted KGE onto the table..actually for the back shot, they were not kissing but just acting out...a milisecond in the BTS at the beginning of the back shot showed that where KGE's head was seen..lol..anyhow..it is heart warming to know that this couple is well loved and supported by their respective fans as well as shippers like us..rewatching the swoon who me? yesterday made me miss the whole cast so much..their chemistry and relationship with each other is just very very good...no wonder they had so much fun shooting together..have an awesome friday ladies!
  11. But somehow i could not find her bro's insta id liking that video? Is this valid or her bro unlike the video afterwards?
  12. Yeah basically he wants to inform his fans personally that he starts serving his military service on 6th of July. Why this after such a big hit with TKEM?! Thought we gona see some more F4 moments with the boys..lol..
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