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  1. I saw six red roses in her bouquet and did some research. "Six roses: The giver of six roses is telling you they are infatuated and want to be yours." idk. i might be wrong gsgsgs
  2. @jy_cohh thank you so much for doing this! I enjoy reading comments from LMH's long time fans especially knetz. btw I've read all your post and I really like the way you intepret things.
  3. haha tq!! you are one of my fav user here ive been lurking in this thread even before the pages were less than 100pgs. but decided to come out from hiding just to let this thing out of my mind lol. I can feel that our Goeun-shhi behaved differently in those bts episodes. I guess that explains less interactions compared to previous bts bcus they might want to be careful with the staff around eventhough im pretty sure that most of em already aware that there is something between these two lol
  4. am i the only one who thinks that LMH and KGE behave differently after ep 12. i mean watching them in the bts of ep 13 & 14, there is definitely something different about the way they smile, look, move, etc. to each other. I dont know it just feel different. Like the shyness is so obvious and totally different from previous bts episodes
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