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  1. Thank youuu chinguuuuuuu *sending you virtual hugs! And here you go, Son ye jin biggest supporter, And she did nOt holding back. These two admire And support each other work. @lovelyz we post the same thing, but I just leave it there in case we forgot that the one who can talk about kids Is binjin not us.
  2. yessssss!!! I will add something in here coz my last post is way too high, hahaha! And about the French kiss, It’s BINJN kissing scene, That we put in slo mo, not YJ with other ML or HB with other FL, it’s BINJIN. So i don’t see anything wrong with that, and plus that clip we took from their series, not we secretly hiding in a bush in front of yejin’s house and take a picture of them kissing in yejin’s backyard. also, if she didn’t like it she will push him away like..... umm well you know. But both of Em just giggling like Two teenagers in love. Call me weird and freak but i really like If that zoom In, tongue galore flooding my timeline, as long as it’s HYunvacuum involve in miss YJ lips department. why i’m like this? Coz i’m a certified binjin shipper, so anything related with binjin in one frame i’m happy. The hotter the better. Thank you @celest1al *chefkiss #nodebate I’m on diet and that mean i’m hungry, just you know.
  3. Me : son ye jin going hollywood Yessssss Hyun bin got paid 900.000 usd per single endorsement Yessssss binjin french kiss Yesssss binjin Mword speculation Yesssss I will give all YESSSSS to every positivity, coz me signed my self here is delusional already! why i have to Be afraid, panicked, And overthinking. Lack of kiss we complaint, and there you go somebody found tongue involveD in that kiss then we panicked. No news from Yejin, we moaning “i miss you Yejin” And now A big news coming we afraid! BYE!
  4. From now on whenever I see HB endorse something, then I will think about this article!! woweeeeeeeeeeeee I will attached the article here: Disclaimer : no source for the article, so don’t blame me if this turn out a false info. Peace out!
  5. French indeed! @celest1al Jenny house liking spree v/st : Jenny house : Like like Me : Keep going, Binjin fams :
  6. This energy here, I like it. Edit : To all the doubters that said Jennyhouse just gives her random likes without read the caption and probably copy paste her replied. Look Just like @TotoroSY said , she does read and knows English, and she communicating with BJ fans too.
  7. I’m laughing so hard! Tomato plant should stay at the RJH’s backyard not on his head, lols!!!! This energy, I like it.
  8. If You scroll down a bit, you can see yejinonly on Jan 2019 they posted about BIN X JIN when these two get caught doing grocery shopping, Actually i like yejinonly and the way they put SYJ content On their feed, So subtle also i found their caption, “stay healthy together...” Is cute, Yejinonly if your here
  9. I don’t want delulu alone! And also bench update and young lim.
  10. Prepare your self, credit: yejinstan twitter acc We all need one of these On the day when they announce, the Mword
  11. I was thinking the same when I look at that poster behind them, j was like eeehhhhhhh????? that's real right?no one edit it? Hhahha!!!!
  12. Hiiiii @Whitecheddarpopcorn @nqread No worries this MT will not be abondaned. Everyone here i guess are most welcome to post something interested as long as we follow the rules, avoid sensitive topics ( (like exes) and no spamming. If we stick to that then I guess we are fine. There is no new shipper or old shippers here, we are the same. And there is No something called too delulu coz being here, signed up our self and talking about others people life is already delusional. So happy shipping and have fun! credit: binjinsgrocery twitter acc. If we Judge from what i just posted above, (the picture) i should be in asylum bY now. Cause we all know that picture is not real but i still save it, what i should do is report binjinsgrocery acc (i won’t do that ) coz it spread fake information. But i didn’t so let us delusional together, not that much tho hehehehe X
  13. Mommy and Daddy reaction when they found out we are thinking too much. I love you mommy, i love you daddy!
  14. “Babe I’m here” Credit to binjinsgroceries IG For the caption.
  15. Too late. I see this everywhere already, even you delete it here, we will still seeing it in other platform. delulu hours open : warning: do it at your own risk.