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  1. now i’m into this edit,cause it take at the same place w/ lmh pict,maybe he take this in his phone so he make it as walppr
  2. I’m still waiting for kge to upload with all the gifts Or she just can make a video and blow the candle same like lmh (btw i was worried about the flower why bhent put it on the cardboard,it can affect the flowers quality) it might be moved to ggone house right?
  3. i remember when i was songsong shipper hye kyo rumored with yo ahn in(her close friend) they even hang out and take a picture together meanwhile so many shipper want sjk and shk being together in rl,after a long wait without any crumbs they suddenly announce their relationship,i really want it happen to our otp. i think it’s an advantage since lmh and wdh are very close,so lmh can confided that he’s in love with kge and also wdh can be courier between lmh and kge
  4. thank you so much to you guys for the explanation,it’s very worthwhile for me,i love her too i saw all her movie
  5. I'm not bothered by that,I'm just curious,if you say i’m immature and uneducated lunatics it’s okay i accept what you say,thanks for your answer. to all chingu so sorry for asking this question,and thank you so much for the answer
  6. guys i want to ask your views about kge movie eungyo,some haters who don’t like our otp made this as backfire for kim go eun,i’m really worry if they announce their dating news haters will bring this topic again this question always haunts me,i’m really sorry to ask this i just want to know from you guys No offense please
  7. Today lmh and jlw spotted holiday,lmh wear yellow t-shirt https://www.instagram.com/p/CBxB0Vyj_Up/?igshid=1fis15f1y7pns
  8. some insta account share naver comment about tkem,and i’m really shocked so many knetz love their chemistry in the drama and rl,the comments get a lot of likes,they just realized where they’ve been?
  9. I remember when dots end so many shippers want song hye kyo and song joogki being a couple in rl but song hye kyo rumored with yo ahn in(her best friend),after that no more news about sjk and shk,and then suddenly their announce their relationship,i hope it’s happen to our lmh and kge
  10. After seing the bts and seing the comment in this page why i cryespecially “To me, it’s the way they parted at the end as though they weren’t going to see each other ever again.”
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