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  1. I've just finished the drama by frantically fast forwarding. Finally, a happy ending. I love the ending and how our lovely trio got back together. They well deserve what they got after 500 years of struggle. However, I somehow feel that it's a bit rushed . Some parts could definitely be made better, and I need more sweet scenes (about 30 seconds of it in the actual episode if I'm not mistaken ). Anyway, writer nim did his best with only 12 episodes given. I will remember this drama for sure. It's a lighthearted combination of comedy, romance and life lessons. We can't run away from the karma we created, but as a human, we have freewill to change it, and decide our own destiny. I'm gonna rewatch the last episode again (without fast forwarding of course). This is the first drama that got me join Soompi. Gonna miss you guys very much.
  2. You can watch the preview on Jtbc's Instagram. Sorry I couldn't post it here due to the new rule. The last episode is supposedly full of drama and tension. Can't wait till tomorrow as i place my heart on a happy ending. Why this drama has to end anyway. 12 eps are never enough for me...
  3. I've just watched the preview for Ep.8 and got hella confused. What's with the moon thing?
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