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  1. If not Pelican Inn in Newport, then I would say Carlsbad Aviara Resort and golf course. This resort is a premier location, has a famous world class spa, and great restaurants. Ralph’s is right down the street and plenty of Starbucks nearby. I also thought about Torrey Pines golf resort but there would have been pictures taken which we have not seen posted by Jin. You are not staying at Torrey Pines without taking pictures of the scenery ocean cliffs etc. Plus not to mention hang gliding at Torrey Pines.
  2. Was looking at the Vast site on Instagram today and it looks like a lot more BinJin content added recently as in at least 9 new items added. Several are clips of both from CLOY and Negotiations but even the Vogue added both of them. Previously it was only her hands in front of his face, Interesting and what changed? Smart CF may have lead to more joint content being added. https://www.instagram.com/vast.ent/ more joint clips.
  3. Looked at the video and you can tell he has developed a good swing which indicates he plays often. The cart has two bags. Blurred picture makes it difficult to determine if they are woman’s clubs. Why go through the trouble of blurring edges of pictures unless there is someone you don’t want to show. Maybe a dad or co-worker. SYJ does not talk about golf which is interesting and a obviously she wants to keep it private. We know she is competitive as was stated by Binnie so playing with your handicaps makes it an even game. I bet it is a battle on the course. Why is Maui and LA interesting in that there are great courses there. In Maui, you have Kapalua Plantation Course, and the ocean course, Wailea courses and Emerald Golf course to name a few that are premium courses. In Southern California there are 100 of premium courses including all the courses in Palm Springs which would allow for privacy. Reciprocal play in Korea would allow them to play at Private clubs in the US. Folks may not like this but I could see them settling down in both LA and Korea. In LA they would have privacy. Add-in: At the end of the swing look at the person that is sitting in the cart. They are wearing a roundish white/tannish hat (could it be a women’s?) Usually when someone stays in the cart when guys are teeing off it is usually a woman because she is either a ride along or she will get out at the woman’s tees which are further ahead and closer to the hole. I have no idea when this was taken so unsure if it is even current.
  4. (Okay I will make it easier for the group, remember this is going to Warner Brothers so they request information to verify you are who you are. Do not included pictures unless it is copyrighted to you). ///////// Hi Ellen, This request is to ask you to please invite both Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin to appear on a future show. These are two are beautiful people who are rumored to be dating with a nick name of BinJin Couple although they won’t confirm, (wink wink). When they are together their chemistry is magical. They are A listed actors in Asia. They are on the recently released show called Crash Landing on You that continues to be a top 10 show for Netflix and has been the number one show in Japan for three weeks in a row. What is amazing is that the show is in Korean with subtitles in various languages including English. They speak English. This show has been a tremendous boost for folks globally that have been impacted by COVID 19. They believe in great causes, and have donated well over several hundreds of dollars. He is as popular as Brad Pitt and she is stunning. She is a great dancer and he is also a musician. If you invite them your ratings would be massive. Ellen we want your show to host them and celebrate their introduction to the US. She just signed a cosmetic contract with Jennyhouse who is huge in Korea. I am sure they would want to be part of this show. Her new line of products sold out in fours hours. She is stunning and an even better actress. Thank you for considering our request. ///
  5. I would love to have BinJin couple interviewed on an English talk show. With this said I have asked the Ellen DeGeneres show to consider the pair for her show. One request is one request, 100 is 100 a bigger number. Need help for this to happen. This is a way to give back to the couple we admire tremendously. I would love to see them with more opportunities especially in the US. If you agree feel free to personally click the site and ask the show to consider the pair for their American debut. https://send.ellentv.com/be-on-the-show/2dddfb59-a824-4bae-bc7b-0ff88e43c3e4/
  6. Hi All, Sorry don’t laugh too hard but It took me a minute or two to figure out what shipping was because it is not a term commonly used in the US. Best site by far. The love is contagious here. One of the best post I found is about 40 pages prior, that gives 22 reasons just before it started raining candies. The fake videos with English subtitles from binjinsgrocery are killing me. They are so funny that it has me rolling on the floor especially the one were Seri tells Ri I have made a choice to wear the RL dress. There must be at least 16 of them from this person. Thank you. Love the RiRi couple and will continue to respect the couple moving forward. I am hopefully there is a Season 2 of CLOY. Metro I am waiting for a spokeswoman !!!
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